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On her first night in the human world, Twilight discovers she's not alone in the CHS library.

Written for Sunset Shimmer Day, and based on a scene from the Equestria Girls Holiday Special where we see Sunset living in the CHS library.

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Now I wish this was in the movie. This is a great scene.

What do you think I am, a siren? I’m not going to do anything to you in your sleep.

Huh. That's oddly specific.

Anyway, nice scene. The Sunlight shipper inside me wanted them to get a little closer, but I think you cut it off at a pretty reasonable point. And it's always interesting the examine the similarities of Sunset and Twilight.

Although I am kind of curious about one thing: In your eyes, is Sunset or Twilight right about Celestia? Because Sunset does bring up a fairly valid point with how Celestia treated her, although I also think it's pretty fair to assume that her viewpoint is a little warped and clouded by spite.

Good story, though. Really got me thinking, and not just in a 'kicking myself for not knowing that Sunset day was a thing' kind of way.

I truly can imagine that something like this happened as some kind of deleted scenes :rainbowlaugh:


I'll never accepted that throwaway in the comic that Sunset lives in the school.. S-she's just looking for a place to stay when her super fancy apartment that she bought with equestrian bits being remodeled! Y-yeah! T-thats it!

But this story is perfect addition if she really lives there.. Bravo!

Never did read that comic (not a fan of the story), but I liked seeing a Sunset story with her set during EQ1. Redeemed Sunset is much better, but its nice change to see a mean but not demonic evil Sunset. Not to mention one that answers the question of where she lives. I wish a scene like this had been in the first movie, it would have softened Sunset's character a bit, but then again, she was just the antagonist of that movie and nothing more, not until the later movies.

Great fic, it was just hilarious seeing Sunset and Twilight bicker. Not to mention all the worries about Sunset doing something meaner, but she wont' go that far off the deep end until later on.

Awesome! I love mean Sunset!And how did she just guess about the sirens?!

7586352 Don't worry, I typically abide by the head-canon Sunset brought some Equestrian bits with her that transferred into a small fortune :rainbowlaugh: But when I read the comic and this scenario popped into my head, it was just too good to refuse!

7586192 My personal head-canon is when Celestia takes on a student it's because she see's the potential of them becoming Alicorn, and possibly even her successor. So when she started to notice Sunset going to "the dark side", she couldn't have another Nightmare Moon on her hands and stopped the teachings then and there. I do sympathize with her, as now she's lost both her sister and the filly she raised as her daughter, but I can also see why Sunset believes what she does in this story.

7589171 Hmm. :rainbowhuh:

That is an interesting way of thinking about it, one that I don't think I've considered before. Thanks for sharing it; I'll have to ponder it for a little while.

Fave. Like. Comment.
Check. Check. Check.

Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

Now that's entertainment!

I have to agree with Sunset here. Celestia basically has complete, unquestioned power in Equestria and never gets called out on anything she does. Plus, what does she even do as Princess? All we've seen her do is point Twilight at all her problems and be worshipped. There doesn't seem to be any laws in Equestria, nor any form of government, she's never seen giving any advice, and never even defeated any of the villains without help (or at least the Elements), and every single one of them comes back later. She manipulates history, lies, throws away Twilight (who spends half the series scared of Celestia basically doing the same thing to her as she did to Sunset) at the wedding, gets defeated by every villain, is amused by Twilight and her friends' suffering (seriously, most of her early appearances were her laughing at Twilight and her friends panic and destruction of the Gala), and is either manipulating everyone without their knowledge like a tyrant or being grossly incompetent.

To make matters even more clouded, we have Sunset's backstory. The movie only gives us a vague account by Celestia, so we don't know what she did or ever get her side of the story. If we go by the comic, she got jerked around by Celestia (hey, here's a magic mirror that shows you as an Alicorn. I'll stop you from seeing the next image, then taunt you by withholding knowledge about what you saw instead of helping you with your social problems, then throw you out for taking initiative and learning about it and the secrets I was taunting you with yourself for breaking into the restricted part of the library, which Twilight did with the intent to stop time, and Starlight did with the intent to destroy Twilight's past which would destroy Equestria for petty revenge, but never got punished. Then I'll abandon you in another world and wipe you from history) for acting like a mix of Twilight and Rainbow Dash at the start of the show.

I'd love to see a sequel to this fic where post redemption Sunset still holds the same opinion of Celestia (maybe even have it worsen after learning human history) and discuss it with Twilight. Oh, and have Their friends learn that Sunset was living in the library the entire time. This one was great and has amazing follow up potential.

Personally, I detest the implications that Sunset was living in the school library all this time. That's not a jab at you, it's just that realistically she would have either gotten herself registered as an emancipated minor, wormed her way into a well off and conveniently located foster family, or at the very least lived in a homeless shelter.

That aside, this was a very well thought out fic. You almost perfectly captured villainous Sunset Shimmer's personality; I can easily see her misinterpreting Luna's/Nightmare Moon's banishment in this manner.

"Twilight Sparkle I know how to hide a body."

Probably what happened to the human Sunset Shimmer... :trixieshiftright:

This scene is EXACTLY what the first movie needed.

This story is thought-provoking indeed. It gives a good glimpse into Sunset's state of mind. Personally, I've never really been a fan of the Equestria Girls series, as I've felt they have fairly lousy characters and cheesy, formulaic plot lines. IMHO, A few scenes like this would most certainly be enough to redeem the series, and make me want to re-watch them multiple times.

