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Celestia ruled Equestria for centuries through wisdom, gentle guidance, and an eye on those who rule through less kind means. But above all, she had faith in the power of friendship and harmony.

Right now, she still has the wisdom and the faith. That may just be enough to find a way back to Equestria. Or find love.

Or, at the absolute least, get her new roommate to stop speaking in broken Neighponese.

An entry in the Monthly Contest Club's Crackships for Christmas contest.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 32 )

I read the description, and thought "Is Celestia helping take care of Amaterasu for a bit?"

You should write that fic, though.

Nerf Celestia!

I like everything after the coup b Rarity. But that damn near ruins it

I may no longer a brain full of human hormones

have a brain

PLEASE tell me you're not just skipping all the human world hijinks! I need MORE! :flutterrage:

Seriously though, this is really good. :twilightsmile: Liked and tracking. Complete?! NOOOOO!

It'd help if I'd ever played Okami. Though I suppose having Celestia housesit for a fellow member of Sun Embodiments Interdimensional could work regardless...

Leave it to Rarity to apply a patch.

Sorry. Had to be done to fit the prompt. And to be honest, that's the part I like the most; I wasn't sure how well I pulled off the messy emotional bits. Plus, it isn't the first time I've posited that Rarity could take over the world if she wanted.

Thanks for the typo catch. What did you think of the story?

Sorry. Something had to give to finish this in time for the deadline. After the judging's over, I'll see about adding some glossed-over scenes.

Your casually evil Rarity is amazing, and I wish there were more chapters forthcoming. Alas, the world is cruel.

Also, I totally got the Yurikuma Arashi reference immediately. I have yet to see another show featuring a zombie bear-powered laser cannon.

OMG. Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder! ... And that's what the contest is about...

Ugh. 9k+ words. ... I need to go to sleep... Story sounds humorous though, so congrats!

Pretty good. Was surprised you still had Rarity performing the coup, since you only needed to turn Celestia mortal to fulfill the prompt. You managed to not make Fluttershy super-cringy as a weaboo, and I liked Celestia being diplomatic with Sunset.

For the record, when I first clicked the story it was marked Incomplete, so I was withholding comment until the conclusion chapter. Apparently that was a mislabel.

I was more referring to the actual myth where the Sun Goddess got depressed and went and hid in a cave.



I think this is the first story that actually has Sunset Shimmer's invasion of Equestria from the human world with students (mind controlled or willingly helping) actually come to pass. Even better that it's in pursuit of a good ending. I always wanted to see what bizarre stuff could result from all the counterparts coming through the mirror portal en-mass, when they don't know magic, or even their new bodies. Shame that's only the end of the story, but by that point the crackship was pretty much over, so it made a good stopping point.

It does have the problem of not actually shipping Fluttershy and Celestia for most of the story. Otherwise really interesting and highly enjoyable.

Short, strange, silly, and entirely enjoyable. Loved your evil Rarity, and otaku 'Shy, and how Sunset goes from "Queen [BUY SOME APPLES] of Canterlot High" to world-saving heroine at the drop of a hat.

That did not start out the way I expected.

But it was not only entirely a surprise, but also not entirely implausible either... It's not like Rarity hasn't gone Mad With Power several times before...!

I'd be interested to see any in-between bits you do care to add eventually.

I figured anything involving adorable, deadly animals would be right up Fluttershy's alley.

Don't thank me yet; the judging hasn't even begun! Hope you find time for the story.

Yeah, took me a few minutes and hawthornbunny poking me in Discord before I realized I never adjusted the completion status. Better late than never. :twilightsheepish:

Oh. Yeah, that could definitely work as a comfort fic.

See here. Note that it will not help you forsake your humanity and become an immortal monstrosity. Not without a lot of expansions, anyway.

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I'll see about adding in-between bits. There certainly is a fair amount left to explore.

It is possible that the sudden influx of so many people from one world to another could cause a catastrophic imbalance that would destroy both worlds, but Twilight assured everyone that the odds of that happening were slim to none. Probably.

Yeah, therein lies the problem with a slow burn and an impending deadline. :twilightsheepish: Plus, even with the physical age regression, I'm still uncomfortable shipping Celestia with just about anyone.

Between Celestia's apology and a faster way home, Sunset found she didn't have a leg left to stand on when it came to her outrage. Throw in the unbalancing fact of the time dilation, and she easily tipped over to the light side. At least, so went the theory. Glad it felt fairly natural.

What are these trading cards in the image.... ;o

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder

I would really like to see this story expanded. I want to see more of Rarity's coup and the rebellion. And the shipping of course. I don't think I've ever seen a Celestia x Fluttershy ship. Overall, a really good story.

I'm not sure, but I get the feeling that they're from Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder.

I thought it would be Pinkie X Fluttershy, in the end, with the Celestia X Fluttershy being a way for Fluttershy to realize her feelings.

'Cause Fluttershy seemed more angry than expected towards Pinkie... Sorta like Love Confession Fail or something.

This was nice! And funny in the parts that were supposed to be funny, and serious in the right spots too!


thei mage

the image

"I... I missed you to.

"I... I missed you too.

is it bad that i didn't realize this was a shipfic

also moar evil pragmatic Rarity pls

Another one for the "makes so much sense now that someone else has written it" file.

I'd write more of it myself, but my skills pale in comparison.

Fluttershy moved to a set of bookshelves and started browsing through them. "Girl Love Bear Explosion is—"

I was already loving this. Then that Yurikuma is one of the first blatant series to come up makes it even better.

Anyhow the actual story itself is a joy, although of course the shipping part is completely skipped - they go from friends to suddenly lovers and basically uh


This needs to be a full book already because I want to know the rest of the EQG arc and then actually see the rebellion and also how is Celestia an alicorn again if Rarity stole her power? :rainbowhuh:

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Yeah, this definitely suffered from the time crunch I got myself into. I wanted something more organic than, say, the FlashLight "Crash into 'You're Hot,'" but that's the only kind of romance that visibly develops over the course of two days. My general lack of experience in writing romance-focused stories didn't help, especially not given the cards I was literally dealt. Fluttlestia is certainly a poorly explored pairing, especially given the modifiers for these particular iterations, but there's a reason for that.

Still, if I'd taken better advantage of the time available, I probably would've gotten a lot more done with this relationship. You can see the outline, especially given the epilogue, but... Well, if nothing else, I have some very good reasons to revisit this after the judging's over.

(Also, Celestia is an alicorn because Love; Friendship; and Results Inconclusive, The Arcanologists Kept Making Out.)

Yes. Revisit and turn into full book~

Phew, I finally found the time to finish reading this (noticed it when you posted it, but only got to the Celestia-Celestia meeting initially). I really liked that Fluttershy's parents are just rolling with her explanation because she's finally making some friends again, and especially the opening scene with Rarity was really well-done!

I really hope you'll revisit this after the contest wrapped up to fill in the blanks - it felt like going from the end of the pilot episode straight to the end of the season finale, and I'd love to read more about the developing pairings!

I would love love love more of this....:fluttercry:

Finally got around to reading this, and I must say it just leaves me wanting more. Ack! I never even would consider such an odd pairing, and it didn't seem at all like a ship fic at first. Very cute, and I'm not certain of your plans, but if you ever extend this, or revisit it, I would totally read it.

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