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This story is a sequel to A Sunlit Journey

Alternate worlds. Infinite possibility. Someone's life could have gone a thousand different ways, fall in love a thousand times with a thousand different people.

When a simple demonstration of portal technology goes catastrophically wrong, Sunset finds herself stuffed full of the memories of her alternate counterparts.

Memories of being in love with all of her friends.

While every other story in the Sunset Shipping Project so far has been designed to be accessible as a standalone one shot, this story is explicitly a sequel to all of them. You can find them all here.

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Eight shimmys... dear celestia!

>mfw I see the final story:

>mfw I see the ending:


Selfcest is wincest.

Pft, bwahahahahahahaha! :rainbowlaugh: Oh my god, of all of them, this, this is the best one. Just, the way it ended. I love it. Everyone gets their own Sunset, even sunset does. :P

All complicated memories that would have been solved with a kiss from Superman, now we have eight Sunset Shimmers?! :applejackconfused: What is the world coming to?!


Enjoyable, but I think this was by far the weakest story. By nature the story was highly unfocused, and that's not something I enjoy in any sort of story. I gave it a like, but it's not going into my favorites, nor do I think it's something I'll come back and reread. The other stories (including the ones by other authors) were fantastic, but this was I think was just...good.

Ok, this fic DEMANDS fanart! Any body willing to scramble for a commision? I say Uotapo is the best artist for this.

7593665 If Uotapo actually took commissions, they would be on all of my stories, and I would be very poor. :ajsleepy:

A rather good commentary on the sheer volume of Sunset Shagger stories that have been cropping up lately. Excellent work!

That's a lot of naked.

Well... that could have gone worse.:rainbowlaugh: It's been a fun journey.

Nice subversion of the disaster dominoes at the start. For all their foibles, for some reason it feels a little contrived when all of the Mane 6 are collectively responsible for a disaster (Lost and Found for instance).

Lucky that each of the others just happened to get exactly the memories of Sunset dating her.

“SunPie?” SunPie asked, raising an eyebrow. “No way in hell we're sticking with that.”


So, I assumed at first that this started out in another timeline where none of the relationships happened (yet), but since only five other "reflections" were mentioned I guess this is supposed to be one of the original six... clever.:trollestia: (Though I'm guessing it wasn't Applejack's or Rarity's.) The important thing is, it seems likely that this happened the same way in the other universes as well... and since it appears all these feelings were always there anyway, just buried, literally everyone wins!:rainbowlaugh:

In here's the grand finale.

Well that was a mess. A mixing of alternate memories into one girl to end up with eight of them.

Explain this carefully to Princess Twilight or she'll think there's a Mirror Pool involved.

I, for one, am hoping for a sequel from human Sunset's perspective as she dives down the rabbit hole. :pinkiehappy: And perhaps some Sunset x Sunset love. :trollestia:

i liked it but hated the ending Susnet with Susnet...Ugghhh Nope!



was the BEST PIECE EVER!!!!!!

Seriously, everyone gets their own Sunset, even Sunset herself!!

7593668 well, lets just hope this will get hir inspired then!

Congratulations on being the first author here to have new stories in the feature box for seven straight days.

Since exactly six days ago, my feed has been filled with more Sunset than the Hawaiian horizon. :rainbowlaugh: I'm not complaining, but now I know why. There's a Sunset Day now, huh? Might as well just make it a week. That's basically what happened.

Welp, that was a real Sunset extravaganza. :pinkiehappy:

Alternative ending:

Sunset yawned, and got out of bed. Scratching her back, she reached for her schedual. Whose day was it today... Monday was Rainbow, Tuesday Rarity, Wednesday Twilight, Thursdays Pinkie, Friday Applejack and Saturday Fluttershy. As she looked through her calendar, to her relief it was Sunday. Her free day. Not that every day was exhausting, but... dating six extremely hormonic teenage girls... There was a lot of naughty stuff going on and after two months, Sunset was extremely gratulationer for her free Sundays.

And then, there was a knock on her door. Sunset grunted. "Seriously... if this is Pinkie trying to sneak some extra time, I will throw her out the window." She pulled on a pair of pants qs she went for the door and opened it. Her jaw fell. Outside the door was vice-principal Luna, with her face deep red and with a bouquet of flowers in her hand. Red Roses. Her favourite.