PS: On a slightly less positive note, how the hey did Spike manage to sleep through all of this. It's a known fact that dogs have better hearing than humans, so unless he borrowed some knock-out pills from Bugs Bunny, he surely must have heard Twilight and Sunset talking. He must have been woken up at some point in the story.

7606353 Perhaps human Sunset got upset at her school principle and ran away. Maybe she stumbled into the mirror, became a pony, and said "screw my old life, I'm totally going to live in this cool pony place!"

Or maybe this Sunset is the human Sunset, and it's the Equestrian Sunset whose body was... "hidden". This whole crown incident was all part of the master plan! Soon, after she has everyone's trust, she will begin her next phase, in which she'll use brain-washing ice cream (you though you were getting brain freeze because "it's cold", didn't you?), to prepare her infiltration of the world's governments, and then... blablabla... something something evil... something something Illuminati... something something Agent Smith... It's the perfect plan. All she needs is for Fire Lord Ozai to do his part, and in no time at all, Middle Earth will fall.

Corrections offered without malice.

this worlds star constellations


was lay in on

was lying on

the girls eyes snaked


began trying process what had just happened. She looked to Spikes sleeping form.

began trying to process what had just happened. She looked to Spike's sleeping form.

might as well have been lay on the floor.

been lying

from Sunsets side.






You’re a fool Twilight Sparkle


"Hey Sunset could you get me a glass of water?"

“Hey, Sunset,

"Twilight Sparkle I know how to hide a body."


Wouldn't it be funny if there was a sequel based around the line "Why does my book smell funny?"
...assuming one of the girls had gas.

Hmm... an interesting little tale, hehehe, very entertaining.

Nicely done man.

I just thought of an idea from this...

What if ,in Equestria Girls, in a moment when Twilight and Sunset were alone for Sunset to drop threats again....what if Twilight had the forethought to ask Sunset WHY she did it, why she ran away? And after hearing how things for sunset went, she points out Celestia COULDNT grant Alicorn-hood to Sunset, it was more than just power or magical knowledge, but also a moment of great Self Discovery...something she couldn't have ever done if she hadn't made friends, because self discovery is achieved through interaction with others.

Basically...Sunset having the truth bomb dropped on her,and realizing 'ah crud'. Can you imagine the reaction the meaner sunset would have upon realizing the reason Celestia denied her 'what she deserved' was simply because sunset's own ego was what was limiting her? :eeyup: The idea is a alternate way Equestria Girls could have went if Sunset simply had the truth dropped infront of her face. With it only getting a bit worse when Sunset has time to stop and think of how she's acted since the moment she ran.(lets face it, she did some BAD things...)

Nice story.

There's one problem though: Twilight wasn't the Princess of Friendship back then. She only got that title at the end of season 4.

I thought it was implied when she became an Alicorn that she just was the Princess of Friendship
I mean when she did i thought
'...Oooooooh she became a princess of friendship. Thats what all this 'Studies of Friendship' was about


Well... the show disagrees.

From the season 4 finale:
Celestia: "You are now Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship!"

From Rainbow Rocks:
Rarity: "Perhaps you could give us just the slightest bit of gossip from your world?"
Spike: "She's got an official title now! *fanfare noises* The Princess of Friendship!"

Both of those make it pretty clear that that is a new title and not something she had ever since she became a princess.

True, none of those involved physical fights

She clobbered at least one changeling with her bare hooves back in Equestria.

At any rate, that was a pretty great story! The first movie could have used a scene like this.

OH MY GOD YOU GET IT. I thought I was the only one that realized Twilight ascended to alicornhood, Celestia didn't give it to her.

Equestria is a peaceful, prosperous society. Clearly, Celestia is doing something right. Sunset's a brat that needs to be smacked alongside the head. The desire for power over others is NEVER a good thing.

Sunset's character doesn't discredit her argument. Besides, with how much power destiny holds in the show, and the only internal threat to Equestria since its founding being Nightmare Moon, does Celestia even have to do anything for Equestria to be prosperous? Season 7 didn't help her case at all, between her holding onto Twilight until the last second because she didn't want to let go (and hinted at her arranging the friendships) and showing no respect for Luna.

"Celestia and the Tax Reform" doesn't sound like a very interesting episode does it?

Who said anything about an episode? All we need is a few comments like "Celestia's in a meeting about trade", "Celestia is leading the repairs of blank", or "Sorry, I was busy settling a dispute between two cities". Celestia is apparently busy all the time, slipping in a few details here and there would be easy. Heck, they have done it once in Magic Duel. Or maybe have comments about the past where Celestia made some kind of change like they've done with other ponies like Starswirl. Something like "After Celestia allowed Griffons to...", "They were having trouble getting ponies to settle until Celestia...", or "because of that, Celestia had to...". Pretty much every piece of history we've gotten that isn't about a returning foe didn't involve Celestia.

Everything's perfect except for the fact that Twilight isn't the Princess of Friendship at this point. :twilightsmile:

I agree, sequel would be much appreciated. :pinkiehappy:

Sequel please.

Ah, what could have been. And don't underestimate that girl, Sunset. She's the one who thought of smothering you in your sleep first.

Twilight became the Princess of Friendship when she got her castle, not when she became a princess. Rainbow Rocks takes place just after the season 4 finale.

Yes...? That's what I said.

10324903 you said she got her title when she became a Princess, and that she was the Princess of Friendship in EQG

No, that is the exact opposite of what I said. I'm not sure which comments you've been reading, but it wasn't mine.

Why wasn't this a scene in the movie?

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