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It all started with a simple question. "Can the portal go to other places besides Equestria?

The answer turned out to be "No, but we might be able to make one that can."

When their research is complete, Sunset and Twilight are pulled into an adventure in another world, where they meet even more doppelgängers of themselves. But their alternate counterparts may reveal some things about themselves they never knew.

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Before I read your story

What's the Gore for ?

7590981 PG-13 level fantasy violence.

This Sunset Shipping project is just the gift that keeps on giving :twilightsmile:

7590987 :rainbowhuh: What, they jest get hurt ?

You need to write more actiony adventure stuff. Those bits with Sunset being a badass were so ridiculously amazing I forgot I was reading a love story. Not that Sunset and Twilight weren't adorable together, of course.

I think I liked the Rarity one a little more from a romance perspective, but this one was just so entertaining from start to finish that it's my overall favorite so far. :pinkiehappy:

Fantastic job, would love to see more like it.

I don't know why, but I cried a bit reading this. Maybe it was the onions from downstairs? Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and the other ‘Sunset Shipping’ stories this week. However, I can't help but wonder who the last victim of Sunset's charisma will be?

Starlight Glimmer? Pony Twilight? Or even Maud Pie?

One of these days, you and The Albinocorn need to sit down together and write a collaborative multi-chapter Sunlight Romance Adventure story. And then we can shut down Fimfiction, because there will be nothing that will ever top that.

Cute story, but Wagner is not a classical composer, Sunset, what are you thinking!

Big epic fights. People die but no blood and guts.

Well, remember, she probably learned about human music from one of the five. Maybe Rarity could tell Baroque from Romantic, but even that's doubtful.

After five days of delicious romantic comedy and/or confessional relationship fic I don't think I was expecting hardcore fantasy world-hopping cheese and ham adventure but you know, I think I'm completely okay that this is what I got.



Everything in here is just fun. I keep trying to pick something apart - how does Sunset know how to use a spear? Because it's fun. Is this actually Berserk? That makes it more fun. [iDid that last demon pull a Star Platinum]?

Oh god I'm going to start fanning myself!

This is pretty much the ship story where the "ship" ended up being just total background noise but the high adventure and exciting conflicts were more the point. Also out of all the stories, this is the one I'd like to return to most someday down the road just because there's so much else you can do with a pair of world-hopping magical geniuses who are crazy about each other. And hey, I like Flash Sentry now! I knew the kid had it in him.

(Oh hey did we just get a forecast of tomorrow)

For serious though, it's hard to write a love story with a third wheel and Flash sidesteps that neatly just by being really cool. Also would not object to seeing more of.

Also that Golden WIsh cameo was there just to freak me out wasn't it.

Final verdict: All of my yes out of ten. Universe worth someday returning to for funsies.


I agree, this was very action packed. Maybe a little long for a one shot, but hey it's your story. I would personally love to see a set of stories involving this universe.

Loved this Story!

This Flash is well done...

Keep up the great work.

7591109 Neither is Wagner baroque, darling :raritywink:

Wow, this one was much longer than the rest, and way more adventurous. Though I find Sci-Twi a bit annoying with how she rushed off into the unknown, but then that's part of what makes this relationship interesting, with Sunset as the sensible one, and Sci-Twi as the, well, mad scientist. I liked the other Flash, very sensible and loyal and a good guide for them. Fun adventure story, too bad just one more Sunset shipping story to go, thanks for the great week!

I would like to see a continuation of this, maybe have the queens visit Canterlot High and hilarity ensures.

Seriously loved this although I am disappointed that we did not get to see more of Queen Sunset and Queen Twilight. Would have been awesome to see what their reactions were to seeing other versions of themselves. Kinda sad that was skipped over, oh well, still an awesome story.
Have a like and a favorite.
1 more story to go for the week of Sunset Shipping, time to see if any of our theories are correct.

ADVENTURE FANTASY! :rainbowdetermined2::pinkiehappy:

I'll be back with a proper comment later, once I find time to properly sift through 16k words (for pony's sake Oroboro, some of us have lives! We can't spend all our time reading your horsewords no matter how much we want to! :raritydespair:)

I know. He's a Romantic. I didn't say he was Baroque. Didn't actually say he was anything.

