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Melody Song

A Bisexual Pegasus with a talent in writing and singing. I can also do magic-long story. Also, Luna is best Princess and the Wonderbolts are awesome. Change my mind, I dare you.



“Hey Pharynx?” Thorax asked, trotting up to his brother’s nest and nudging him.

“What wimp?” Pharynx asked, opening a lavender eye and looking at his brother.

“Why is mom our only parent?”

“Huh?” Pharynx raised his head.

“All the other nymphs have a mom and a dad. How come we don’t have a dad?”

One conversation over twenty years ago can do a lot. Soon after the anniversary of Chrysalis' defeat, Thorax and Pharynx begin to question...where's their father? After a little while of searching, they think they've found a lead. But one problem still remains...because deep down...Pharynx still isn't sure if finding their dad will fix anything...and if they do find him...will Thorax still need him?

Featured 7/12/2020, 8/16/2020, and 9/6/2020!

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I’m looking forward to this one, great story thus far

“Thorax! Ember!" someone called

I think you're missing a little something there.

If you mean who's calling out to them you'll find out next chapter.

Nice start, I'll keep an eye out for this.

Great start, I’ll keep an eye out for more chapters

Nice choice of cover art!

Twist ending: She ate him after mating. It's a bug thing.

This looks interesting! I've needed a good mystery to tide me over during quarantine.

The thing about the name Metamorphosis is that it is the name of rule 63 chrysalis; so that makes me wonder if Metamorphosis is and/or was a king changeling.

Edit: Come to think about it it would explain a lot about why pharynx and thorax have the whole 'bigger and with antlers' thing going on

Comment posted by jimerjam deleted Jun 16th, 2020

Ooh, another great chapter. Well done

As I said, they are just brothers, Thorax will explain more on their actions later. But as a proud Bisexual: totally gay

I really hope their dad is as good a changeling as Thorax wants. Be a real shame if the guy turned out to be evil

Indeed it would. But unfortunately you'll have to wait a bit before finding out for sure

You're just EVIL!!!
I demands the Spoilers!!!

Heh, I know you were. But even if you weren't teasing, I have a strict policy against spoiling my own stories

Heh, you'll have to wait, regardless of whether you were still teasing or not.

La POUT!!!

Seriously though.
I am really liking this story.
Can't wait to see where this goes

Heh, thanks. I think you'll really like what I have planned

Yes, it is, and there will be more to come, I assure you that

anthony's trash service, it decomposes on the way!

edit: where did that come from?
edit2:forgot to mention that this was a good chapter.

Huh. Kind of expected it'd take them longer to find him :applejackunsure: at least he seems friendly. Looking forward to what's coming next!

Thanks. I know I kind of rushed it but it's necessary they find him now. You'll see why in the next couple chapters.

please tell me it doesn't end as soon as he gets back to the hive
i wanna see him interact with Ocellus at least

Well, Ocellus is still back at the school...I hadn't considered it before now, but I could make a sequel that shows him meeting Ocellus-and maybe of him being introduced to Equestria

sound like a good plan imo
ooh, i just had a chapter idea
twilight and cadence find out that chrysalis once loved someone

Heh. Bingo, bingo, you win the prize!

its ember and tempest

I thought I was being clever figuring that out

Heh, well, if it helps, I tried to make it as least obvious as possible

yeah, pretty much everyone figured it out right away

I...ugh...I knew I should've made it less obvious...or maybe I jinxed it by what I said in the Author's Note...

I’m surprised Meta didn’t mistake Ember and Tempest for a threat. He did hear them yelling at their boyfriends after all.

Heh, well, I have implied that he and Thorax are more alike. He also trusts Thorax and Pharynx's judgement, and was able to piece together that they were close with Thorax and Pharynx, to yell at them in spite of them being royals.

So, he was willing to trust that Thorax and Pharynx weren't in any danger, meaning he wasn't either. Ember and Tempest can both appear intimidating, yes, but Thorax and Pharynx approached with a calm (enough) demeanor that Metamorphosis was able to recognize that there was no need to see them as a threat

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