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The name's Dash. (Previously Ronnie) And I write humanized pony stories. Welcome to my humble page.


Fluttershy and Sunset's friends think its high time the meeker girl stops feeding on her girlfriend so much.

Written for the Sunset Shipping Contest. Also inspired by Wubcake's reading of Sunlight by The Albinocorn.

Featured 8/28/17! Whoo!

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OmniFox #1 · Aug 27th, 2017 · · 1 ·

If Flutter-Bat wanted Sunset's juices then she should aim low.

From what i understand The ending suggests they are BOTH vampires?

Yep. They were worried fluttershy would turn sunset but she did anyway

So now they will drink each other's blood?

Story Approver

You get an upvote for the title alone. Now I just have to actually read it. :derpytongue2:

Now i enjoyed this story so i will make this joke as a compliment:
A MUCH better lover story than twilight

Talk about a hornswaggling.

That was the alternative title lol

This was a cute and funny story. :twilightsmile:

Cute story cover, and good story as well. You get an upvote from me!

This is one of your best works yet, I loved it

Hornswoggle: To get the better of someone through deception.

Other uses: The stage name for a leprechaun character in WWE.

โ€œYouโ€™re no good to me dead,โ€ Sunset retorted dryly with a smirk.

I imagine her saying that all tough, like she was quoting some movie mobster.

I'm snickering at Rainbow unintentionally using 'Hornswoggle' correctly.
Followed by faint and mildly confused mutterings about vampires feeding on vampires.
But mostly snickering.

Well Fluttershy had turned Sunset at the end so she wasnt a vampire before then. Should have made that clear :twilightsheepish:

Not gonna lie. I saw that picture on google and thought of something similar to this. Nice job.

needs a full story hwo did fluttershy get turned and all that still was enjoyable thoe kinda short

i usually don't like this pairing but I guess you hornswoggled me

โ€œOh yeah, you would say that you hornswoggling hornswoggler.โ€ Dash told her, suspicious.

Have you been watching DWK? :pinkiehappy:

Ding ding ding! 1000 points go to you! Yes i have. He is one of my favorite mlp reviewers right now :twilightsmile:

Cute and Funny. But kind of short

Why did Fluttershy turn Sunset. When was that?

Also when will you do a Never Have I Ever 3?

Could you please expand the acronym 'DWK'?
Acronyms aren't that useful when performing a search, as it could mean almost anything.

Pretty damn good, I must say.
Though how the vampire fruit bat managed to find its way into the mirror isn't explained...
Nice art too.

It's not an acronym. The youtuber is called DWK. You may know him from "totally legit recap".

8392641its kind of implied at the end. And sooon

I made some minor edits so that things are a little bit clearer. :twilightsheepish:

Alternative title: Love Bites.

How can a vampire feed off of another vampire?

Fluttershy turned Sunset at the end. Thats why hereyes changed color.

Ah so it just happened. I thought it was implying that sunset wasn't worried about dying or changing because she had been one all along.

Clearly hornswoggle is offensive to unicorns.

Great story. Now when can we expect a full length sequel?

nice little story, when can we await the sequel? xD :pinkiehappy:


Wait, that's not how vampires work. They don't have their own blood, hence why they need to drink other's. Doesn't this mean they'll start preying on the city?


No, it's fine. I'm just wondering who they'll eat next.
They're so cute!

vampires have lots of different interpretations all that really matters is if they strike some of the major keys. Keys such as drinking blood and avoiding sunlight. Beyond that it's dealers choice.

This fan fic is based around a different fan fic titled sunlight. In it vampires can indeed feed off of each other. It's not even a new concept vampires do that sometimes.

DWK stands for don't wanna know. He explained it on a pod cast he was on.

" hornswoggling " Well its been around for a hundred year or more.

1000 points? I thought 5he points don't matter

(True, but knowing that would've made searching him harder rather than easier^^)


That's true.

an their it is the plot twist sunset is a vampire in disguise, but over all very good i liked i'm add it to my favorites :pinkiehappy:

I gotta be that guy when I say that ordinarily Vampires can't feed on other vampires, but I suppose it's magic so I'll leet it slide.

Other than that, I gotta say this was a great story and I liked it.

Don't know why but I can't help thinking of a continuation where the girls tell Principal Celestia...

"Actually, girls, I have just the thing for Fluttershy."

"Wait a minute, you have a cure for her?"

"In a final sense of the word."


".....what's that?"

"A wooden stake and mallet."

"We know what those are but what do you expect us to do with them?!"

"Well, first you place the stake over the area where her heart is point down, then you..."

"NOT THAT! What makes you think we'd do that to Fluttershy?!"

"I'm more curious about why she even has those in her desk."

"Some members of my family come from a older line that hunted sparkly vampires......before those d_mned Twilight books came out!"




"Do you want to see the instructional film?"



"Umm, Vice Principal Luna? What's this about?"

"Fluttershy, I just heard from my sister that you've recently turned to vampirism."


"As you've no doubt heard I too was once ensnared by the darkness. That's why I called you down here."



What had landed on Luna's desk were a thick stack of pamphlets. Fluttershy carefully picked up a few.

"'Emo No Way-O', 'How to Quit Goth Makeovers', 'The V8 Way', 'Just Say NO to Stephenie Meyer'?"

"These educational pamphlets weren't around when I turned to the darkness, perhaps if they had been I wouldn't have had to go.....there!" A peal of loud thunder could be heard as lightning flashed through the window blinds.






"Please.....not the Disney movies!"

"....I'll just let myself out then."

[So a bit less of the potential horror and more of a....well....'Dracula: Dead and Loving it!' vibe]

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