Equestria Girls: Friendship Through the Ages aims to collect and sort Equestria Girls fics based on their place within the timeline.

The rules are simple:

Place stories into ONE folder according to the era in which they are set, or the era in which they branch off from the canon timeline. You can find guidelines or ask questions in this thread if you're unsure.

Search for and use existing forum threads before giving into the temptation to start a new one. If your topic is sufficiently different to warrant a new thread, give it a proper title so that people can find and utilize it in the future.

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I have a story that could fit here. Problems are, one that it diverges BIG time at the time when Sunset fled through the Mirror, and Rainbow Rocks has been moved forward in time.

Should I add it, and then someone can tell me which folder it goes in?

It's not even the main focus of the story, but it does play a big role in it.


hello, please read my stories It took a long tome for me to write them

Due to a site bug you have to add the first story to a folder from the story page rather than the group page. After that the add story button will be available from the group page.

I want to put some stories in the comic folder please!

I just joined this group but this said that I joined 6 days ago.

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