7591307 I was just fooling, have been since the start. Hence the wink at your post and the over-the-top italics and exclamation mark in mine.

And here goes the SunLight one. But urgh, 16k word really. I can take it on multi chapter story, but over 10k one shot are a mouthful to take.

Anyway, this was adventurous. Started all science fiction, middle with a Romeo and Juliet kind of scenario, to end up in an epic DnD tale.

So tomorrow is the last one. Are gonna have the harem story that most of believe in or are you gonna surprise us.

Also too bad the first stories didn't stay in the feature box. It would have been an amazing feat if you had all your seven story in it.

Just my taste, but it is a little frustrating to be dropped into the climax of someone else's story- I wonder how the heck the Queens were apparently taken off guard like that. But all that's just window dressing after all- the important thing is that, once again, the Twilight and Sunset we know, and their bond, are just about perfectly characterized. Heck, it was easy enough to recognize Flash within the grizzled soldier he became.

Now to savor the wait for the finale....

I hope the next one is human world Sunset. :rainbowkiss:

I didn't recognize the significance of the chapter name until the comments, but I was definitely thinking of Chrono Trigger by the time they stepped into the Chapel. Sunset and Twilight even match up with Marle and Lucca fairly cleanly, with Flash standing in for Frog. Good stuff.

I love that this story in addition to being good romance was a giant omage to a part from Chrono Trigger.

As Mugen already pointed out, this seems to be heavily inspired by Chrono Trigger. And I love it.

My song of choice would have been this:

That was a really good story! After many days of sappy romance i enjoyed a nice action packed thriller romance to break up the monotony. I agree with a previous poster though, you should definitely write more action, your combat scenes flowed so well it was a joy to read. :rainbowdetermined2: Let the SunLight continue to shine!

Twilight flicked a switch, and some sort of bombastic classical music began to play as the rover inched its way forward. Sunset was positive she'd heard it in a movie before.

Sorry; I had to go there. I mean c'mon, with that setup? They even have a MALP! :derpytongue2:

An odd scent tickled her nose, a bit like sulphur.

:sigh: Goddamn demons. I'll call Sam and Dean. :ajsleepy:

***Three seconds later***

Oh, shit! It WAS demons! :pinkiegasp:

I broke my leg during a hiking accident as a kid once.

Well that's a crapton better than the OTHER hiking trip you took as a kid... :twilightoops:

Great story; feels rushed here and there, but then again that was exactly the point Sunset kept making to Twilight (a little bit of in-character lampshading never hurt anypony). Really enjoyed seeing Flash get a better treatment than he does in most cases, even it was an alternate version of him.

Also, I agree with Sunset; I was holding out hope for Sombra or Nightmare Moon or sumthin', :duck:


At first I was like:

"Yaaaaaay, more Sci-Twi x Sunset, instant fav"

Saw that Flash is in the story

"No favs for you"

Read the fimfic, and I was like:

"Damn, this deserves the fav x3"

More like this pleaaaaase Q_Q

Wasn't expecting this for a SunLight story........

Ok, I was expecting science, but more like a science fair........

Good story.

7591064 Two words for you; Past Sins.

Sunset blinked. “Did you just shoot me?”
“Um…” Twilight coughed and looked away. “It was set to stun.”

starwars rebels referrence? :trollestia:

7593181 Star Trek actually


“There's some sort of script around the edge of the portal. It kind of looks like elvish.”

Three Rings for the Elven-kings under the sky,
Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone,
Nine for Mortal Men doomed to die,
One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne.
One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

'ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul'

I gotta say, I really liked how you did Flash here, and I'm gratified that so many commenters seem to like it too. There's so much hate out there for Flash, so I always like stories that give him an actual personality and background and make him a genuinely real character (good or bad). Granted this is technically a different Flash, but the point still stands.

I'm not the only one that got Chrono Trigger thoughts when reading this, right?

goddamnit oro sci-twi sunlight is my one true weakness i might actually be compelled to get off my lazy ass and read your bullshit now god i hate you so much why brb dragging skirts into this

also this story is total skirtsbait

also your avatar is cute and it makes me angry

Also, I should start properly constructing my sentences.

“I assure you,” her gaze flickered towards the insignia of rank on his shoulder, “Commander, right now she is as harmless as a kitten.”