...and my free Sunday just went to Tartarus.

I don't know about this one. It just feels kind of unnecessary. The previous stories had a point to them (the same point any shipping story does), but I'm not really sure why this one exists outside of being story #7 so that there could be a different one each day of the week.

Perhaps the point was simply to be comedic, but then we run into the other problem I have. I find this story to actually be rather dark. What happened to them was essentially brainwashing (filling them with the false memories) and the story thus ends with them still brainwashed.

In a way Sunset got herself a harem! One with 7 to 8 clones of her!

This...was a bit insane, but fun.

Seriously, all of these were really good in one way or another, and I've really enjoyed reading them. I guess my personal favourite got to be either the one with Rarity or the one with Pinkie Pie, though I can't really decide.

Sunset watched everything happen, feeling an odd detachment. In her peripheral vision, she could see the same unlikely series of events transpiring just across the way in the reality next door.

Right before the award could crash into the soda can and spill its contents all over the delicate electronics, Pinkie Pie snatched up the can and chugged the whole thing. “Ugh, it’s kind of warm.”

Everyone in the room let out a collective sigh of relief.

And then the ceiling buckled and gave out as a torrent of water poured into the room.

Derpy poked her head through the hole from above, looking aghast. “Oh my gosh, is everyone down there alright? We had a broken pipe and a flooded bathroom, but I never thought the floor would break!”

I died. :rainbowlaugh:

7593586 There weren't enough, even if they had been all up there at once.

*At the beginning of the story*

God dammit, Derpy!

*At the end of the story*

God dammit, Twilight!

I don't know quite what to make of this one. If I had to make an analogy, this story would be like a gift basket. The other stories in this series are all the items inside the basket; like different flavors of cheese, or various little specialty handsoaps each with their own scent. The basket helps hold all these things together, but once I get it home and unpack everything... I'm not sure what to do with the basket itself, :applejackunsure:

It was certainly a fitting way to tie all the other stories together, but it also kind of went in so many different directions (literally, :derpytongue2:) that it felt like one of those 'everyone is shipped with someone' stories... except that, y'know, in this case those someones were all the same someone. It did feel a little forced at times, but it brought on the 'harem' aspect in a very unusual and interesting way; one that helped avoid one of the two most common pitfalls that almost all harem style stories suffer from: the fact that everyone in the harem is perfectly fine with sharing the main character, or is easily convinced to do so despite initial trepidation.

In any event, thank you for putting the effort forth in writing this fun series, Oroboro. Like I'm sure many dozens of others here have, I've thoroughly enjoyed each one, :twilightsmile:

.... haha, admit it! For a second you thought I'd forgotten and that you'd be spared from seeing THIS again! :rainbowdetermined2:

Pardon me for being a colossal killjoy but someone would question nine Sunset Shimmer's in one town, wouldn't they?

So it does end on a kind of harem note. Ugh, Sci-Twi, this is why mad science is bad. Not to mention practicing mad science while Derpy is nearby. :facehoof:

Honestly, this was probably my least favorite of the series. It was still funny, and good thing the girls kept it civil (I would have voted for a harem ending), but all the other shipping fics were sweet stories with good characterization, this one was more like random/parody, especially the ending with multiple Sunsets (not to mention Sunset's very "busy" week). I don't care about Sci-Twi that much, but she also felt particularly neglected, but that makes sense with how new she is to the group (even Fluttershy is less timid, in some ways at least).

Its been a memorable Sunset day/week, thank you for so much Sunset all at once. I loved some of the pairings, and just liked some, but glad to see so many Sunset stories at once.

I don't know what I expected, but what I got was definitely even better than I could have expected.

“Alright, I’m going to get you that one!” Pinkie Pie yelled, dragging them towards a booth with some sort of giant, pink, fluffy monstrosity.

And that's basically my reaction to these stories.

“That's the problem.” Celestia sighed, then pulled her phone out of her pocket. She fiddled with it, then showed it to Sunset. “This is her class photo.”
Yellow and red hair, pulled back into a ponytail. Stylish glasses covering a familiar face that Sunset had seen far too much of recently.



