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Rainbow Dash has left Ponyville to tryout for the Wonderbolts. When she doesn't make it, she can't find it in her to face her friends and leaves for Manehattan. She joins up with a gang for two years, her way of life forever changing. However, what happens when she meets an old crush? Will an old flame lead her back to her true home?

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Old crush? Big Mac tag? Damn, I wish I was a fan of this pairing.

Cute, and a great read. Seemed a bit on the short side, some more development would've been nice. Really an interesting concept, though. I'd like to see this drawn out into a multi-chapter fic rather just a one shot.

Good job.

That was quite a sweet story. :twilightsmile: A bit lacking in description, but that's okay as this is a short story. The pace did seem to pick up a bit near the end, which is a negative. :ajsleepy:

Still. This deserves a fave and a group.

Keep writing.

MacDash is my guilty pleasure, and I was excited to see this since I like your ongoing story.

I wish this wasn't humanized. It isn't that I'm generally against humanized (ok, full disclosure, I kinda am, but hear me out), but it really threw me. Starting out with her trying, and failing, to get in the Wonderbolts had me solidly believing it was a normal fic. How would humanized RD fly? Does she have wings? Are the Bolts just a track team? I was convinced from the first part of the story that she was a pegasus. It was hugely jarring for me when they started talking about arms and clothes and Big Mac's flannel shirt. It jarred me to the point I almost didn't finish.

The pacing was quick, but it's a one-shot so that isn't a big deal. There wasn't much in the way of grammatical errors. It's a solid story.

Keep writing, mon ami.

hells to the yeah.


Heh, in some of my Humanized stories, they are mentioned as a Rock Band instead of a Runner/Flyer group. Could be another possibility for them as Human counterparts or something like that.

Short story shipping romances don't always work well with me, but I enjoyed this. Bookmarked into my favorites bar.

great fic... the only problem I have is a personal one where I actually get furious about people sleeping around... I know it's a part of life... but I still can't help if it pisses me off to the point where I feel the need to use a high-power rifle...

Great story. It would have been cool to have a big scene where she left the gang and he fought her out of it when they turned on her, but it is great as is.

This is a story of compassion and conviction, a story where two lost soul- We get it it's good alright sorry about my long winded comments. It's a great story and deserves the love of a 1000 shippers.:scootangel:

You should add more, this is a really good story

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