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In my story, Rumble will shoot up the school house and commit seppuku!

Omg, I wrote a chapter of this story called Tia and Lulu, it's like, a bunch of diary entries by Celestia, :trollestia: it's pretty good:twilightsheepish:... I think, but if any of you read it, good for you, or in fluttershy's words, :yay: yay

:trollestia::heart::derpytongue2:, OUT!

I am gonna make a pony trollfic, just for the hell of it.

Prepare your asses.

Hmmmm, While I am honored that the Swooty Bell stories are listed under the "Legend" category, they have nothing close to 100 dislikes.

Not that I want them removed or anything, I just don't think I've attained that level of troll yet.

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