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Just a writer who loves cartoons. Thorax and Pharynx enthusiast. Also, I love Embrax.

Some Stuff about me

Name: Emily Hall
Age: 22
Birthday: July 30th
Religion: Christian, Protestant

Favorite Ships: Embrax, QuibbleDash, CheesePie, Starburst, Pharynxshy, Twilock, Spabby, SombraHope, Capperity, Maudbriar, Yonabar, Gallustream, AppleTaps, Terraloo, Rumbelle.
Best Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash
Best Supporting Character: THORAX!!!! (and Pharynx too lol)
Best Guest Star: Quibble Pants (Cheese is VERY close behind)
Best Background Pony: Derpy (or I guess she's also called Muffins)
Best Princess: Twilight
Best Season Premiere/Finale Villain: Sombra and Starlight Glimmer.
Best Minor Villain: Flim Flam Brothers
Best IDW Character: Radiant Hope
Best Student: Gallus
Best Pillar: Flash Magnus
Best AU: Sombra timeline

Least Favorite Mane 6 Pony: Probably Applejack or Fluttershy tbh. I guess they just don't grab my attention as much as the others do.
Worst Supporting Character: Prince Rutherford. He's just ... meh.
Worst Guest Star: Coloratura. Idk, I thought she was a bit over-hyped. Which is kinda funny since I share a last name with her voice actress.
Worst Background Pony: Caramel.
Least Favorite Princess: Cadence. I like her, but I'd like more details for her personality.
Worst Season Premiere/Finale Villain: Discord. He started out okay, but he annoys me now, so I just can't stand him.
Worst Minor Villain: Iron Will.
Worst IDW Character: the bookworm
Least Favorite Student: Smolder, I guess? I like all of them, but I guess she ended up in last place.
Least Favorite Pillar: Starswirl
Worst AU: Flim Flam brothers timeline and Discord timeline. They're just ridiculous.

OCs: Eglantine, Braxton, Tarsi, Potato Curry, and Coal (plus tons of fanfoals, but I won't waste your time with those :twilightblush: )


Been a while ... · 6:39am Feb 11th, 2021


I've been reading the mlp comics lately. Twilock has won my heart. Where are all the Shadow Lock fics??

Also capperity is also a new favorite of mine.

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Thank You so much for faving my stories!!!

I figured that it wouldn’t hurt to give you the link to this story I made, mainly considering you’re a member of the Ahuizotl group and because I’m interested in seeing what you think of it:

EA Moment of Truth
At the end of "Daring Doubt", Ahuizotl revealed after touching the Truth Talisman that he was a Jungle Guardian who was tasked with protecting the artifacts of the River Basin. However, was that really the truth he was spilling? Or somehow...a lie?
A Man Undercover · 5.4k words  ·  81  35 · 1.9k views

Thanks for the favorite!

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