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Just a writer who loves cartoons. Reformed changeling enthusiast. Expect fluffy, comedic, and dramatic stories. Also, Embrax is my favorite thing to write, and Pharynx, too.

Some Stuff about me

Name: Emily Hall
Age: 17; 11th grade
MBTI Type: INFP (Basically the lyrics to Owl City's 'The Real World' in human form)
Likes: Singing, fangirling, English, voice acting, writing, theatre
Performances: The Bird Woman from Mary Poppins and Arista from The Little Mermaid.
Religion: Christian, Protestant

Favorite Genre: Adventure/action and/or fantasy/sci-fi with a bit of comedy and/or romance
Favorite Ships: Embrax, QuibbleDash, Flimjack, CheesePie, TwiTracker, Starburst, Pharynxshy, Sombriant, Darizotl, Braeble, LunaMac, Maudbriar, Sandcellus, Gallustream, Magnambula, Rockbrook, CocoShill, VaporStinger, AppleTaps, Terraloo, MuffinDoc, Trixfar, Twi's parents, AJ's parents, and Rainbow's parents
Best Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash
Best Supporting Character: THORAX!!!! :pinkiecrazy: (and Pharynx too lol)
Best Guest Star: Quibble Pants
Best Background Pony: Derpy (or I guess she's also called Muffins)
Best Princess: Pfft. Twilight. Duh.
Best Season Premiere/Finale Villain: Sombra
Best Minor Villain: Flim Flam Brothers
Best EQG Villain: Wallflower Blush
Best IDW Character: Radiant Hope (haters gonna hate, but I still like her, m'kay?)
Best Student: Gallus (Sandbar's a close second)
Best Pillar: Rockhoof (He's?? So pure???)
Best AU: Sombra timeline

OCs: Eglantine, Braxton, Tarsi, Potato Curry, and Coal (plus tons of fanfoals, but I won't waste your time with those :twilightblush: )


Oof · 5:02pm Dec 11th, 2018

If you look on Pharynx’s top rated stories, mine is still on there. :fluttercry: So proud.

You guys, it still makes me undeniably happy that that story is still loved and appreciated. It is practically my pride and joy, having been my most popular work. While irl, the people who know me, mostly only know me for my singing voice, here y’all know me for my more hidden hobby, and y’all actually appreciate it. It makes me very happy.

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Ayyyye!! It's another high school person on here! Yay!

Would you like to join this group I founded:


Would you like to check out this story I made?

A King’s Grand Entrance

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