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The big game. All Sunset has to do is be the ringer and help Rainbow Dash win it. Easy.

But for all her athletic prowess, whatever seems to be bugging Rainbow Dash won't be solved just by kicking a ball around.

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I must say, I have thoroughly enjoyed these so far. I shall read this now, and doubtless I shall enjoy it as much as the others.

Sunset moved with perfect timingcxsdnb,

I'm guessing you own a cat?

I love it when I read stories involving/focusing on Sunset and Rainbow, they can both always make for some good, and drama-filled moments.

This story was so awesome, and this week has been so awesome!

I can't wait to read Pinkie Pie's story tomorrow. :twilightsmile:


I was thinking he sneezed in the middle of typing, :derpytongue2:

Is this hinting towards a harem-style fic at the end, or am I seeing things?

Oh, wow, this was just as good as I hoped. Best story of the bunch so far, I think. When done right, Rainbow and Sunset have great chemistry together, so whenever a focus gers put on them, it's a fun thing to see.

With the revelation that Sunset has something of a crush on Fluttershy, I'm now very interested to see what direction her route will take. The anticipation, it builds!

Alright we more or less half through the Sunset romance week.

So it was SunDash today, a pretty common ship, always full of passion and intense moment, but oh boy can Rainbow's ego can be jarring. Especially when it is stroke in the wrong way. Although it is always sweet when she comes over it.

Interesting enough that Sunset has more interest in Fluttershy in this series, it is a popular ship, though we will see how it goes in two days. Tomorrow is Pinkie's moment. Dear God, what will love and insanity will fall upon us.

Caught some mistakes.

Sunset caught a blur of movement out of the corner of her eye and and reacted without thinking.

“What do you when you get nervous before something like this?”

What do you do when

Sunset moved with perfect timingcxsdnb,

Already spotted, just adding for good measure.

I really love how you have written this. They way Rainbow acts and reacts are just so...her. It takes no stretch of the imagination to think, "Yeah, that's how Rainbow would actually act." It makes it easy to stay in the story and enjoy the characters.

I get a kick on how your stories link together like a "choose your own adventure" book, with the romantic aspects being the branching point between an end and a continue. Nicely done.

One thing I really love about Sunset is she can gel so well with all of the other girls that virtually any ship can come off natural and not forced or contrived. Her personality melds so well with the others that a relationship popping up with any of them can't be seen as unexpected. Though Sunlight otp.

Beginning to suspect that Sunset's trying to start a herd.

So these stories are all canon with one another? Do Applejack and Rarity not care that Sunset is macking on Rainbow and will probably go after the other three soon?

I think what really works here - and by extension the other two stories so far - is that they all include a mini-character-study for Sunset's current object of affection. Appleack and Sunset bond over AJ's work ethic and sharing secrets and intimate moments. Sunset and Rarity bond because of Rarity's infatuation and the two of them essentially just acting like a couple for a night. And in this story, we have Sunset and Rainbow bonding through Rainbow Dash taking a punch to the ego and expressing her passions while not necessarily expressing her feelings. It's a great contrast.

I particularly love using Sunset passing to Fleetfoot as a moment that triggers emotional fallout. You can tell Rainbow Dash really wanted this to be her game, and not a little bit of bruised ego is at play when she snaps back at Sunset. But at the same time, she doesn't come off as an asshole so much as she comes off as deeply and personally invested, which is a hard balance to strike. The result is that even if this is a great rom-com plot, down to Fluttershy - the potential romantic rival - gallantly bowing herself out of the way, it is also an enjoyable read.

Long story short, this is another solid entry in our seven-day cycle. Now I'm very interested in how Sunset will match up with Fluttershy on the back of this.

Soooooo... Do the stories of your collection happen in the same world, but different timelines or are they parallel universes? Or is Sunset slowly building a harem? Or are they just unraleted one-shots that you are referencing in next one-shots just for the sake of references?

7583546 My money's on the harem. He won't tell us what's coming at the end, maybe it's all of them.



We must we must work together so that ALL SEVEN STORIES are in the Featured box at the SAME TIME. FOR GREAT JUSTICE.

I'm starting to think that Sunset's the second jack of all trades.

Another excellent entry... though having a girlfriend as loyal as Dash is going to lead to some complications with the future stories. After all, loyalty needs to be reciprocated, and Sunset's only halfway through the sextet. I suppose I'll have to wait and see where the saga goes from here.

But yeah, this one was very sweet. I love how Dash just can't let go of her competitiveness, no matter what the context.


AAAAAAAAND, it's another romance fic,

RD'S only love is herself don't try to change that

you’re a magical heroine horse-wizard who’s saved the world twice over!

I decided that quote should be on a business card. And now it is.



