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Just a writer who loves cartoons. Reformed changeling enthusiast. Expect fluffy, comedic, and dramatic stories. Also, Embrax is my favorite thing to write, and Pharynx, too.

Some Stuff about me

Name: Emily Hall
Age: 17; 11th grade
MBTI Type: INFP (Basically the lyrics to Owl City's 'The Real World' in human form)
Likes: Singing, fangirling, English, voice acting, writing, theatre
Religion: Christian, Protestant

Favorite Genre: Adventure/action and/or fantasy/sci-fi with a bit of comedy and/or romance
Favorite Ships: Embrax, QuibbleDash, Flimjack, CheesePie, TwiTracker, Starburst, Pharynxshy, Sombriant, Darizotl, Braeble, LunaMac, Maudbriar, Sandcellus, Gallustream, Magnambula, Rockbrook, CocoShill, VaporStinger, AppleTaps, Terraloo, MuffinDoc, Trixfar, Twi's parents, AJ's parents, and Rainbow's parents
Best Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash
Best Supporting Character: THORAX!!!! :pinkiecrazy: (and Pharynx too lol)
Best Guest Star: Quibble Pants
Best Background Pony: Derpy (or I guess she's also called Muffins)
Best Princess: Pfft. Twilight. Duh.
Best Season Premiere/Finale Villain: Sombra
Best Minor Villain: Flim Flam Brothers
Best EQG Villain: Wallflower Blush
Best IDW Character: Radiant Hope (haters gonna hate, but I still like her, m'kay?)
Best Student: Gallus (Sandbar's a close second)
Best Pillar: Rockhoof (He's?? So pure???)
Best AU: Sombra timeline

OCs: Eglantine, Braxton, Tarsi, Tomato Curry, and Coal (plus tons of fanfoals, but I won't waste your time with those :twilightblush: )


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Really flattered that you appear to like my work enough to warrant giving me a follow! :twilightsmile: I'll do my best to justify that with future stories and updates. Have yourself a nice day!

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Awwww, thank you!!!

I love your Embrax story ❤

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