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Rainbow Maralyn Dash leads the uneventful life of the poster child for the Pegasus Army. Speech after speech pushes her further into boredom, testing her loyalty to the cause. However, life just might get a bit more exciting after her transport is attacked by a group of Earth Pony charioteers.


Awhile back, my friend and I were assigned a project by our English teacher. We were to write a love story involving ancient culture, a chick named Maralyn, and Rainbow Dash. Basically, we had to write a crappy romance fanfic for a grade. This is what was created.

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Well done sir. Good story, no foreseen errors, and superb emotional flow, that and you did mac/dash which is a favorite pairing of mine. Good work.


What marks did you get for it?

The teacher asked you to do a story on Rainbow Dash? Next time you see her, give her a brohoof for me.:pinkiehappy:


We ended up with full credit. As it turns out, it didn't need to be anywhere near this long, but I see no problem with over achieving.

The teacher gave us pieces of paper where we wrote down a character. I happened to pick Rainbow Dash since someone else wrote it down. We did get our English teacher to watch ponies though.

This was a really great story. You gave this one a lot of time to describe everything and justify just about every little detail, which is what makes this story a great romance AU fic. :moustache:

Well done. To the groups you go. :rainbowdetermined2:

Keep writing.

Not bad, not bad at all. :rainbowdetermined2::eeyup:


Thanks for the support.
We're working on something so maybe it'll be up soon.

This is like a less tragic, more militant version of Romeo and Juliet.
'Cept that Mac's best friend wasn't needlessly slaughtered by the only guy challenging Mac for Dashie's hoof.

Well I'm glad you liked it. Hope you stick around to read some more of what we write.

897545 Well, I love this pairing, so will do.

Glad to hear. Hope you like what you read.

897623 This pairing's consistently good, so I will.

Our upcoming project will not unfortunately be a Mac/Dash fic. However I still hope you will read.

This was great. I loved it.

Wow just wow
Well done loved this

I carefully grasped a bottle of Hydra


the Encalve

Fallout again?


Though I usually think of myself as fairly creative, I was running short on time and didn't have any to spend on thinking up names. Coincidentally, I was in the middle of Fallout 3 at the time. I might just have drawn (read:stolen) some of Bethesda's to get done by the deadline.

Fallout 3 doesn't have Hydra
Fallout New Vagas does

War with weapons of destruction, killing millions.
War with logic, gaining the following of billions.
War with love, changing one.
War with all, nothing left or everything gained.
This is the facts of war intertwined into this story of love and longing.

My favorite one

This was..........a surprisingly decent story. While I wished there was more depth to the story, considering what you had to work with, this was still VERY good. I hope your teacher gave you a good grade for this. :eeyup::rainbowdetermined2:

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