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Applejack is having a bit of a rough time lately. Her and Rarity had had another argument and the cowgirl needed to get some air and a cool beverage to chill out. Unfortunately for her an out of town biker gang has decided to stay at her favorite pub and make life difficult for her. Little do they know that the young lady they are messing with is packing the magical strength of an Earth Pony and is no stranger to a good brawl.

This is a fun little story idea I just came up with.

Thumbnail source: http://dantewontdie.deviantart.com/art/Human-form-of-AppleJack-520026156

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This is why humanity exists.

You need an editor. But the basics of the story were quite enjoyable. Great job! :twilightsmile:

have a like, a favorite, and just my sincere congratulations. you have managed to right something quite in character yet unique, that I think would fit the equestria girls universe once they're all grown up.
by chance, did you watch Jessica Jones? because AJ very much reminds me of her.

7904569 Quite literally wrote this in like 20 minutes. Had a funny idea and just went with it. I do agree though having an editor would be nice to have.

7904573 I did watch Jessica Jones, and I'm familiar with some of her comic appearances. I could totally see an older Applejack having that kind of vibe to her lol.

What a fun little fic! If you turn your mind off and ignore the grammar problems (which an editor can easily fix), the story itself is enjoyable for those who like a bit of senseless violence in their life.

I gotta say I love little stories like these. Nothing wrong with a bit of gratuitous violence. And I quite like AJ's level of confidence.

Aaahh.... nothing better than a nice smackdown to work off the stress:eeyup::pinkiecrazy:

Might as well be the first to ask, source of the thumbnail?

Okay! I'll admit I wasn't expecting that much from this, but WOW this was a good story.

Note to self: Don't piss of Rarity or AJ.

I'll live longer.

AJ would fit in well in Texas: she's hospitable and generous, but won't hesitate to knock you on your ass if you deserve it.

And people say violence doesn't solve anything.

a good little story good story line I can say you may want to take a little time and look it over a fix a few mistakes.
defiantly worthy of a good vote.





This brought to mind my personal favourite scenes from Legend of Everfree, where the big strong guys are moving heavy objects, huffing and puffing, then Applejack just walks by calmly doing a three man job with one hand. While eating an Apple.

A fun, little story. Have a like. :pinkiesmile:

7906564 Only snowflakes, powder puffs and the like.

7909668 it worked for me with the only time i got bullied

7909695 There is no school like OLD SCHOOL, way of dealing with bullies
E.R. followed up with protracted stay in I.C.U. followed up YEARS of physical therapy and some STILL don't learn

Haven't yet read it, but considering I'm in for some good ol badassery from Aj, it'll be good. Just can't wait from letting you know that the thumbnail of human Aj just gives off all the vibes of Yang, from RWBY. It's erie with similarity.

Edit: Read it, utterly loved it. The confidence Aj has about it, the fact you can imagine the permanent, smug smirk, just simply makes the entire story. I want more badass confident asskicking Aj, it's the best damn thing about this entire site. It's better when she's the human version, either flat out humanised or EQ her, because, well, I'm biased towards humans. For obvious reasons.

Liked and favourited, this was brilliant.

AAAAWWW MAAAAAN!!! And I read this after I read 'never kidnap fluttershy'!! :rainbowlaugh:

Now imagine this in equine format, at some sleazy beer dive not far off Sweet Apple Acres.

eh, twas alright. as a motorcycle rider, i feel like there might be some misrepresentation of riders in general here, but that's probably a biased opinion on my part.

7919591 I do believe I made a point to say that the Bikers that Applejack normally knew were upstanding gentlemen, but this crowd was just a rowdy bunch looking for a brawl. There are bad apples in every bunch, even Bikers. Used to be friends with this guy named Moe back when I lived down south. Man was tattooed to hell and back and was pierced all over the place. Sweetest dude you'd ever meet. He was like a tattooed teddy bear.

7919706 you are right and I completely agree that there are those in the motorcycle community that turn it into a gang. I know a guy who was in a biker gang and have seen documentaries about them as well (hell's angels, banditos, etc.) and I know it's not a glamorous life. I was just a little concerned that bikers might come off with the wrong impression. Most of us are passionate people that love to ride and have fun; whether it's enjoying the road journey, popping wheelies, or dragging our knees on the track. :twilightsmile:

I could just see Miranda Lambert being Applejack.

Heh heh, I like to imagine this happened to the "Sons of Anarchy" MC.

I really liked this fic. Well done.:twilightsmile:

By all outward appearances they seem to have her outclassed in the strength department, but Applejack

had them outclassed in the intelligence department.

7999775 well, I mean, no. She had them outclassed plain and simple; no specific departments need to be mentioned.

This is a very good one-shot.

I absolutely love the Mane cast kicking ass, and you did a great job capturing that here.

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