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This Blog is About The Immortal's Burden · 11:53pm Sep 8th, 2018

tl;dr up front: No, it isn't getting a sequel unless I get an idea I feel is good enough to follow it up.

So I've seen some comments asking me to make a sequel for The Immortal's Burden, and they have a couple upvotes, so it seems like at least a few people want this. I'm sorry to bear bad news, but that's probably not going to happen for a couple reasons.

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No need to thank me, it was quite the fun read, I hope you'll produce some more of like the immortals burden :twilightsmile:

2276736 Well then, better sit back kids 'cause do I have a story to tell.

I hope you enjoy my work. It certainly has been a long run for me just writing it, and I'm still not done. That is saying something, seeing the combined word count has already passed the 500K mark.

Have fun. :twilightsmile:

2276617 Nope!... Well, probably nope! :scootangel:

I'm a big fan of Danny Phantom, and your crossover stories seem pretty darn cool. So I thought I may as well just give you a watch since I'm probably gonna be tracking your stories anyhow :yay:

Thanks for the stalk... Should I be worried? :raritywink:

Thanks for adding The Ultimatest Evil to your library!

  • Viewing 54 - 58 of 58
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