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A being of the night who follows the light on the path of chaos.

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You know, given your bio,

A being of the night who follows the light on the path of chaos.

I think you need a appropriate avatar pic. These might work, just suggestions here.





Dark, but still heroic looking in some ways.

Black_Knight is great keeps making me laugh with their comments on my story while helping me become a better writer!

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What I mean is they would be more hesitant to get close to the girls in terms of romance since there are in reality grown men in there forties and the girls are barely adults and they would still be aware of the age gap despite being teenagers again.

And no hard feelings. There are several ways to transcribe Applejack's accent, yours fits well, and while they are liberties to write her accent, some parts were pretty much set in stone like the apostrophe replacing the "g" in the end of "ing" words as I pointed you out.

Anyway here are some links with tips for how to write Applejack that you might find useful in future projects.


What do you mean 'more reserved'?:rainbowhuh: I was just trying my best to get their personality. Again sorry about that. Don't take this the wrong way.:fluttercry:

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