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Hello fellow visitors, our group has the mission to look up to bad stories ,we make fun of shitty fanfics, but not as hate, but pure fun! We like to review and advice the authors on the fics in a "funny" way to break all the serious routine.

The old group is dead, this is an attempt to continue the mission of the group in a decent space. and not in a dead neglected group

The Guardian and Friends

Complaint Officer:ShadowblazeCR

ShadowblazeCR: The complaint officer, if you've got a problem with how one of our members are acting towards you, want you story removed from the group, or just want to complain about our group then this is who you talk to.

Guardian and Friends: The owner, if you want to be a contributor, have some questions that the other admin can't answer, or just need to talk about this group then he is the one to go to.


Error 404: Logic not found: Our folder for stories that made no sense and was a WTF moment. Anything that just didn't make sense and logic wasn't something that they used should be here.

Finest Stupidity: A reboot/brother of OSF's Generic Stupidity folder. Any story that seemed to be a face-palm worthy story and is an insult to every reader/writer in existence will be in this folder.

Over Rated Fanfictions: This folder is for any story that has over 100 dislikes. Not much else to say except: do your worst.

Submissions: This folder is any story that fits the criteria of the group and that you deem worthy of possibly being in this group. This folder is for 'regulars' and the stories will be approved or disapproved by General Skullcoat to be in a folder.

Teh Rules:

-No spamming our picked shitty stories. This is not for pure rudeness, this is for constructive criticism.

-Only post fanfics that have 5-10 more dislikes than likes!

-Do not post fanfiction that have a tremendous amount of likes than dislikes. Doing that will result in a 3 day ban.

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Nine weeks in and still going! :pinkiehappy:
Congratulations! This group was just listed in New Groups.

It proved itself with its freshness, earning itself a spot in the Groups of New.

Yeah, that's kind of my thoughts too.


Except God Except Time Except Knighty's NSFW blog and pic ban

I honestly expect that this will be a miserable failure, but that's never stopped me from joining a group before.

383197 Well nothing last forever..:applejackunsure:

~Uncle Pogo

Guys, this is a bad idea. Like the whole group. I've seen this "old group id dead so we made a new one" thing happen before, and usually the second group will die too, and a third group is made, and so on.

There is no reason to start a new group unless all the admins of the old group were inactive and restructuring was impossible. But since the old admins are active, why can't Knights 1 be fixed?

This is not the final version, we will be updating and improving this throughout the week.

KotST Electric Boogaloo.

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