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This story is a sequel to A Gem Of A Day

In the wake of the misadventures involving Sci-Twilight's new focusing gem, Sunset writes to Twilight on the craziness of it all.

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This is pretty cool story. i love the first one and now the sequel is great as well.

I don't recall you commenting on "A Gem Of A Day".:applejackunsure:

Now this was satisfying! Y'know, if EQG does become a series, I could definitely see a plot like this being used....

Good reference with Suger Belle and Big Mac! Nice story too.

Nice follow up. (I didn't comment on the other one either, but to be fair, I finished reading it five minutes ago.)

A couple of notes, epistolary format isn't really second person. Being as how some folks have strong negative opinions about second person writing, it might be wise to not tag this as such.

Also, just in case you're interested, fashion can't be patented and is not considered to be intellectual property. All Suri could really get charged with is theft of a piece of paper.

I Just LOVE this story, I got to say the first story was funny how you went backwards and then on the second chapter you went forward like normal, it reminded me of this one Seinfeld episode that went backwards. Anyway maybe instead of Twilight going to Human Equestria you could have Sunset and the Human Mane 6 go to Pony Equestria instead, this way they can see what it's like to be a full pony then while sunset can get the chance to use magic as a Unicorn again for awhile as they stay there.

Thanks for the tip. I took the tag out.

Didn't know about how fashion design ownership works. Still, from the looks of "Rarity Takes Manehatten", it looks like she was willing to tell the truth about Suri copying her, if not for making a bad first impression with the host.

Thanks! Actually, that Seinfeld episode was my inspiration for that story. It said so in the summary.

8192267 Oh, I guess I missed that part of the chapter, my father is a fan of the show and owns all of the DVD's for every season of it, of course I'm a fan of MLP and currently own ever DVD season that has come out, including the Movies, Sunset Shimmer is one of my FAVE ponies. I always thought she might be Celestia's daughter via adoption, after all they both have Sun shaped cutie marks and I got a great backstory for how Sunset could be Celestia's adopted daughter, if you want I'll tell you it.


Just found them both last night. Was looking thru saw thsi one and then read the first, then this one.

Oh, and for the record, I have been toying with the idea of Sunset and the Rainbooms going to Equestria; among others things to how they would interact with their pony counterparts.

the best thing about this was the ending. I'm not sure why, but I fucking chuckled. As for the rest of it, who doesn't like a satisfying ending?

Also, would you mind giving me the spell my counterpart had used to bring those two together? I can think of a certain pair of pegasi I think it would greatly help.


Every story should have some side FlutterDash. And I'm not just saying fimfics, I mean like lord of the rings.

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