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This is a special group that's meant only for people that I allow into it. It's a roleplay group that's sole purpose is to help me create the Jeff the Pony fanfic I have in mind. If you would like to join, then please send me a PM saying why you'd like to join, who your character is, etc. Otherwise, (and I'm not trying to be mean, it's for the sake of keeping the story good) I will be forced to kick you from the group. Anypony is welcome to read the roleplay, though :twilightsmile: As long as you don't steal from it.
Anyway, enough of the damn rules. Enjoy! :pinkiehappy:
Edit: Anypony can join, but the official roleplay thread is reserved for only people that I want to be there, alright? Anypony is free to read it, but no contributing unless you send me a PM and I give the OK.

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i im kinda new to this group but when i saw jeff the killer i know i had to try thisthis but im more of slenderman guy my self but jeffy is still awsome!

303772 I've just been busy doing another RP with a guy named Reddened Chaos. He's pretty good, and we're in four days now!


303763 It's good to hear from you again.:twilightsmile:

Anypony on? I know that BenjiCG's going to be getting on tomorrow, but I was hoping I could run some practice sessions with anypony that's got an idea of the role they feel they should play in our little happy fun times :ajsmug:
Oh, and I'm making a new thread called "Space Filler". It's for parts of the RP that need to be filled soon, such as the beginning, and maybe a few parts past that :twilightsmile:

I could help you with the sleep issues, if you want :pinkiecrazy: I kid, I kid. I would never hurt you Big Mac. *turns away* Dear Celestia, please don't ever let me hurt him...
OOC: You're welcome :twilightsmile: And dude, don't ever send me another 'songify this' vid ever again. I almost blacked out from laughter :ajbemused:

:eeyup: heya folks, sorry bout bein' so late.
Had some serious work to do, near took over all o' mah time, allowin' for some sleep here n' there:eeyup:

Ooc. Hiya everybody :)
Cheers for pm-ing me jeff, wouldn't have noticed otherwise XD
Whelp, look forwarf to talking more, for now i've got 'songify this ' to catch up on

I am going to cupcake you all! :pinkiecrazy:

Sup Ponies

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