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Nothing wrong with Blacktext really, though I totally understand the freedom you're granted here instead. Can't speak for everyone, but I know I and a few others were reading it.
It's irrelevant really, as long as you're still continuing the story I have no complaints. Looking forward to that next chapter :ajsmug:


The reason I stopped was because 1. I felt like a pretentious piece of shit posting blacktext on 4chan, but I had just finished a long-ass greentext story and I wanted to do something different, and 2. I didn't think anyone was reading it. Also, I can do a lot more with the formatting here. I guess I should've said something though.

Course, you've got a great story going right now. Keep up the good work.

And remember to not post it on /dzg/ again...I-it's not like we miss you or anything...bakafaggot


Hey, thanks for favoriting my story and following me and all that jazz.:twilightsmile:

69533 Thank you, everything you say is encouraging. :pinkiesmile:

  • Viewing 29 - 33 of 33
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