I'm enjoying this story, but how the crap can Sunset read the rank insignias of another universe?

In any case, this was a lot of fun, a great penultimate entry into the series, and a most unexpected dip into adventure. That last fight was fantastic, especially Twilight's involvement. Thank you for this. On to the final installment!


This was such a fun story. Is it wrong that I wouldn't mind seeing more of this parallel world and its people?

“This is it.” Twilight took a deep breath. “All I have to do is pull this lever, and our machine should punch a hole through spacetime itself and lock in a way to travel to a completely new reality. What's the worst thing that could happen?”

“It fails catastrophically and kills us both in a fiery explosion, or worse, destroys the whole city, or maybe even the planet.”

Really Sunset, I never figured you for lacking in imagination. You're messing about with inter-planar portals! The worst that could happen is that you accidentally delete the entire multiverse.

“And the other Sunset is somewhere in that direction.


The blow stopped it’s momentum completely, and it hung there limply on the shaft of metal, twitching.

Magic, at it’s most basic, was energy.


“Huh?” Oh, right, sorry. Yeah, I’m pretty sure I can—”


Excellent read. Badass commander friend Flash Sentry is improved Flash Sentry. Queens Sunset and Twilight sexting now there's a thought. Spike is still a dragon that is good.

Songs listened to while reading:
Wind Scene
Manoria Cathedral
Silent Light
Boss Battle 2

All Chrono Trigger. Because of the title.

just a nice beach and some warm weather. The perfect vacation spot,

I swear! That's a Soyro 2 reference. Or at least that's what came to my head when I read that. XD

My heart still quickens at the memory of the night we spent together under that waterfall.

I always love it when I catch references to other stories the author has written. Makes me feel well versed in the fimfiction classics. :moustache:

Nice story, all around. You should take Sunset on more adventures.

Some corrections, no malice:

inspect the Archimedes

delete 'the'

at it’s most basic,


Wel. That was a bit strong in the 'homage' department. Starring
Sunset as Crono/Marle, Twilight as Lucca/Marle, Flash as Frog, and the Chancellor as the Chancellor/Magus.
Sunset is a fighter…and resembles the queen, but younger, and is to be trotted out as a body double to fix the problems of the queen vanishing…and also Has No Problem With This.. Twilight has a gun and is nerdy and purple-haired. Flash does an Epic Cleave through a demon. The queens've been abducted to a cathedral quite close to a castle in a forest…except, more precisely, to hidden passages underneath it. There are demons posing as nuns.

Okay, this one's my favorite.

...like that surprises anyone that the one with Twi and Sunny is my favorite. :pinkiehappy:

Seriously, great short glimpse into a fun fantasy world. I'd love to see more of this particular universe.

Just like Sunset had seen months prior at the Friendship Games, all the available magic in the area was pulled into the dark vortex that was the result of the insane genius of Twilight Sparkle.

I love this line.

Okay, didn't get a chance to get to the other fics, so pick up with the big one. Sci-Twi and Sunset go on an epic journey.

“Are you ready?”

Well I know this is for the whole portal test, but I'm going to pretend for a second it's Sunset asking if Sci-Twi is ready to go for a 'pony ride'.

All that's left is to actually try.

"I mean, if all the other girls ended up being lesbians, only fair to find out if I am too."

-7x, 23y, 40z, -19h.

Now to work out if that is some obscure reference to anything.

was completely proprietary

important to get those patents filed quickly. To bad I'm sure there is some Patent Troll out there sitting on "A means to cross dimensions" as some patent filed like ten years ago on the back of napkin who will sue you the moment you make any profit from this.

Further investigation determined that the answer was: no, but we might be able to build one that can.

Well that was exposited out of the way quickly. Still it's meant as a one shot little story about these two hooking uip, not some massive epic about their adventures. Still this would make one hell of a set up for such.... Though how did they do it without magic?

and our machine should punch a hole through spacetime itself

Yes.... that does not sound the least bit dangerous.

What's the worst thing that could happen?

:facehoof: Damnit Sci-Twi you are supposed to be smart!

“It fails catastrophically and kills us both in a fiery explosion, or worse, destroys the whole city, or maybe even the planet.”

