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Rainbow Dash and Big Macintosh are having another night at the bar, and Dash has something to tell him. Big Mac learns an important lesson: Sometimes it's what you don't say that makes the difference.

UPDATED: Combined the two chapters and made adjustments for over all improvement.

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Felt like it stretched out a bit long in places, but very realistic reactions all round.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Great story! The characters are really believable and heatfelt. It doesn't seem to stretch their canonical versions at all.

Keep up the good work, I can't wait to read more!:pinkiehappy:

i can get behind there not being a part 3... but please, don't derive us of more reading pleasure! :raritycry:

Seemed a bit long to me, but it made for pretty good reading nonetheless. Great work! :eeyup:

cmon cmon cmon cmon
whers the next chapter?!?!?!


3274 aw man That kinda sucks but I don't mind I got a really good read out of it.Are you going to try and write any other strories cause you have a really good talent for writting

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Hey Jude feels pretty fitting towards the end.

Talking can be a grand hardship for me, I know Big Mac's pain.

How do horses drink they don't have hands?:derpyderp1:


70582 on a break

Great story, I really want to see more. Look forward to chapter 2,3 etc.:moustache:

Please, continue... :raritystarry:

You should do another RD/ BigMac ship. It's my favorite ship but no one does it haha


Oh, yeah, this is great.

Uh, no. It isn't. I can't even make it partway without my eyeballs throwing up. Clean up your grammar, decide whether or not you want to use indentation, and fix the pacing.

It's like nobody tries anymore.

No rating, because I nearly gouged my eyes out before reading the entire thing.

hmmmm, they serer alcohol in equestria? that just made me :heart: the show even more

:rainbowlaugh::eeyup: ftw

68233 how do they hold anything? it is possible for some odd reason.
for instance octavia can hold a bow in order to play her cello:moustache:

Was it Trixie? Their metacarpels have Lithium- cesium spiralled protein chrystals (xenoDNA), like hemoglobind/chlorophile, forming Hyperconductive supercollider effects that assemble element 122 to produse bosons and generate unlimited cold fussion, warp gravity and can mag-resonance bounce anything (Telekinesis). And darn it I can go on for hours.


Nice one, definitely a good story and for Big Mack:-_-
Now you've done it

He hurts. Now he fears pain. Never would I wish such pain on another, the pain of a heart torn out by the strings by hurt.

I read this a long time ago,and now that i've decided to actually COMMENT on stories,I thought this should be one of them;I agree wtih CheeseDeluxe,to a CERTAIN degree;Grammar isn't that good and could use some fixing up,but for all I know,English might be your second language. On the OTHER hand,I liked the story and the concept in itself,so props to you for that :pinkiehappy: Maybe you could do a sequal to contiue this story,because it feels like it has potential (At least to me).

I kept wanting him to kick applejack for being so completely unhelpful. Good story, though.

Oh my gosh this was sooo good. :heart:

Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz SEQUEL

I want more.
I want so much more.

But, it's also lovely just as it is.
Perhaps, use some proof readers next time, though.
Have a like and fave :)

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