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This story is a sequel to Familial Words

In the aftermath of the final round of the Sibling Supreme Competition, Spike has finally found his place in Twilight's family. He now can say, without even the faintest shadow of a doubt, that he is Twilight and Shining Armor's little brother.

Technically, this also means that Twilight Velvet and Night Light are his parents.

And so, as soon as the opportunity presents itself, Twilight and Spike decide to hop aboard the next train to Canterlot and give their parents a visit...

Written by TheAncientPolitzanian
Based on an idea by OmniFox
Special Thanks to "Spooky"
Dedicated to dSana, A.K.A. Stainless Key
Cover taken from S4E01 "Twilight's Kingdom, Part 1"

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Who is Spooky, and why are you giving him/her special thanks?

You know now that Spike and Gabby are besties or perhaps even closer, perhaps he should introduce her to the entirety of his immediate family?

This was a very heartfelt story, love this follow-up to Familiar Words!💖

Wonder if Spike will introduce Gabby to them, you never know right?😉

This is what the show needed. Especially after his complete snub in the zeppelin episode. I loved ep 200, but the fact that he was raised in the Sparkle household raises a lot of unfortunate questions about why they didn't see Spike as part of the family.

This was long overdue and so sweet! :rainbowkiss:

The past two weeks have gotten away from me a little, what with the finale and all, but I figured I might as well respond to everyone’s comments. Better late than never, I suppose.

I was wondering when someone was going to ask this!

Spooky’s a cat. I’m not 100% sure why, but almost every single time I sit down at my computer to write, she’ll jump onto my bed and watch me as I type. I think she might find the sound of the keys clicking relaxing or something. Seeing as she’s been by my side for roughly 75% of my writings, I thought it’d make a neat little in-joke if I gave her a slice of the credit. Of course, as they say, the cat’s out of the bag now.

I still haven’t decided if I’ll make another sequel (currently 50-50 in that regard), but if I do, I suppose I’ll have to keep Gabby in mind!

At the very least, you can say that Twilight acknowledged him as family at the start of Once Upon a Zeppelin.

As for Twilight’s Seven, while Spike may have not had a definitive place within Twilight’s family, I think the flashback sequence at the start of the episode still made it pretty clear that he was loved.

Actually, I think I might have to write a fic about that period of time someday...

Happy to hear it was worth the wait!

Wow. It's even about Spike and one of his mother-figures. Coincidences, amirite?

As always, thanks for reading and commenting!

I think it's sweet that Twilight Velvet and Night Light already considered Spike their son. It was a nice touch.

a member of the Light family

I... I just... Ugh, why didn't I think of this?! I've been calling them the "Sparkle family" forever, because Twi is the most famous member, but "Light family" makes so much more goddang sense! Twilight Velvet, Night Light, Twilight Sparkle! Hell, even Shining Armor's first name has something to do with light! Ugh...

Uh... what were we talking about?

Oh, yeah! The really fun stories! I've personally been a fan of the sibling view on Twilight and Spike's relationship for years. It featured quite heavily in my two biggest stories. I think it's mainly because their relationship reminds me so much of my relationship with my big sister. There's a lot of snark, some back talking, but we love each other fiercely and we always have each other's back.

However, the show always sort of punted on the issue. Even in... ugh, Father Knows Beast, Spike never calls Twilight "Mom." So it made me quite giddy when Sparkle's Seven came around and they actually said "the little brother we've always had."

I just read both this and the original, and I really enjoyed them. If I had to nitpick, I'd say there wasn't any real... conflict in this one, I guess. Like, the original had some light drama from what Starlight said, and a bit of a heart-to-heart, but this one? Nothing really happened, did it? Now, that's not necessarily a bad thing. Like I said, I enjoyed it. But after reading the author's note about how this was originally going to be a sort of bonus chapter to the first one, I kind of think that's what it should have been. A really cute and sweet epilogue it is, but a full story? Eh, not so much.

Also, I originally found it a bit grating that Twilight and Spike called each other brother/sister in, like, every other line. But then I realized that this was still all so new to them, and they were sort of, "trying on" the words, and I ended up liking it.

All in all, these were incredibly sweet, heartfelt moments between my favorite family in the show. Great job! :twilightsmile:


Ugh, why didn't I think of this?!

Truth be told, I didn't think of it either—that particular headcanon was borrowed from Reptilicus's fanfic Antaboga., published back in late 2014. My mind was just as blown as yours.

You should read it sometime, if you haven't already. Granted, it relies on some outdated headcanons (namely, Scootaloo is an orphan and Spike is Twilight's biological son because magic), but it was still good enough to get a standing ovation from The Descendant, which certainly counts for something.

Thanks for the comprehensive overview of this little miniseries! Twilight and Spike's relationship and the fandom's many differing interpretations of it was of the main things that drew me in to begin with, so I pretty much knew from the get-go that if I ever decided to write fanfics of my own, they'd make quite a few appearances.


I'm happy to hear that my first two forays into writing the alicorn/dragon duo were able to give you a good time, even if they were admittedly a bit rough around their edges—I've always been more of a thinker than a writer, but I'm trying my best to learn the ropes. Here's hoping we'll happen to cross paths again sometime in the future...

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