Exactly. Granted WORST case is you cause a fracture in the underlying fabric of the multiverse itself causing ALL realities to crumble.

“That's not very reassuring, Sunset.”

'Well you asked."

It was plain to anyone with a functioning pair of eyes that Twilight had a massive crush on her. It was cute,

Ah and going with it right out in the open for a change. I do like how each of these has a different take on ways a relationship starts out. AJ, both coming to better understand and grow close to each other as they spend a lot of time alone together. Rarity, the other mare slowly developing feelings for Sunset over time that Sunset doesn't return, so much as agree to see if they can get work. RD, both bonding over competitiveness till they reach the point of either fighting or fucking, and choose fucking, Pinkie, Pinkie having a hidden crush on Sunset, Fluttershy, Sunset being the one with the hidden crush, and now Twi with an outright crush.

If Sunset took the initiative, it would be far too easy to lead the besotted young scientist into something she wasn't really ready for.

Trying to to take advantage of the newbie, quite the Gentlemare Sunset. Good on you.

Though teasing her a bit here and there was still devilishly fun.

:pinkiecrazy: Yes yes it is.

Though teasing her a bit here and there was still devilishly fun.

And in another story, this being SO blatant a handwave plot device would be a much bigger issue. But given this relly is just all a straight up excuse to get to the main plot and not the real focus... it gets some leeway.

It rippled, and the pen vanished. “Signs point to yes.”

Or a disintegration field...

Come on, let's see what's on the other side!

:pinkiegasp:.. Please tell me she is not stupid enough to just rush through.....

where she started booting up a little robot

Oh thank Faust....

was Archimedes the rat,

Goddess speed young rodent! You shall forever be remembered for your heroism!

I really hope you make it through in one piece.

If not...... can we at least get a cameo from Death of Rats fro Discworld? SQUEAK!

Fluttershy would almost certainly murder the both of them if anything happened.

The not often talked about hazards of this kind of thing... and yes definitely the more pressing worry.

Or at the very least she’d cry a lot and give them a stern lecture.

Which might actually be worse, still nice bit of not taking a joke to far:twilightsmile:

Sunset was positive she'd heard it in a movie before.

Twilight.... you are SUCH a nerd. So, which one? "The Right Stuff" theme? "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" maybe?

“Wagner is always appropriate.”

Ah right "Bombastic classical" yup, Wagner would have been my third choice. "(Don't) Kill da wa-at! (Don't) Kill da wa-at!"

then come back through.

Didn't hook up a wi-fi link to it to transmit back through in real time? Even just tape a cell phone to it on live record?

I won't be able to send it a signal across dimensional barriers.

So not going by Stargate physics, also, how do you know this? it's an open portal, the photons of the EM signal should be able to pass through.... Or, does it require a certain amount of mass to breach the surface tension of the portal? Why not a hardline then?

Like your diary

Exactly, and that works even when the portal is closed.

the portal didn't open up over a chasm of magma or at the bottom of the ocean

Or both, and in a smaller world where the little rover is a massive mechanical monstrosity that destroys a city, leading to the populace bio-engineering massive Kaiju to fend off further attacks.

and more importantly, one that’s human-compatible

.... how... I mean I know the how really does not matter here, but the more the story talks about it and brings it up, the more it raises questions that I kind of want answered, rather then just sweeping it all under the "Science" banner and getting on with things.

or elves

........... If you see any standing circles of stone, and Elves... get the fuck out of there and destroy that portal.......

“And the rest of the girls, of course.”

Nice troll, and yeah, that would be fun. Hell you could make a small fortune off that.

“I've been on enough adventures for a lifetime, Twi,”

yeah, Sunset's actually LIVED one of those already.

“Trust me, they're overrated.”

1. either added " here, or earlier if the as Celestia student part was meant to be internal.....
2. "Long periods of boredom punctuated by brief moment of utter terror."

looking no worse for wear.

Until tonight when the Xenomorph inside breaks free and begins infesting the school.....

No nonstandard pathogens detected in the air or the soil.

Assuming that you have equipment that could detect them if they are radially different the on Earth.. or weren't altered to be like Earth ones in route.

“There's some sort of script around the edge of the portal. It kind of looks like elvish.”