I agree, I still liked it, but it was definitely my least favorite. Like the last piece of chocolate that's kinda melty and has too much nuggat. Also, I have personal experience with polyamory failing spectacularly, and while I'm open to the idea of it working out in fantasy/fiction, it kinda poisons whatever fic it's attached to for me.

Plus there's that sad note where Sunset Prime is left with no one (maybe she could consider PonyTwi).

Even still, this week was awesome! Gotta love all the Sunset love! In the meta sense and in the in-fic sense :raritywink:

7594199 She's going to hook up with Shim. This, of course, presents the expected question: is sleeping with yourself incest or masturbation?

i felt a bit sad when sunset was left alone while others and her clones left altho shims seems mmmmmmmmmmm
nice ending to all of it i would call sunset project week a 100% success! great job


Currently processing reactions to story.

Currently processing reactions to story....

Brain go crash.

So first of all there were only three things this ever could have been: Sunset x Everyone, Sunset x Herself, Sunset x Flash Sentry. We've hit two of the three, which makes me wonder if we won't someday return to the last one just to see if that ship can be done without raising a horde of angry evildoers to crush it.

So the catastrophe with the portal? Great. Loved it. The moments Sunset spends with each other character? Loved them. Fluttershy's eeping out of sudden desire for sex? Kind of a fandom cliche but on the other hand I have literally come close to doing that before so it gets a pass. Overall cheesy fun factor? High. Ending?

On the one hand it's actually this great comedy conclusion, almost but not quite on par with Love Twiangles where the resolution comes in the form of perfectly adorable mayhem. On the other hand, this melding of the universes and then playing things out with six new Sunset Shimmers just integrating themselves into reality feels like a joke - which it kind of is - and I think that clashes a bit with what's come before. Part of the appeal of the other Sunset Shimmer Project stories was how they were excellent snapshots of each character in the pairing. It was how SunsetxRarity played out in comparison to SunsetxApplejack that got me invested. Combining all the memories into one was brilliant as a conclusion, and I was ready for the resolution...

...and then we had sudden lonely core Sunset with Shims, which is a cute way to play things out, but I'm not sure worked as a sweet emotional conclusion. I mean, poor Sunset. Yeesh. That's like six simultaneous breakups of lonely feeling. One bad breakup can cause sudden depression. One. Even good ones will literally fuck with your brain if you've been in the relationship long enough.

So... yeah. Cute, funny, absurd throughout, but I'm not sure if I like it nearly as much as the last two entries which were just overall stronger stories. Still, if the worst thing I can say is that you served me a really good lemon meringue pie when I wanted cheesecake, I'm not sure if that's a bad thing.

Standout great jokes: Rarity discussing the harem shoot. Rarity still hiding so far in the closet she has discovered worlds even deeper in than Narnia. I love it. Good show.

All I could think of after the "split" was: if all of those Sunsets were one for that week and shared experiences, does that mean all of them know what sex with all the other girls (barring Twi) is like? And would they end up making mental comparisons with their girl? Both would be...awkward.

Oh my god I was right. :rainbowderp:

oh my god no don't do this

Pinkie Pie grinned from ear to ear as she munched on some sort of fried nightmare of sugar that made gods weep when contrasted against her flawless teeth.

That is one of the most wonderfully Pinkie things I've read in a while.

In any case...

At this point, I suspect the seventh story will carry over directly from the sixth, wherein Sunset and Twilight manage to accidentally reunite the divergent timelines and hilarity ensues. Or something.

Turns out I was actually quite close. Though there is one bit that remains unresolved: If that accident happened to this portal, what about the other one? Is one of the other parts of the Sunset Cycle also seeing a Shimmer surplus?

In any case, this was a most entertaining collection from start to finish. Thank you for a truly incredible experience.

7593948 I actually meant that all 7 of his stories would take up their spots in the Box, bonus points if it was in chronological order, but we didn't achieve it.

Oh, well. Maybe we'll get it with the next marathon project.

