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Based on this epic metal cover of Toccata and Fugue, Fluttershy decides she wants to give an electric guitar a try. Rainbow Dash's electric guitar to be exact. Little does she know the gods of metal and chaos were waiting for her to do just that.

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ooh flutterbat eg style :twilightblush: :pinkiecrazy:

I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flutterrage:

Came back two weeks later to read again and it is still as awesome as the first time I read this. Feels like Fantasia.STILL AMAZING!!!

Lightning struck again, and though she could not see it, her shadow had made a shape far different than her own at that moment. It had the profile of a horse with a strange horn and antler poking out of its head, and a snake like body that showed up for only a brief second before the lightning flash died away to be replaced the roaring thunder.

Of course Discord would have something to do with this.

This was pretty rad.

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