One, is it like, actually around the portal as in forming it.. or just, kind of written all over the rock?

Why don't we just go check it out real quick?

:facehoof: Whelp your own fault when you get a face full of alien wing-wong later.

It was a stupid move on both of our parts

Also, and looked how THAT turned out.....

they eventually hardened into a steely expression full of determination.

Twilight, this is SUNSET, the absolute master of "Did not think this through" and making idiotic decisions when it comes to other worlds... telling you something is a bad idea... listen to her.

Sunset stared at the portal in stunned silence for a few moments.

:facehoof: Now would be a good time to channel some Littlepip.....

then sent a quick text to the rest of the girls informing them of the situation.

"Going to other world wit Twi b/c she did an RD. If not back in hour, send Prin-Twi to save us. KTHXBAI"

She'd be coming out as a regular human.

To bad... Sunset Griffon would be awesome

Celestia but she hoped there wasn't a time differential.

Well, if there is, as seems to be the case between EQG and Equestria, at least it seems to be stabilized and time pass the same while the portal is open.

But this is my experiment anyway, I can use the portal if I want.

"This is my experiment, I can use the giant death ray of doom if I want!"

“It won't,” Twilight said immediately. “Because we designed it better than that

Twilight... you are ostensibly a smart girl..... HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF TAUNTING MURPHY!

I don't remember you being this paranoid when we went backpacking with the girls.

:pinkiegasp:... is she REALLY this naive? The two are nothing the fuck alike Twilight! There you KNEW about risks and knew what to expect, here... for all you know this is some TOS "This Way to Eden" type planet where all the plant life excrete a deadly acid.

will you come save me?

Now I'm torn, on the one hoof, you are assuming it's something Sunset can deal with, when she just mentions some really really bad thing. On the other hoof.... watching Sunset take down a bear would be awesome....

Apparently Twilight felt differently.

I get that.... but she's acting like a freaking idiot about it. Her being excited is perfectly understandable..... seeming suicidal.. not so much.

she would have preferred a quality knife,

Why am I not the least bit surprised Sunset's first reaction to potential threat is "I'll cut ya! I'll cut ya bitch!"

though she'd never wielded the latter without telekinesis.

... Now I want the story of that.. was it just practice or.. did she get up to some really fun adventures?

How can you not be more excited about this, Sunset?

Because apparently ponies have this thing called a self preservation instinct that you seem to be lacking.

“Because the last time I did that, the new world kind of sucked.

:rainbowlaugh: Also.... buuuuuurrrrnnnnn!

I just want to have an adventure with you, Sunset.

:pinkiegasp: oh......... OHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! This... this does make sense now. She likes Sunset, but the others are so much closer, they've shared so much, Twi is hoping to have some alone time with Sunset, and to go on a grand, epic adventure that helps them bond......
Twilight.. be careful what you wish for......

I just want you to be smarter about it, that's all. If we have to defend ourselves, all I've got is a stick.

Same, nice idea, stupid execution. Also, that, plus max ranks in intimidate and your +2 brass balls.

It looked like a modified version of a child's toy ray gun,

....... Did Sci-Twi invent a freaking laser weapon?

so we’ll be able to find our way back to the portal no matter what.”

She built a magical ray gun? That is at once both so ludicrous, and so awesome.

“Can't you feel it? This world is teeming with magic.”

She did kind of say that before you even crossed over.

“But don't mistake having a weapon for the same thing as knowing how to fight.

Do you even have weapon proficiency with that thing?

So this was an equestrian world after all.

Or, you know, they simply have horses they ride like EQGverse....

Believing in the magic of friendship meant extending that good faith towards the unknown as well.

Ehhhh... I.. can't really argue with that.. but it still seems like a bad idea....


It's been years since she's had a proper rutting......

That's usually a product of modern fantasy. It's incredibly expensive and difficult to maintain

Twilight.... nitpicking apart the details is supposed to be MY job.....


:facehoof: Well fuck.. let's hope he's wearing a red shirt under that armor......

he looked older, more grizzled, and had a small scar on his chin.

So... he's played by Harrison Ford in this one?

Queen Sunset.

:pinkiegasp: Well..... at least you not the evil sorceress who tried to take over the land and has a 'behead on site' decree out on them. Granted, what's the penalty for impersonating royalty here?