This was twisted. In such a gloriously good way.
An interesting way to deal with a poly relationship without having a poly relationship.
Sunset might have died from exhaustion if she had to keep that kind of situation going. Though I think Harmony went to the extreme to fabricate six Sunset's to resolve this. Or did Harmony pull all the Sunsets from there home dimension's.
And that ending, hah that was great.
You should write a sequel, set some time after this. See how there all handling things and how crazy everyday life is with eight Sunsets in town.

To many Sunsets, brain hurts, but still like it. :rainbowkiss:

I was expecting for the other girls to forget their memories while Sunset kept every single one of them.
She would be in love with 6 girls that didn't felt the same way for her.

Well this was a sort of bittersweet ending to the whole week. But on the other hand I totally called this. Back on Tuesday when the Rarity story was posted I was calling that these stories were more connected than we thought but didn't think a whole lot of that until the Pinkie story when she mentioned the dreams. And then I knew this was going to end with something Harem related. Except now OG Sunset doesn't have anybody and now I'm sad.

“Ooh, I know!” Pinkie Pie shouted, raising her hand into the air. “We could always try polyamory!”

Uh...Pinkie, is there something we should know about?:pinkiecrazy:

Rainbow Dash snorted, then burst out laughing. “Now I'm just picturing Sunset as one of those Desert Queens who's so rich and powerful they keep a bunch of hot girls and boys just lying around at their feet.”

“The word you're looking for is a harem,” Twilight said. “The variety you're describing is a largely discredited trope that was once used by the rich and powerful to demonstrate their luxury and to oppress…” Twilight trailed off as she glanced at Sunset. There must have been a rather striking image she was imagining, because she turned a deep crimson and forgot to finish her lecture.

...Don't think about it, don't think about it, don't think about-AGH!:raritycry:

“We’re all just completely screwed, aren’t we?” Sunset groaned.

Pretty much, yeah.

Before either of them could react, there were shifts of movement around them, and the rest of the girls stood up.

Along with five more naked Sunsets.

Twilight looked around the now crowded lab, her face bright red. “I, uh, may have made a miscalculation somewhere.”

Pardon my language, but NO SHIT, SHERLOCK.

Okay, hold on... so Sunset-Prime refers to the adventure with Twilight and still has the spear to show for it. So, does that mean that in each of the seven realities, each version of Sunset and Twilight went to an identical-but-separate reality, but only one pair developed a relationship from it?

DId things play out differently in each version or was it an identical exchange between seven near-identical pairs of realities? Were the queen versions of Twilight and Sunset still an item in each version of medieval world - I'd assume so, since if they hadn't been, things would have played out much differently, but if not, how did they happen to create a near-identical result in each version of the home reality?

I realize I'm probably overthinking this a tad, but still, this kind of reality snarl just opens up a colossal pile of questions.

As for the ending... I kinda have the same feeling others have expressed - it works as a joke, but as a proper concluson to the series, it seems... problematic? I mean, having eight different Sunsets running about would be something of a mess however you slice it, even just in terms of interpersonal dynamics. Would each separate Sunset still want to be a part of the core group of friends - again, I'd assume so, since just because one of them is now a girlfriend doesn't mean she wants to lose touch with the rest of them. But that means that group would have seven dfferent Sunsets at once (eight if we include Sunset's non-pony counterpart). Would only Sunset-Prime remain a part of the main group? It seems rather heartless to the others. And how would the rest of them feel with a bunch of identical copies of their girlfriend showing affection to their other friends?

I'm not saying it couldn't work, but I'm having a hard time imagining it working. Maybe with each one getting their hair dyed and restyled, choosing different clothes, changing their name, etc... (though even that doesn't solve anywhere near all the problems this raises) but, again, I can't really picture it working myself.

So, yeah... I enjoyed most of the story, going to favourite it for all the stuff pre-clusterset and it was certainly an interesting what-if, but I'm not going to be thinking of it as the conclusion to the series. Then again, I don't really think any of them need a conclusion - each one stands on its own. This? This was kinda fun but ultimately unnecessary

I don't get why you have everyone bowing their heads to Sunset as if she is some sort of demi god I have read the story and liked it but I really don't get the cover art at all.

This was great. Sort of horrifying to have 6 identical yous walking around, and definitely friendship straining, but at least Sunset got to come out with a possible something.


No, but that was definitely an odd way to end it.

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