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I just thought of something, after seeing a recent episode with, Stan's brother I have a theory. In the episode, old man Mcuget? (Not sure how to spell it.) Anyway, the crazy old man, was a young-er guy. Which makes me wonder, how old is that machine Stanly's using? How long has he intended to get his brother back?

The episode didn't explain so, but it did answer a lot of my big questions, like how the journals were made, about who made them, Stan's history with the machine, and why that crazy old man is well, crazy like a cookoo-clock. (What is up with my spelling today?) So it made me raise a question, how old is Gruncle Stan? In the latest episode, he explains in a story, It was nineteen sixty-something... In it, he looked to be a little younger than Mabel and Dipper, I know that this is a REALLY long theory and all, but if anyone who stops to read and has a pretty good answer, comment on my user page.

Candy, out.

It was quite the surreal experience. And it's amazing how it entered the scene at the pique of F.F.F hit the the scene. Quite honestly, it's arguably one of my favorite episodes in the season so far.

376684 I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

376684 I thought that it it unintentionally made a reference to Five Nights at Freddy's. Also, Goldy scares me.

Thoughts about soos and the real girl?

369896 I really loved the second episode!
Oh the mysteries! :yay::heart:

Happy season 2 premier everypony! Any thoughts on the first two episodes? Come on let's hear'em!

Yours Truly, The Cake Devil.

Comment posted by LilacRose deleted Jun 6th, 2014

362330 to tell you the truth I only watched the first move. Another resion... I am not into hunger game like books. I into books like the Wings Of Fire saga and the Shadow Children books.

Becuase district thirteen tried to rebel against the Capitol they lost and there district was destroyed the hunger games were to show that you should not rebel or we will kill you it also is to show that you can only have one powerful and other not so powerful it's just one big effort to keep people from rebelling

362324 eh... it just more that the districts aren't fighting back against the rich people. And it is also the games them selfs, also if the kids are this good why aren't they, you know fighting back!? Why isn't 'I don't wan't to get killed I should team up with everyone and find the guys who are killing us' going threw the mind of the kids playing the hunger games.

362315 ??? I did not follow that sentence you need a spell check

362308 eh... it just more the disstricks aren't fighting aganst the rich people. And also the preums.

340784 lol walking dead reference.

.... You. Evil. Demon. Y u no like the hunger games?!

362304 not a Hhunger Games Fan

And what I like about gravity falls? Dipper. He is fucking awesome.

The best team in the world when you're thinking 'bout these two shows mixing. But what about when you mix my little pony with the hunger games?

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