• Published 12th Oct 2017
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All Hail the Overlord - TheAncientPolitzanian

An alternate reality requests the aid of the Elements of Harmony and the Princesses in fighting the greatest threat they may yet face. However, this threat goes by a name familiar to all of them: Thorax.

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Chapter 1: The Princess of Nothing

Overlord Thorax sat upon his new throne, overly content with himself. He had done it. He, a former drone in the Queen's Kingdom, had become the strongest individual in the history of Equestria.

He was absolutely giddy. But it wasn't time to throw an afterparty just yet.

He had a LONG list of things he needed to do.

First, he needed to consolidate his power, execute all political rivals, make sure his army was well fed, redecorate, deal with potential rebellions, prepare for a possible counterattack by the Gryphons and Dragons, prepare to cleanse the last of the Queen's loyalists, finish off the pony royalty, hunt down Queen Cadence, make sure the Umbrum were completely sealed off, and do much, much more.

Quite frankly, it was a hassle. Good thing he had the manpower to do it. His entire army was staring at him with their large, flaming eyes. Sombra and his brother were at his side. Good to see not all ponies were worthless. Also, good to see that his brother was no longer a Loyalist to the Queen. Although it was a bit depressing that Thorax had to take complete control of his brother's mind and body to make sure of that.

Thorax rolled his head then stood up.

He raised his right front hoof into the air and extended his talons. "GO NOW, MY WARRIORS!!! EXECUTE ALL THE NOBLES OF THIS PATHETIC CITY!!! BRING ME THEIR HEADS!!!"

His servants cheered at the chance to spill blood. It was inspiring to the heartless Overlord. Rather quickly, all but his Royal Guard, Clad in full black armor, had left the palace hunting for blood.

"Pharynx," he said.

"Yes, my lord?" Pharynx asked.

"I do believe Celestia's sixty seconds are up."

Pharynx hissed and smiled.

"Bring me her head," Thorax commanded.

Celestia ran through the catacombs and dungeons of the Canterlot palace until she arrived at it.

A tall and foreboding mirror.

In truth, it was her gateway to Equestria's last chance.

She slowly swallowed as she stared into her reflection in the mirror. Then she gasped in surprise when the Changeling she had seen at the Overlord's side landed behind her with a malicious smile, followed by two more Changelings in Black Armor.

She spun around to look into the flaming eyes of the large Changeling started to close in on her.

"Heh, I thought I smelt something disgusting in this wing of the Dungeons. What, checking out your regal reflection one last time before we remove that pretty head from your body?" the changeling hissed as he slowly closed in on her.

The two fully armored changelings slowly levitated halberds into her view, while the large changeling slowly unsheathed a black broadsword.

She slowly backed away from them as they closed in on her. As a last-ditch effort, she jumped backwards into the Mirror.

She heard the larger changeling hiss in anger as she faded from his view.

It was the Grand Galloping Gala in Equestria. The many patrons were enjoying themselves.

Rainbow Dash was sitting at a table with her fellow Wonderbolts, the 8 of them were cracking jokes and telling stories.

Pinkie was right in the middle of the dance floor, putting some of the greatest dancers in Canterlot to shame.

Twilight was standing right next to her former mentor Celestia. Unlike the last gala this time they were able to just talk to one another without interruption. (This time Luna had volunteered to take up door monitor duty and Discord had decided to behave himself.)

Starlight was having a relaxing drink with Trixie and Sunburst. She was spending her time introducing the two to each other.

Applejack was simply sitting on a bench outside the party with her hoof on her face looking as bored as a pony could look.

Rarity was enjoying herself intermingling with Canterlot royalty who had all flocked around her due to her status as the most popular boutique owner in Canterlot.

Fluttershy, timid as can be, sat at the back of the room staying as far away from other people as she could.

Spike was standing with Ember and Thorax, a swarm of Changelings, including Pharynx around them chittering and laughing as the three talked.

The quiet and good time of the Gala cut short when a wall next to the dance floor exploded inwards and an armored Celestia was thrown into the center of the room catching everyone's attentions.

She was followed by a Semi-large Crimson Changeling with Black Antlers and Flaming eyes flew in after her brandishing a broadsword, who was in turn followed by two armored changelings who held Halberds.

Every Patron and Party Goer turned their heads to see the conflict in the center of the room.

The Changeling landed before Celestia with his entourage following behind him.

"Worthless Impudent Whelp. Did you truly think running through a Magic Mirror would save you from me?" he said as she tried to crawl away from him.

"Guards. Finish her off. She isn't even worth my blade." He said as he took a step back.

