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  • Catherine: Love is Over? A crossover of MLP and Catherine, starring Big Mac and several others as they climb to freedom. by _No_One_Remains_ 61,422 words · 2,030 views · 46 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Know your Mare It's silly, it's pointless, and it makes little to no sense... I've heard of worse story ideas. by Overlord-Flinx 79,443 words · 30,241 views · 3,070 likes · 231 dislikes
  • Story of the Blanks Throughout Equestria relics of the past lay forgotten and alone... by Aoshi Stark 15,415 words · 13,698 views · 450 likes · 6 dislikes

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Got a short story published, vote on it! · 7:05pm March 25th

I have AWESOME news, guys! My short story got publish!

Read, comment on (if you want) and vote for my #ShortFiction story, Scintilla, for the Short Fiction Break Reader's Choice Awards! http://shortfictionbreak.com/spring-17/ (You go to the bottom on that main page to vote for it)

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Out of curiosity, when do you think you'll continue Empress of Harmony?

Any plans on relising the next "Wedding of Deception" chapter?

Are you ever planning on continuing "Empress of Harmony?" "Pages" was so good; probably one of the few Fimfictions to actually scare me :twilightoops:. It would be great to finally see Twilight get her just desserts for killing her friends. Please say yes :fluttercry:.

You dead? Please say no.

Are you an fan of spike the Dragon

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  • Empress of Harmony Twilight Sparkle—once the student of Princess Celestia, now the one who intends to rid the world of Chaos to bring about total Harmony.  But though she aims to rid the world of evil, her ideals blind her to the corruption within herself. by Shadowed Rainbow 1,439 words · 2,885 views · 113 likes · 8 dislikes
  • Solipsism Twilight assumes that her life is all she's ever known, but what if it's just one of many? What if everything—her personality, her world, her identity—was nothing more than a fantasy? by Shadowed Rainbow 12,785 words · 2,695 views · 210 likes · 12 dislikes
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  • Wedding of Deception Two changeling royals in rivalry impersonate the Canterlot couple, completely unaware that they both have had the same idea. As time passes, memories unwillingly resurface of their adolescence while Cadance and Shining must try to escape. by Shadowed Rainbow 19,425 words · 8,295 views · 311 likes · 6 dislikes