Well shit.

.... well said. But again, this really is a good time to go full Littlepip so.... "Oh Luna rape me with the Moon..."

“It's the Witch of the West!”

......... wait...Twi........:rainbowlaugh: okay THAT is hilarious...

Her friend.

Time to tap into that magical field?

There was a bright flash of light, a howl of pain,

Magical bitch slap on the Flash.... AWESOME. Secondly... yeah do not fuck with her friends....

“I did not command you to attack.”

And yeah, I can totally see Sunset stepping right in to fake it and figuring things out rapidly, she is smart like that and really good at adapting.

letting perhaps a little too much contempt for her ex seep into the expression.

Sunset.... this is Flash, there is no such thing as 'to much contempt' for him.

She is now my prisoner,

Ohhh, nice turn around. So...... this world's Sunset actually get captured by Evil-Twi?

her gaze flickered towards the insignia of rank on his shoulder, “Commander,

....... How does she know what ranks mean here?

“Just play along, okay?”

'I have this dungeon fantasy scene all laid out in my head, trust me it will be so damn hot."

Maybe this world’s Sunset was kind and just, not arrogant and haughty.

Sunset.... it's YOU, only actually being royalty..... we all know that ain't happening.

With their muddy clothes it seemed like a travesty to get inside,

Well, one easy solution to that issue......

That's just how combat is, Twi.

How often has she actually been in combat?

I'm just lucky to have been in a few scraps when I was younger.

Well, true all the fights she likely got in.. mostly of her own making.

if there was anything she'd retained from Princess Celestia’s tutelage, how to react to danger and respond in a crisis was at the top of the list.

....... And yeah.. can't deny this seems to be big case with her pupils. Still... better off then someone under Xavier's tutelage as far as constant threats go.

Besides Flash, that is.

So is that a "because it's to late for that." or a "I'd be fine hurting him more"? I'm all for the latter.

but the way Twilight’s hands shook as she wrote told Sunset that this was more of a way to hold onto something familiar.

And that makes sense, give her something she can make sense of to deal with.

Twilight snorted, and her eyes fluttered open. A tendril of drool hung from her chin.

Kinf od d'awwww. So, Magic just that hard to do here, or is it a case of Sunset just not knowing how to do it easier? Trying to force it to behave like the Equestrian magic she's used to?

These trousers come from the House of Levi. I assure, you, they’re quite well made.

:facehoof: yet at the same time :pinkiesmile:


....... This Sunset was running away from something, wasn't she?

Just so there's no miscommunication, this girl here is to be cleaned up, then immediately brought to me when you're done, alright?

........ Wording choice Sunset.... wording choice......... you really might want to think over what you just said....

This recent round of recruits is a rather timid lot,

Well, seems this lands Sunset is a bit of a hard assed bitch..... gee who'd have thought?

If she had desired attention of a more lustful nature, she was sure she could have had it as well

And you didn't? A once in a lifetime chance to truly be treated like a queen..... Well at least you are enjoying the pampering. Now to see what clothing, or lack there of, they leave you freshly cleaned new playing in your room in. :derpytongue2:

Sunset would have killed to see the look on her face.

Given ti's Sci Twi, likely something more along the lines of :twilightoops:

and strangely enough, it looked right on her.

Sunset...... you've been down this road before......

This was someone else's life, someone else's room.

Okay, good on you for being able to not let it go to your head.

she found a bust wearing a chain vest of a silvery metal, and a short, bladed spear hanging on a rack behind it.

Battle Queen... nice.

. Staff training was a basic part of the unicorn curriculum under Celestia's tutelage,

:rainbowhuh: Ummm, okay then.... did not see that coming but.. okay.

And by definition she couldn’t violate her own privacy, right?

Oh, most certainly..... Just remember that if another version of you shows up and starts rifling through your stuff.

Your lonely lover,

Sunset Shimmer

Well then.... I kind of saw that coming. Still... keep reading, maybe there are details! And, so Sunset want's to hook up with Sci-Twi, she's not allowed to, and.. upcoming arranged political marriage? So this Sunset ran away to have hot, magical lesbian sex with Witch-Twi instead?

At some points the messages even devolved into full blown erotica.

