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So, I'm giving Pages of Harmony a rewrite with a rating change · 10:56pm September 4th

So, I know that my Mature Grimdark fanfic Pages of Harmony gained a bit a notoriety for being a grimdark gorefic (albeit with a plot) similar to the vein of Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory. And I'm here to say that I'm completely doing it over in a rehaul. It will likely be called Pages of Harmony Redux or something along those lines.

Why? A number of reasons.

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Out of curiosity, when do you think you'll continue Empress of Harmony?

Any plans on relising the next "Wedding of Deception" chapter?

Are you ever planning on continuing "Empress of Harmony?" "Pages" was so good; probably one of the few Fimfictions to actually scare me :twilightoops:. It would be great to finally see Twilight get her just desserts for killing her friends. Please say yes :fluttercry:.

Are you an fan of spike the Dragon

  • Viewing 142 - 146 of 146
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