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This story is a sequel to One Boop Mare

Related to the one boop mare continuity :3
The Pies are a quiet family of Earth Ponies. They farm rocks for a living and have very peculiar traditions even among earth ponies.

They are also some of the physically strongest and capable fighters on the planet.

The changeling army that swarms in on their doorstep seem sure that they are going to be able to plant their new hive on this farm. Igneous and his Wife Cloudy along with their daughters have another idea in mind.

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If Chrysalis had some sense she would have infiltrated with care and then had the Pies hanging in cocoons quite easily but she was too overconfident.

7068690 She really is! I mean you can shapeshift, what are you openly invading for? That is her character though.

If I was her, and had a problem feeding the Hive, I would either have tried covert actions, peaceful co existence with ponies or both. Other ling Queens must hate Chrysalis for messing things up for them.

I think the moral of this story is: If you're a changeling and want to invade somewhere, don't let it be anywhere near the Pie family.

I enjoyed it just as much as I did the One Boop Mare. Though you'll wanna run through it with a comb once or twice again. Saw a few things here and there. Nothing gamebreaking but more like some capitalizations and such.

You have 30 seconds to get off our farm.

Like this one for example.

Even still, I loved it. Now quick pick a filly to be Tornado/Tatsumaki. She was hilarious.

Of course, having Crysalis think shes getting safely away because shes over the horizon, only for Maud to toss a rock in their general direction would be fully in canon and totally over the top, as the Wastelands expand by yet another Earth Pony created city sized crater. :twilightoops:

Silly Twilight. If you keep thinking Pinkie only occupies four dimentions, and magic uses more and you are supposed to be Magic itself, then youll never even get an idea of what the Pie family have been granted by the World Magic at all. :trollestia:

Loved it. Aside from some capitalization errors, the only thing that really kind of pulled me out of the story was your use of "could of" "would of" and the like.

It's could have, or could've.

7072783 I really don't know what it is with me and random capitalization. Its like "Hands...Stawp it!"

also thanks for pointing out the "could of" error, I'll go though and correct that.

Gods do I love the pic you used for the cover, it just fits sooooo well.
P.s. you just have to make a story revolving the pie family and their misadventures in keeping themselves from accidentally destroying the planet.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh: Fun story. :pinkiehappy:
Why not try feeding off dragons next, Chrysalis? They might be less dangerous than the Pie Family. :trollestia:

I knew I wasn't the only one to think of the Pie Family as literal badasses. In a small part of a story I'm writing, the Pie Family Rock Farm is located in the Sisyphus Meadowlands just outside of Tartarus, here they tend to do battle against the demons and monsters that evade Cerberus. A group of ignorant stubborn mercenaries underneath the contract of an insane Unicorn Noble (NOT Blueblood) are sent daily to try and capture them for their unique abilities: to control and command the Earth around them (like Earthbenders), while also helping to unleash the Demons and monsters to fight alongside the Mercs for payback on the Pies. The Pies are soon joined by a group of heroic children from Canterlot seeking to undo the machinations of the same madpony who has wormed his way into government affairs behind Celestias' back with the intent to destroy all traces of the Earth Pony "magic abilities" of commanding the elements of the world around them (religiously viewing that only Unicorns are allowed to do such things).

The story itself takes place several years after the fabled Sonic Rainboom, but 6-8 years before Nightmare Moons' return at the beginning of the TV Series.

This was highly amusing on so many levels, and not just because the Pie family is OP AF. What made me laugh the hardest was the fact that from the way it was described, the picture I had in my head was them looking completely bored out of their minds as they wiped the changelings out.

I don't know why that is, but it's little things like that that make this so much better for me.

Pie is tough. Unlike cake, that stuff is for sissys

7770182 Take it from Soarin'.:pinkiehappy:

Badass Earth ponies are best Earth ponies. And of course the shy one is the most dangerous.

Fluttershy is a good example.

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