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Not all assumptions are malicious, but even the most innocent rumours can be unpleasant, if they actually effect ponies' lives. Rainbow Dash knows this all too well as she tries to confront the stallion of her dreams. A bitter-sweet kind of hilarity ensues when she meets another pony with similar problems.

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this is amazing! you've got yourself a track sir! :pinkiehappy:

49456 Thank you. I was worried about that one star rating. Probably a troll.

A very good start, I'll keep my eye open for this.

49523 Thanks. There will be a bit more dialogue and inside jokes in the upcoming chapters I hope y'all will like!

quite decent, I will track this story and see where it goes

Quite interesting so far. Tracking.:twilightsmile:

I came across this story by accident, but it was wel worth the time I took to read it. Good job.

As usual, please rate and review and ask questions if you have any.


terrificwas there a rufi in it or can Dash just not hold her cider

was there a rufi in it or can Dash just not hold her cider

Damn, everyone is acting like such a prick to Caramel.

57737 yes, Dash accidentally a roofie.
57762 well, Caramel does get the short end of the stick often (is that an idiom? Now it is.) mainly because he's such a pushover. (Do I sense potential character development for later on in the story?)

they friggin spiked the glass!!!! frigging A!!! THAT'S BUCKED UP!

67493 Quite correct. As we know, spiked (:moustache:) drinks are not unheard-of in Equestria.

Thankfully, as far as the story is planned out, there will be no more substance abuse (that plot-device gets old easily), although I do promise a fight scene almost at the very end of the fic. It's supposed to be tragically funny more than anything (sorry if I failed).

67560 That was just my attempt at the :moustache: Drink joke. At least it was recognizable.:twilightsheepish:

Ugh....getting a little bit impatient waiting for the next chapter:ajbemused:....Any ideas on a due date?


71895 Thanks
71968 Next update in about 14 hours. Ideally, I'll update once a week, but I was busy editing chapters 1 and 2, and stuff at uni, and X-mas shopping and stuff. I know, a lame excuse...

72052Oh. Ok, Thanks! Now I can put it into my regular schedule! And No, it's not a lame excuse. It's Xmas, after all.

Sweet! Even better, I just was hoping to read this before I left a few hours from now, I went to the bathroom, came back out an BAM! NEW CHAPTER!!!!!:yay:


I can relate to this story. People have always thought I was gay, despite the fact I'm not, and aren't willing to hear my side of the story.

Admirable story.

The "Rainbow Dash is gay 'cause she's made of rainbows!!"-thing is a good bit more offensive than most people realize.

Very well-written story, great storyline, and just overall awesome.

5 stars, tracking and I also reward you with mustache Spike :moustache:

73068 Hope you liked it
73157 Which is partially what this story's about. Hope you'll like the rest of it.
73551 It is somewhat similar to "Caramel lost the grass seeds and was seen whimpering next to Big Mac, so he's gay" or even "Big Mac is the big quiet farmer type, and one of the few stallions in town, so he must be a player."
73573 Why thank you! I'll try to keep it up!

Thanks everyone. We authors love hearing comments/constructive criticism, so don't be shy!

6 paragraphs in, I found a typo.
Caramel, upon hearing the accusation in her voice gave a little sigh, and explained, as precisely as he could. “Those stallions from last night spiked the cider. It was meant for me, but you chased them away before they forced me to drink it. It pretty much knocked you out right there and then. I carried you over to Nurse Redheart. She gave you a quick inspection, but said you’d beFIN and you just needed a good night’s sleep.
You just missed the E.
Ya know, I may just go through the whole story and check for more typos.


73670 Typos, my arch-nemesis! Thanks for spotting it, should be fixed now.
Also, author's notes are up on the blog now for extra unnecessary trivia!

Well this is certainly interesting, tracking and rated five stars. :rainbowdetermined2: But I have just one question about it:

Will the Wonderbolts be making another appearence? Or were they there just to get the ball rolling?

Not bad and good use of gossip and prejustice. Tracking.

Rainbow dash is such an asshole and jerk.

73919 They were there to kept the ball rolling... but will make another appearance almost at the very end. I think they might get their just deserts.
73992 She is! But she has a heart of gold. Tsundere Dash is best Dash!

Nah, Caramel is god but I don't like this Dashie. Such a bitch( Even Trixie was way nicer.

75969 Patiece, patience. Character development doesn't happen overnight!


Well, duh. That's why I'm tracking this. You obviously wrote her such a bitch in purpose, and we can expect character development any time, and I think when Dash will understand how to be nicer she'll be nice and maybe even befriend Caramel. Don't mean I like her now, thought.

I think I have a hunch as to who this mare is that Mac likes.

Not telling, as it is a hunch. :rainbowwild:

If I'm wrong, I'm still gonna keep reading. :eeyup:

86943 Ah, yes. You are lucky, good sir, because I will post chapters IV and V at the end of the day. I hope not to disappoint. Although I am afraid that the Mac ship is somewhat more boring than your ideal preference (yes, I look up everyone who comments and tracks, hope that's not considered creepy).
By the way, loving your Blues story.


Thank you. And good luck to your own story.

Very nice! I really can't wait to see how you flesh this out, I don't think I've ever seen a CaramelXDash fic before, so this one should be pretty awesome! :D

I lold at the Chamber of Secrets reference cuz I was just watching that movie!

Please, for the love of God... Don't make this a fix where every single mare wants to do it with RD. You are making something unique and it would be a shame and a waste if you used such common tropes in this fic.

Please, for the love of God... Don't make this a fix where every single mare wants to do it with RD. You are making something unique and it would be a shame and a waste if you used such common tropes in this fic.

Oh, so there has been a lot of Scootabuse rumors aroun Ponyville lately?:rainbowderp:, I do wonder if there's some knind of "Cupcake Killer" rumors around:pinkiecrazy:

87587 Thank you. I'll do my best. I kind of like their constant bickering. Much more interesting than this "love at first sight" I keep hearing about.
88017 I hope it wasn't too distracting, I was told these things need to be handled delicately. Then again, this story is mean to have its funny bits as well.
88098 Although that was never my intention, I can see it might seem that way now (Spitfre, Mayor, Pinkie, Rarity). In any case, there's only one mare that's currently interested in Rainbow Dash. The others are quite over her, and, in the words of our marshmallow friend "have moved on to better and bigger things".
88139 In Chapter V, there's a passing mention of a book by everyone's "favourite" wizarding celebrity. The name is ponyfied, of course, but should be easy to spot. Good luck!

Thanks for the comments.:twilightsmile:

88366 Thanks for noticing. I like putting in references to some of the more ridiculous fanon beliefs, though I hope it doesn't distract from the story. If it does, I'm not doing my job properly. By the way, there's no cupcake killer (I think I would write very boring gore), but feel free to make your own headcanon.

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