And you aren't sharing///unset.. for shame.

Still, go go medieval magical phone sex :pinkiehappy:

She wondered what Twilight would make of it all.

Blush, squeak, tremble, ad try to change the subject?

Flash sighed. “I was afraid you'd say that.”

He really doesn't have a sister, and this Sunset would rip his lips off for being so direct, right?

How the fuck is Flash... competent?

Food and drink crashed to the floor in a tumultuous clatter.

... what a waste.....

Sunset reared back and kicked him hard in the stomach.

Always great to see practicality in a fighter

it would certainly leave the poor guy dead.

As much as I hate saying this... yeah.. this Flash doesn't really deserve that... nor does the other one.. just.. roughed up a bit.

“That's the stupidest lie I've ever heard.”

Come on, it really is stupid, and who the hell would use THAT stupid a lie if it wasn't true?

I could come up with something way better in my sleep

..... holy shit actually going that way.....

“It is not my place.”

"Trust me, you'll love it.. especially page 69, damn I kind of want to try that with my Twilight now...."

“The uh, jury’s still out on that one, but—”

"If she is even half as kinky as this Twilight......... I am so getting me a piece of that."

“I overheard his guards talking about a coup to overthrow the queen.”

That they just conveniently started talking about right in front of you.......

and is exactly what me and my men are trying to prevent.

Okay, that makes more sense... Nobles trying to take over?

Her face fell and her shoulders sagged.

It's okay Twilight.. not being allowed to shot Flash would bum a lot of people out.

A short time later, a brutal terrorist attack was carried out by Twilit infiltrators.

Suuuuuuurrrreeeeeee........ I bet they were all wrapped in Twilitia flags and screaming their love of their stereotypical native delicacy while also humming their national anthem while they did it....

But, well, it seems like that plan is shot

Why? just have Sunset pretend to be the Queen.

This is something the real Queen Sunset should handle.

Well you got a few hours and you are a quick study, have Flash give you enough of a crash course that you can fake it well enough to buy some time to find the real Queen.

Was there some sort of deeper meaning behind that, some sort of destiny to it?

Given there is at least one AU where you end up banging everyone. Not really.

Sunset, what are we doing?

Having an adventure!

Sunset, what are we doing?

And now you get hat AND a chance to ogle Sunset in her underwear. Lucky you.

and probably bustier.


Oh sorry kind of got lost i thought for a moment.....

And if something happened to you while I sat and cowered, I'd never forgive myself.

That's it Twilight, true courage is not never being afraid, it's being afraid, but doing what you have to anyway.

Sunset waited patiently, one hand on her hip.

Sunset.. you are on a time table, just kiss her, slip a hand down her pants and tell her you know she wants to ride you hard.

When Sunset pulled back,

That was rather sweet, and still in the 'Sunset takes relationships rather lightly and is more then open to just seeing where things go, without being deeply in love" angle.

Sunset would have watched that movie.

Sci-Twi not so good at riding? Or, just in general both of you suck?

, but I guess now really isn’t the time, huh?

Ya think!?

Have you seen Queen Sunset Shimmer

"And I'm not talking about the person behind me....."

“I’m just her body double,” Sunset said

Huh.... fair enough excuse.. smart move.

a bit like sulphur.

That is never a good sign.......

“Golden Wish, good sir,” she said with a bow.

:facehoof: You really, REALLY had to do that, didn't you?

“My brother certainly likes to flatter.”

Well, if a trick works.... seriously, how many people fall for that?

Flash drew his sword and rammed it into the woman’s stomach.

Okay.. that seems a tad extreme.. then again it IS Golden Wish, and that whole sulfur smell so... literal Demons then I take it?

“I knew what you said was off, but being vague tends to be the safest bet when you’re running a con. Good trick.”

Yeah better response would have been "I don't have a brother, you must be mistaken me for someone else." Or in Sunset's case just a "Your sister?" In a way that could be a "What are you talking about."

but they got caught up on each other in the narrow doorway.

... I'm going to blame Flash for that one, because, well, it's Flash Sentry.

it could change everything our world knows about medicine!

You know it wont be that easy....

“We doing this or what?”

Awww yeah, time to kick some ass!

nd a wave of hot wind nearly knocked her to the ground.