One of the Armored changelings closed in on her. It Raised it's halberd in the air with a smile and prepared to bring it down on her head when it was interrupted with a spear through the throat.

The downed Celestia pulled it out with a spray of crimson blood. The changeling fell to the ground and attempted to use it's hoofs to stop the blood flow from it's neck as it gasped for air.

The other hissed and lunged at Celestia it's halberd barely being blocked by the metal shaft of Celestia's spear.

The two struggled against each other for a few moments before the armored Changeling attempted to bite at Celestia's Jugular.

She responded by blasting the Changeling in the head with a full force magical beam. The Now Headless Changeling flew through the air landing at the feet of the larger Changeling.

The Changeling gave an unimpressed Scowl at the Princess and his failed guards. He slowly walked forwards and used his Sword to Behead the choking Changeling that had not yet died from Celestia's might.

"Perhaps you are more worthy than I expected. Very well. I shall grant you a warriors death!" He shouted before being silenced by a single hoof striking the Marble of the dance floor.

Both of them glared at it to see Thorax, in an odd moment of Unparalleled bravery, stand before both of them.

"Enough!" He yelled. "What is the meaning of this?"

Pharynx was shocked. He looked exactly like the Overlord, except colored with a much more Radiant Carapace.

'My lord! What should I do?' he Thought.

'Carry on. This pathetic display does not stop my plans. Bring me the Princesses head, if that fails, this lookalike of me will make a good plaything.' The voice of the Overlord echoed in his head.

'Yes Overlord.' Pharynx replied before he grabbed on of the halberds of his fallen soldiers with his magic and threw it at the tall Green Changeling on the edge of the dance floor.

The Green Changeling was shocked, possibly by one of his Presumed subjects trying to kill him, and tried his best to stop the halberd. He did too little too late and the very tip of the Halberd stabbed into his carapace, Not enough to kill him but enough to create a large crack and throw the Changeling back a few Meters.

He landed with a crack and Pharynx raised his blade to attack Celestia when he was interrupted by a lound series of buzzing.

He looked back to see an entire swarm of changelings, along side a black and red copy of him, glaring angrily at him.

He had just kicked the hornets nest in every sense of the word.

Spike had let out an involuntary scream of fear when the halberd had struck Thorax.

He jumped out of his chair and rushed to his fallen friend.

He was relived to see that the halberd hadn't actually done any major damage but was frightened to see the wound slowly oozing florescent blue blood.

Ember, Starlight and Trixie joined him with their fallen friend. He was out like a light.

Spike gazed at the fighting as Starlight slowly pulled the Halberd out of Thoraxes chest.

The Red Changeling had pulled a Second sword out from the Sheaths of one of his Guards and was now going on a rampage through the Changeling swarm attacking him. But soon he was being overwhelmed.

"DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE! DIE!!!!" The Changeling chanted like a mad man as he fought with no regard for his own Health. He was already covered in several hundred cuts and slashes all across his body and his armor looked as if it had been shredded.

Overlord Thorax slowly sighed as he left seeing the world through his brother's eyes. He returned to his own eyes only to see a Canterlot Noble beheaded before the eyes of his wife and fillies from the balcony he stood on.

'Nothing like seeing the death of a Stallion and hearing the lamentation of his Mares after a string of bad news.' He noted as he turned to Sombra who was just glaring at the execution site hiding his emotions, but Thorax could taste them. He tasted large amounts of Regret and pain. Pitiful.

Perhaps he would need to ensure Sombra's loyalty like he had ensured his brothers. Never the less, he had an important job for Sombra.

"Sombra, my friend, I have bad news." he said as he turned to walk towards his throne.

Sombra followed him as expected. "What would that be my lord?" Sombra said. Thorax could swear he tasted a twinge of... Hate?

Yes, he would REALLY need to bring Sombra under fold. But that would have to wait.

"It would seem that my Idiot brother had gone and made enemies with an entirely different world, Through a mirror no less." He said as he took a seat on his throne.

Sombra's eyes widened.

"I want you to take a Swarm of Warriors and Save him. As dumb as he is my brother is useful to me."

Sombra hesitated.

Thorax Frowned and looked directly into Sombra's eyes. The Fire's Eternally Burning in his Eyes flaring in intensity.

"GO NOW!" Thorax demanded.

In fear Sombra fell backwards before speeding off towards the dungeons, a group of Fearful initiate's following behind him.

Thorax shook his head. "Tsk Tsk Tsk. Sombra, you are beginning to become more of a liability to me than tool. Perhaps you will have to be executed later."

He glanced at the executions still going on to see Luna Thrown onto the Execution block and a Halberd raised.

"Or Perhaps not. My Executioners are very Busy." He said as the axe fell.

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