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With Pinkie Pie's brutal murder the whole of Equestria is on high alert. With no clues leading to who did it, it begins to look like Pinkie's killer will never be found.
Rainbow Dash begins to find herself loosing control both mentaly and physicaly. As Applejack tries to comfort Rainbow Dash. But she unintentionally becomes her next target.

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I'm excited to see where this leads.

Oh yeah, only Rainbow Dash is good enough to destroy the Apple Family. Edit: If all in Ponyville will deny me my silence, then all in Ponyville shall die.

Hehe I really enjoyed it :D kinda ironic that yesterday I typed rocket to insanity into my iPod and there were 2 stories, now there are 3. Please continue.

Hmm, a few literary mistakes, but other than that, I really enjoyed this first chapter. It even matches the style of the original Rocket to Insanity nicely! Looking forward to a new chapter!

Im not excited to see where this goes.

Im getting out of here


when i saw "rocket to insanity" i thought someone FINALLY uploaded the original one...

turns out to be just another sequel/remake....

375769 RUN... RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN :pinkiecrazy:

That was really good! I can't wait to see what happens next!! :pinkiehappy:

375700 Well any critiques are really appretiated. This was my first ever attempt at writing a story for the internet to see.

375603 Did you come up with that?

What the hay?! Tracked!

Oh just make her confess already


This is going to end bad one way or another.....

Oh my goddesses, oh Applejack, why you?

No, not Scoots.... she never did anything to deserve that. :scootangel:

378257 No but she was an easy target.

378267 and now Dashie will feel Big Macintosh's wrath... that is unless she is stronger than Mac.

378275 And also depends on who is fighting BM

This story is the first one in a long while that just pulled me in and didn't let go

379440 I'm glad you liked it. :pinkiehappy: It's my first ever fan fic.

More chapters tomorow.




What the hell is Celestia doing? She's supposed to be looking for Pinkie's killer and she ain't even around when people are screaming their asses off. :trollestia: Such a troll.

Sooo many chapters in one day yayyyyy :D

Overall it was very good, but there were numorous spelling, and grammerical flaws. Also it doesn't reflect on the known phsych very realisticaly, but realy who wants to dwell on some minor flaws, when it is so AWESOME! The story is gripping and exciting. I loved it.

381314 Thanks you for your feedback. And thanks for your honest opinion. This was my first ever fanfic that I've made and I wasn't sure what kind of reaction I was going to get. I was never really much of a good gramma or spelling master, even now when I'm a collage.
I can only learn from my mistakes if I know about them.

Again, thanks for feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

HOLY SHIT! Your so evil, i love it :pinkiecrazy:

Their deaths are the furthest things from being sad, thoughts of revenge and how the murderer didn't want to do it prevent sadness.

I have to ask this, but WHY WHY DASHIE?? :fluttercry:

Yes, good, they will turn her back to the light side, only so she can say goodbye and be banished to the sun.

385458 Maybe things arn't as simple as they look :ajsmug:

To be continued.
These are the three words i dread most when getting involved in a story.
But overall a very good story.:pinkiehappy:

ever notice in other fics its RD that dies? now its her who's killing ponys...:rainbowderp:

383785 because she was murdered in all the other fics!

385830 ohoho, clever author you!

oh Celestia, whats she up to now. :pinkiegasp:

is this the first Rocket to insanity i wanna read ALL the stories

457368 this is a sequel to the origonal Rocket to insanity :)

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