Harry Dresden would be proud.:rainbowdetermined2:

“Did you just shoot me?”

Yes, yes she did.... and who wants to lay odds she closed her eyes before she did so?

“It was set to stun.”

... How the hells did you give that thing a stun setting?

As if on cue,

So, this worlds Twilight actually evil.... or these Demons just here to keep their honeymoon a secret? Or going after both of this worlds Sunlight pair?

Then she channeled her energy into heat, turning the pile of scrap into a raging inferno

And now.. Dresden would be impressed. Nice job.

and then you’ve either won or they’d run away.

But.... they were Diamond Dogs......... not exactly the same threat level here....

Do I need any more of a reason than that?/quote]

“I wonder how the other girls would deal with this,”

AJ and RD, just bust it down. Fluttershy, knock and ask really nicely. Rarity, get one of the demons ot open it for her, Pinkie....... you don't want to know.

And Pinkie would be Pinkie.

Oh you meant in general, not just this door. Still, close enough. Though you are missing the part where something hurts the rest of the party and Fluttershy goes full Flutterrage on them.:flutterrage:

“Wasn't expecting to turn to hard drugs so soon.”

Funny.. but yeah see the point and, also yeah those tend to really not be so good long term....

I don't know what we'll be facing here, but I have a bad feeling about this.

I am about half expecting it to be Queen Sunset and Queen Twilight in bed enjoying a honeymoon. Other half is something far more ominous.

“I don't even know this guy! What’s the fun in stopping a villain when you can’t rub it in their face?”

:rainbowlaugh: And yup, that is such a perfect Sunset line.

Sunset tuned out the boring speech

Maybe not QUITE as satisfying at first as tearing him apart, but far more fun when he realizes how little of a shit you give.

She tapped the energy indicator on the back of Twilight’s gun

And the villains monologing gives the party a surprise round to attack in.... idiot.

“That’s the way you want fights to be, really.”

So much easier when you can do that.

Though it'll piss off your GM to no end....

The chancellor raised a glowing fist into the air,

Damnit, GM planned ahead... likely templated the fuck out of him.

Sunset chugged the potion Flash had given her.

Time for Sunset to let out some of that repressed anger she's been keeping in check the last few months.

“Oh hell no,”

"I am not doing tentacle hentai! ...... Unless I'm the one controlling them...."

I have long since been disillusioned of that notion

Good boy.

“Crap, he’s still—”

Less talking, more chopping......

“Now understand the true meaning of power!”

Yup... now would be a good time for Twilight to show them the true power of SCIENCE BITCHES!

“You, uh, shouldn’t take things that don’t belong to you!”

Okay, not QUITE what I was expecting... but still rather awesome. In a nerdy kind of way.

. “I did what was best for this country.”


and we’ve been talking about a bunch of stuff

... They left two Twilight's alone with each other? How many ways to rip reality a new one have they come up with already?

She was older than Twilight, and even Princess Twilight.

That still makes no damn sense at all....... but it's on EQG for being so stupid about time in the first place.

I’ve still got to get back home and make sure Spike didn’t burn down half the kingdom looking for me.”

:pinkiehappy: Awesome!

I’ll be sure to tell the third Twilight Sparkle I know all about this.

And hence the Interdeminsional Council of Twilight's was born. Or would be if they could all ever agree on a schedule for their meetings.

What about you?

How about this Twilight...Don't bucking run through random portals!

that I might be a bit of an adrenaline junky.

Noooooo..... I am so shocked at that.....

with kissing, and dates, and sexy things,

For someone who is so 'meh' on human as far as attraction goes, Sunset is REALLY quick to jump to "Let's fuck". Guess it's ben so long she is just getting really desperate.

That... was all different kinds of awesome. Biggest issue would be just how much potential this would have had to be a massive, amazing epic, and yet, it works so well as is too. Just... yeah, nothing at all like the other stories, and yet really freaking awesome in it's own right. And it made Flash Sentry not a totally fucking waste of space! What new spore of madness is this!?

16,000 words of nonsensical fun. I can't believe I powered through that in one setting. Totally worth it though. The story was fun and never took itself too seriously. And of course, best ship. Times two! Well, only one more story to go.

And this is my own choice for the final battle music.

I love this story!

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