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A simple fan who is trying his best! Fair warning my stories tend to focus on everypony's favorite dragon!


After another defeat at the hooves of Celestia, Chrysalis comes across two dead dragons and a cracked egg. She takes the egg and hatches it believing it could be the weapon she needs against the ponies of Equestria. However, as the dragon grows, learning from his brothers Thorax and Pharynx and with the attack on Canterlot approaching, Spike will leave home to discover for himself whether he will follow his mother's orders or try peace as his brother argues for.

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I usually don’t like the Changelings stories that started coming out after the Thorax coup series. But this story managed to interest me. At least I will follow her.

I haven't read the story yet, but did you base this story on another story called For Harmony?

I've read the first chapter of that story and plan to read more it's great! The scene with the parents was influenced by that story.

Thanks! Yeah this story will keep the Changelings dark and buggy but Thorax is his regular self.

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Spike being raised by one of the big bads~?
I’m quite interested in seeing where this goes. You have my attention L, I hope you can keep it.

Yeah the idea of him being raised by this villain, in particular, is curious since we know at least by the comics that Chrysalis does truly care for her kind. If Spike was raised by her and beside Thorax and Pharynx who have the most brotherly bond out of every changeling, I think he would have a large love or dedication to the hive while a strong dislike or distrust of ponies. I doubt that Chrysalis would ever let Spike out of the Hive out of fear he'd be captured but Spike may know a bit of the world from Thorax who is sent out on recon missions like we know Changelings are. He may tell Spike that not all ponies are bad so this may push Spike to find out on his own and to try and find ways to help his hive.


Soon me friend sooooon

I was just thinking, would Chrysalis abuse Spike to make him into a vengeful dragon that would act as a secondary defense against anyone if the throne's gimmick were to fall?

Hmm I see her as more using mental abuse and making him love her, basically what Mother Gothel did in tangled so if she was ever threatened that Spike would protect her and the Hive

I meant that and to toughen him up so that he is battle ready like Pharynx and, with help from Thorax, keeps his kind spirit that we see in him.

Yes then. Chrysalis though will have some kind of a mini arc here which could go either way. Some part of her does see Spike as a weapon but seeing that she took care of him closely for so many years, a part of her does see him as a son. Pharynx will be Spike's teacher in fighting while yes Thorax will be the reason Spike still holds a kind spirit and why he hates killing any creature.

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