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That was kind of interesting, actually. At first I thought you might take the whole "perfection" aspect in a bad direction, but I like where you're going and it would be interesting to see you take this.


Then I notice the complete tag.:facehoof:

Well, still it was relatively interesting and I'd like to see a sequel exploring what the actual hell is going on with Sunset-seems like she's got some sort of bad author who doesn't know how to write a character with believable flaws/someone writing her for wish fulfillment, but only her character is being written this way-everyone else seems to be written by a competent writer.

7622948 Nowhere, it's a one-shot.

7622956 Yeah...I didn't notice the complete tag until after I made my comment. Still, it was kind of funny and I'm glad I read it.

This was an enjoyable read, my friend. It just makes me admire Sunset more and more. And I didn't think that was possible. :rainbowlaugh:

Well done. You've definitely earned a like and fave. :twilightsmile:

This is so perfect. :rainbowlaugh:

You know that feeling you get when a story is so good that you want to see more of it, but at the time you recognize that it is perfect as is and more content isn't necessary? That's how I feel about this story.

You have earned my laughter. Hahaha.

Would being a Mary Sue count as an imperfection?

You're damn right she is. :moustache:

7622948 isn't it more likely and simple to think Sunset really is perfect?

7623185 No one is perfect. There are certainly talented individuals, however, and Sunset has always struck me as one of them. That being said, this story doesn't really illustrate a situation that would truly test Sunset's skills-just a midterm, a won game, and lots of crushes on her. I knew a athlete back in High School who had a similar situation, albeit Sunset's is far more exaggerated.

I laughed and agreed. So here a like!

This was a great story. Funny, and shows why Sunset Shimmer is perfect. Let's face it, she really is. Kudos to you, sir.

How does one come up with brilliant ideas like this? I'm seriously asking. This is a really creative idea, and I've hit an idea roadblock. I see stories like, and I can't help but wonder why I'm not this creative. How'd you come up with this? Better yet, how do you find story ideas? I want to try and get new oneshot ideas.

The sun is a symbol of excellence, purity, perfection. Was there ever any doubt?

In all seriousness, quite amusing. I especially love how both Twilights take the same tactic when faced with something they refuse to confront any further.

The only thing Sunset can't do is be better at math than human Twilight. At least during public events like the Friendship Games, that is.

:rainbowlaugh: Great stuff!

“I’m going to bed!”

Thats a weird way to say, "I'll be in my bunk." :moustache:

Most accurate portrayal of Sunset.

100% believable, 10/10, would Sunset Shimmer again. :twilightsmile:

Accept the bacon-haired perfection Twilight. Accept it!

For the most part accurate, though I feel the need to cry fowl at the Athletic part. the only Athletic thing we've ever seen Sunset do was the motorcycle race event and that was cut short. I simply can't believe she's more physically capable than Rainbow or AJ. Smarter, that's easy since she's practically on the same plateau as Twilight.

Not a criticism just a personal opinion. still pretty funny and more power to Sunset. ALL HAIL SUNSET SHIMMER, THE TRUE MAIN CHARACTER!

Sunset is perfect, nuff said

7623285 well she was swinging a sledge hammer around like a baseball bat in the first movie.


That doesn't prove anything. Besides sledgehammers don't necessary weigh that much depending on the size. Plus that only proves she has a decent amount of strength. That alone doesn't make you an athlete, plus Sunset was all about gaining knowledge now strength.

She even puts all those love letters to good, environmentally friendly use- she really IS perfect....

So what caused Sunny to become an Alicorn anyway? Regarding her flank, was it merely bigger or did her cutie mark change to something to resemble perfection? Great story although this does leave some mysteries to the end of it.

This was definitely worth the read given the premise and the absurdity that came from just about everyone. The part with the soccer game stood out to me as the funniest part, but then the final part does give it some good competition. You've definitely done well here.

*cackles* that was funny for me, personally. Sunset does have her flaws, but i won't deny the fact im more excited to see more of her than any other main character in the series.

that said.... Siiiireeeennns.....

Bacon perfection. :rainbowlaugh:

Yes, Twilight, give in to the perfection, you know you want to. :raritywink: Great fic, aside from stating the obvious. Yep, Sunset is practically perfect in every single way. Even her little... missteps on the road to now just add to her perfection. All hail Sunset! We really need a Sunset icon.

I don't think it's meant to be taken seriously and if this wasn't a comedy tag, I'd be raging at how Sunset's a Mary Sue here. Other than that, nice work.

7623381 I think that it's inferred that Twi-Twi has the hots for Sunny. :ajsmug: :twilightblush:

7623589 I believe the word to be used is 'implied', as 'inferred' refers to what your thoughts make of the information presented. But anyway,

As she turned away, Twilight felt her eyes wander. Now that she’s a pony again, Sunset is kind of… Twilight glanced down at her best friend’s flank. Not kind of, really… Her eyes widened. Oh for the love of Celestia!

I believe Twilight was ogling Sunset and came to the discovery that she found Sunset sexually attractive. Just my interpretation :twilightsmile:

wlam #38 · Oct 7th, 2016 · · 1 ·

“Here’s a charmer.” Sunset rolled her eyes and looked at another note. “Dear Sunset. You are the most booty-licious girl in the school. I heard you used to be a horse. That’s cool because I wouldn’t mind saddling up and taking you for—”

Pfftahahaha :rainbowlaugh:

Well, it's open-minded, I'll give it that.

They do occasionally show character flaws. The most notable is that she has something of a short temper. She's also pushy, especially when she's decided that she's right about your personal problems and you're wrong.

Mary Sue in a nutshell. At least in this case it's all self aware, and hey, comedy!
Made me chuckle a few times, good job :pinkiehappy:

I love this :yay:

7623616 Oh. I thought he was referring to the canon of the movies, and in hindsight what he meant was obvious. I outta stop reading these at midnight.

7623950 Both can be seen as endearing though
I've seen it :facehoof:

This was about as good as I expected from the description (and I mean this as a complement, it;s pretty darn nifty).

She really is perfect.

Though there are plenty of flaws that can be ascribed to her, (short temper, pushy, can ignore her own problems because her friends take priority, won't confront certain aspects of her past, lack of ambition) this works great as a comedic short. Bravo.

There are plenty of flaws we can associate with our favorit bacon haird girl but for the point of this comedic short lets just go with Sunset is perfect Twilight is not.DEAL WITH IT :D

The only thing differentiating Sunset from the dictionary definition of a Mary Sue at this point is a lack of angel wings.

7624635 So then literally no difference. Good to know.

Oddly enough, ascension in the human world that hadn't yet manifested in Equestria would explain all those augmentations. Would even probably generate an aura that made her seem perfect. And if it didn't manifest for long enough, said aura would probably bond to her Equestrian magic, manifesting even in Equestria.

...great, I just justified the story. I'm not sure if that's sad or hilarious.


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