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As the world ends, a group of teenagers covered in blood enter Sugarcube Corner.

What follows is technically a love story.

Edited by Pearple Prose and Themaskedferret. Preread by Undome Tinwe, MaxKodan, and Majin Syeekoh.

An entry for Oroboro's Changing Seasons contest.

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Aragon #1 · Aug 20th, 2017 · · 1 ·

Lil' fun summer story, written in a weird place. Like, physically. It was a weird place. Smelled a lot like coffee and pepper.

Lil' different from the usual, here's hoping you enjoy it.

Majin Syeekoh

This is like Cheers but with murder.

You know what the fic reminds me of? Shaun of the Dead, I mean, it has that charming comedy mixed with serious stuff, growing up and also bites of satire -after i wrote this I found the pun I made- so all in all, it was pretty interesting, it was entertaining and it was pretty charming, kudos to you.

I have yet to read, but I think the word count is higher than the max word count for the contest just FYI.

This story hit the featured box with four views


So, yeah...

I'm just going leave this upvote, over here in the corner where nobody can trip over it, and be on my way.


Inspired by Robert Frost's Fire and Ice.

I remember dealing with that in English. Oh how I often mocked my teacher. And got away with it to boot.

I like how directly this draws from its inspiration. It's quite nice.

This is the Airplane! of Equestria Girls fanfic.

There is a lovely mental squint to this. Good characterizations, just the right amount of farce and laugh out loud moments. Seriously, clowns and Pinkie, the mind boggles.

A story about nine eight girls and their love for bad boys.
I love it :rainbowlaugh:

This is one of the greatest things ever. Have an internet.

OKay. I've read Fire and Frost.

Lovely poem, bit dark.

I want to know HOW EXACTLY you got four flavors of apocalypse in this thing?

isha85 #14 · Aug 20th, 2017 · · 17 ·


Fringe benefit of having nearly 2,000 followers. ANY PIECE OF SHIT HITS THE FEATURED BOX! :pinkiecrazy:

Possibly the most apocalyptic Equestria Girls story ever. Hella funny too.

Also, Sunset is handsome.

uh why didnt they just do the 1 man band thing to get rid of the parasprites

(also i think this is 1K to long for the shipping contest)

I don't know what I expected.

Aragon... Pyrrha darling, this was fucking amazing. Those smashcuts to the results of 'good ideas' were perfect.

........Best story I've read on this site by far.

So... that was a thing. Please excuse me... *leaves room to reboot brain*

Pinkie Pie nodded gravely again. “I,” she said “am not a doctor.”
I lost it here.

Sunset/Rarity is absolutely my guilty pleasure ship

Putting that on top of an already incredibly interesting near-farcical story makes this all the sweeter.

That was fantastic. I haven't laughed that hard, or that long, in a good while :rainbowlaugh:


Before even starting this fic, I consulted Oroboro himself about the word limit, asking if it was a strict one or somewhat flexible. He told me they said 10k words max as sort of a guideline, and that I could stretch it a bit as long as I didn't overdo it.

When I asked if 11,3k was okay, he said "sure, there'll be no problem." So, don't worry, the story will enter the contest, at least.

(As per the one-man band thing, that was addressed in one of the drafts but I took it out for being too infodumpy and kinda not there -- it's implied in the story still that the portal changed the parasprites, and now music doesn't affect them. I played with the idea of the monsters being worse in the human lands than in pony land while writing this, 'cause I thought of fairytales 'n shit.)


Fimfic takes a bit to update the viewcount on the corner. I went to sleep before it got featured, but this was around the 60-70 view or so by the time I did that, and it still said it had four views, so dunno.

That aside, featuring works by heat, so it's less "total number of views" and more "amount of views in X time". I think. Fimfic's way too kind to me anyway, I agree with that.


Four flavors? Well, the prompt was 'changing seasons' and the poem gave me the idea of ice and fire as something that would end the world, and then ice = hate = winter = windigos seemed reasonable enough.

So in the fic, it's naturally summer, windigos bring winter, then timberwolves bring autumn, then parasprites bring spring, and at the end it's summer again. So it ain't four flavors of the apocalypse -- there are three, plus the normal weather.

Okay, this was... uh, I am actually not quite sure what this was, other then pretty damn good. Also weird. Like, really weird. And one of the most interesting takes on romance I ever had the pleasure to read. With a good ship to boot! The perfect package!

For reasons of both avoiding spoilers and my own lazyness, let's just say it was a story unlike any I have ever read before, giving us some mildy to very disturbing looks into the minds of a couple beloved characters. I do not want to know who has the task of setting these girls up to function in regular society again, but my sympathies go out to them.

Could have used a tiny bit more resolution for that main pairing in my personal opinion (or, really, just a bonus chapter with 20k words of sensual cuddling/a full-on Sunarity story), but that is just nitpicking.

If I was in Swanchat, I'd yell at you for this in approval, so instead I will send one of my agents to do that for me.

This made me happier than any other time in the last month. Thank you.

I don't know what drugs you were on when you wrote this, but man, you need to share.

The word counts over the limit. :twilightoops:

Reminds me of Shaun of the Dead.

Ok that's cool, just wondering.

Uh, wow. :twilightoops: That was insane. Entertaining insane, but still insane.

When you think about it, Equestria has been having apocalypses every year.

8376542 *trips over upvote*
Ouch, my knee!

Delightful, murderous fun! I loved all the character interactions.

Really enjoyed this fic. The style heavy on dialogue but a bit stark on description always gets me in the perfect mood for apocalypse stories.

sharing is caring!:trollestia::moustache:

I really thought this was gonna be a crossover with Doom with a doomguy-Sunset Shimmer ship.
I was wrong. That said, this is worth reading.


Twisted. Yet fun

So worth the read. Well done :twilightsmile:

The start of the story, before explanations started creeping in, reminded me of some of the non-sequitur comic works of Robert Benchley.

I haven't even read this yet and I know it's awesome. Keep up the good work, Aragon :rainbowlaugh:

That said, I'm going in...:rainbowdetermined2:

This is the greatest thing ever.

I read this when it had 17 likes but forgot to comment.


And in that day, humans understood why it’s named the Fall.


This is great! A nice combination of simple life, romance and end of the world (multiple), with the right touch of sociopathy and murder. Amazing job.

I can't hear a girl be called handsome and not think it's weird. Also sunset isn't the handsome one. She's the hot one. Pun intended

An entry for Oroboro's contest?

Start Date: August 1, 2017
Due Date: August 31, 2017

Word Minimum: 1,000
Word Maximum: 10,000

Rating: E or T

I don't know how much of a stickler Oroboro may or may not be, but you're nearly 1400 words over the limit.

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