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Were you looking for some messed up stories or wanting to post some of your own insanity? Well look no further, because that is what this group is dedicated to. It could be anything like a pony descending into madness, psychopaths, serial killers, or anything really gory (if you can find a way to make a story non violent yet still messed up, give yourself a pat on the back).

Also I am working on a series of short stories by the same name as the group. And any story theme requests are open to the members of this group. Just pm me your messed up short story ideas and I'll probably write it and definitely credit you with a link to your page.

And now for the rules

There are rules like anything

1. No spamming.
2. No being a jerk.
3. Have fun making this group the most insane one ever.
4. Remember Lilith911 is always watching you, somehow.

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340190 I'm not saying you're a bad person. I never thought that. I said that in jest, for you said the same thing on another group. God, I need to delete that one. It's just embarrassing me.

340184 I hate leaving things broken. When I saw this group promoting putting stories in folders, yet lacking the option to do so, I couldn't help myself, but to speak up.

You are right of course. There is a lot more to the group than the story folders. But the things that are off are the ones that catch my attention. People often think I'm being inconsiderate because of it. But the truth is, I'm actually a fairly nice person. It's the niceness in me, that forces me to point at the things that are wrong.

333347 is that all you ask for in a group?

welp my re-edited story is up:facehoof: god im stll tired from the 5 hour editing session:fluttershyouch:

Let me know what folders I should add :pinkiehappy:

I posted my first chapter so it shouldn't be too long

We could use some story folders. :unsuresweetie:

  • Viewing 1 - 8 of 8
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