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This is a group dedicated to finding the best of the worst stories out there. The ones that make you facepalm at the sheer badness of them... but at the same time, you are drawn to them like a train wreck.

Our goals are not to mock, but to celebrate. Like the guilty pleasures of watching a bad movie, so should come the desire to read a bad story every once in a while.

The old Plan 9 is dead. The continuation, Plan 9-2, is decaying and neglected. This is another attempt to reboot the Plan 9 name under a new banner, and a new management. We don't seek to replace the other two in full, but we do intend to carry on the original mission all the same.

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I just realized y'all used the Marathon logo.

Our group is now the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. :yay:

So I may as well just leave Plan 9-2?
Congratulations! This group is being listed in New Groups.

In the judgement of the groups that took place today, this group proved itself with its freshness, scoring itself a spot in the Groups of New.

If this group doesn't fail miserably, I will honestly be a little surprised.

There's a fucking third? At this point it should've been named Plan 9 for Equestria: Electric Boogaloo. :rainbowlaugh: God I hope this one actually lifts off.

381299 The video sounds even more beautiful.

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