So I've read the three of these so far and I'm wondering.
Obviously they're all part of the same continuity since she mentions events from the previous parts, but does the endgame romance carry over as well?It wasn't too much of a thing for the first one, but Sunset and Rarity seemed to be a thing, yet she wanted to date Fluttershy here and ended up with Rainbow Dash. Either the endgame romance doesn't carry over, there's cheating involved, or Sunset ends up with a harem. I think I like the third option best.

This was amazing,:pinkiecrazy:

I've been enjoying this series quite a bit, and this story is no exception even though I'm not as sold on the romantic side of it as the others. Maybe because there seemed to be so little interest on Sunset's part? It didn't quite have that charge building up that the others, especially Rarity's, did for me. Still, I really enjoy the interactions between the characters in all of them... It's such good stuff.

7583340 7583420 7583458 7583546 7583799
I read them all as a series of "What If?" stories. Each seem to have a pretty clear moment where the will-they-or-won't-they tension resolves, and so I assume it ended in "they won't" for all of the versions except the one I'm currently reading.

Although it does beg the question of whether Sunset slept with Applejack in all continuities, since their relationship talk came a week after that incident.

Fluttershy giggled, then backed away. “Like I said: I don’t think I’m the girl for you, Sunset.”

>inb4 Oroboro posts the Fluttershy x Sunset shipping story next

I'm confused, are all these stories in the same canon? You kinda referenced the previous 2

What even is this? You're hogging the front page, man. xD

Yay, SunPie is next.......

Yay, haven't read a SunDash fic for a while, they're one of my more favored Sunset ships (though still behind Sunshy and Sunlight). I like how you followed up on that guitar thing from the end of RR. Sunset is pretty awesome herself, its easy to hate her for that when she was mean, but now... I can see how that would bother Rainbow. Another great job at characterization and how all of the Humane Six could fall for Sunset (she's just that good).

Not exactly sex, drugs, and rock & roll.”

Oroboro confirmed EDEN fan.

You know, I'm half-expecting the ??? chapter to be a harem end, as with many others... and I'm having fun imagining that they all confront her about banging all of them and she's just confused as to why they're upset until she facepalms and says she forgot monogamy was a thing.

Though if this is all the same continuity, I'm not sure how you're going to work Flutters in with what went on with her in this one. Guess I'll find out.

Bacon girl be smooth, Mon!

I'm loving this series, but I'm just a bit confused. Are they still in high school?

I see that you're using One Step Away as cannon to Rainbow's living situation. When it comes to Sci Twi are you just going to post a link to Fractured Sunlight :rainbowlaugh:

This read beautifully. I prefer the original source, but you made the EG equivalent speak like they came straight from the show. The references to the canon from both series was awesome. Thanks for this sweet story.

You're a good friend.

I love that this is Sunset Shimmer's way of saying "we should fuck."

Ok, now I HAVE to ask this question: are all these functioning on the multiverse theory on what happens if Sunset chooses D instead of A (D and A meaning Rainbow Dash and Applejack respectively) or are they all taking place in the same universe?

Whats with the wave of sunset stories?

“Real life isn’t a sports movie,” Sunset grumbled. “I can’t become a professional soccer player in a three-minute montage.”


Rainbow Dash passed her a bottle of Coke


7604238 Clearly someone's a Pepsi drinker.

And we're three for three. Liking the series so far and looking forward to the rest.

Who did the cover art for the Sunset/Dash and the Sunset/Shy stories?

Cloud Chaser was your goalie,

Well, we know it wouldn't be Cloud Kicker - she scores too often. :raritywink:

you want to go on a date? I mean, that’s… yeah, sure, whatever,

Real enthusiastic there, Dash.

“If you start dating her, I'm sure you'll find out first hand just how loud she can…”

Rainbow, you perv. :raritywink:

I was supposed to give you this”

Missing a period.

Author Interviewer

So does this mean there's no SunShy installment? :O

the Trottingham Seaponies


She ain't exactly talking to us about it either

Missing a period here, and also a few lines below this.

Damn, that drama part really hurts me.. :pinkiesad2:
By the way.. i love it! :pinkiehappy::heart:

This story needs a sequel!!

Of course, I was just as much of a shithead back then, so they were just as superficial as my time with Flash.

Why is it most fanfic writers just throw out cussing casually? I get it, you're taking a more mature approach with the characters than they'd normally be portrayed, but swearing doesn't make it more mature. To be honest, this took me out of the story, like a speed bump going 60. It was honestly forced and unnecessary, and would have flowed better without it.

That aside... story wasn't bad. The pacing is rather quick, and to a point, rather rushed; however, I thought the pairing works well. I wouldn't mind a sequel.

Not as good as the others, Twidash works way better than Sundash and this just wasn't as enjoyable.
Still good just not great.

If children could occur, they would be the collective mom's who would roar support literally and utterly DESTROY all who threatened or hurt their babies on a molecular level. Love it!

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