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Sometimes, bad things happen to good ponies. Sometimes, a good pony has to do bad things. Sometimes, some of these things involve the undead. A collection of short stories from the silence of Equestria's eternal night.

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So sad :fluttercry: I cried so hard:raritycry::unsuresweetie:

I saw so much potential in this story and let me say it was perfectly written and such a great idea and use for a zombie crossover. :twilightsmile:
Also, R.I.P CMC :applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:. Great job!

omg.......I WANT MOAR, dang cliffhangers
they drive me to madness....

For some reason the site won't let me login...


You sir did a good job.. And you have gained this story a spot into my little archive that I'm creating so I can look back at these stories when I'm a old bastard.. It will be remembered till the day I die... that I can promise you.


P.S : Keep this as a one-shot, To add anything more to it would take away the emotional impact of story....but thats just my opinion.

Good day......Also I kinda depressed/crying for some reason...could anyone give me a tip to cheer my self up?........
Wait I got it!!! Watch more MY Little Ponies!!


Its in my favorites......I'm still depressed though....Shit....

it was amazing! rip cmc :applecry::scootangel::unsuresweetie:
cause :eeyup: stomped them all!! and :pinkiegasp: bit ALL the ponies

No! I must know what happens next!

Supposedly this is just a one-shot. It is labeled complete, after all. I'm disappointed, but I'll live. though not without a sob. :fluttercry:

Celestia have mercy on their souls, poor sonsamules.

... calling this epic ... would be an insulting understatment to you ...

Nice. I don't understand why they aren't at the farm, but outside of how it interacts with the premise of the last one, it's a good standalone piece.

Very good job at building a dark and hopeless atmosphere. Quite immersive and well written, too!

Why do I keep reading these suspense/dark/horror stories just before bed?

The first story in this line has been around awhile, yes? I want to say "Somepony Who Loves You" was one of the first fics I read several several months ago. I loved that it's a zombie story....with minimal zombies. Much more atmospheric. The scariest horror is the one that you don't see.

Well it doesn't get much gloomier than this and I mean that in the best possible way. I'm pretty sure you already know I think you're an incredible writer. All words in further affirmation of the fact are hence superfluous.

So it is of course with ulterior morives that I come forth from my cave of isolation in order to beg.

Now comes the moment in which I badger you to write more of this.

Consider yourself badgered.

Mutual acquaintences believe I might convince you to alter the course of this story. I beleive otherwise. I believe in artistic inegrity and all those other concepts that the art department likes to flaunt when they're drunk and it's 3 am. So it is with the utmost gravity I say, I would be in your debt if you wrote some kind of shocking twist where Fluttershy isn't dead. Just trapped in an equally hopeless, terrible situation. I'm not sure how, but you're the brilliant one, I'm just the guy standing out front asking the impossible.

I know it isn't likely, but I've got to have hope, it's in my name after all.

Damn. Not as heart wrecking as the first chapter, but still a tense little nook of the after-wreckage of Ponyville.

I am both horrified and excited beyond reason that this story is continuing.

I'm excited to see more of this. After the emotional brutality of the first two chapters, it actually took a day for me to get emotionally prepared. Although this chapter is more set up, from the looks of it, I can't wait to learn what her (probably foal-killing) mistake was.

I was OK till the last line; for some reason, it gave me the willies.

I don't know if I'm excited that the story will continue, or horrified that the story will continue. Like 1190332 said, it took me a few days to get myself ready to read this.

Oh man, I would kill for a food pyramid of carbs, sugar, and chocalate chips with carmel as a sometimes food.

Also, you should email eqd, their post has the wrong link for this chapter.

Oh, God, Rainbow.
Oh, God.

1210813 I did some research on equine nutrition while writing this. It turns out ponies need a lot less food than regular horses, having developed in much harsher conditions, to the extent that they're very easy to accidentally overfeed. Pony obesity is a common and fairly embarrassing problem. The ponies in Equestria evidently have a very different digestive system to their real-life counterparts, some kind of human/equine hybrid, because there's no way one of our ponies could visit Sugarcube Corner more than once a month without ballooning.
Also, thanks for the heads up. I've let them know.

Holy macaroni this is awesome. You should turn this into a full blown story instead of just little chapters if you ever get the chance. :pinkiehappy:

glad to see an update love the story

I reacted with honest dread when I saw 'Painkiller' updated. Bravo! Even when I haven't read it for several weeks, the mere thought of this story-line gives me the willies.

I saw this in my updates, and just sort of stared at it.
Oh, do we need more of this piece of fiction.

You sure have a way of making Equestria from a land of Harmony, to a land of dread and no hope whatsoever. Simply fantastic work you're doing here, keep them coming.

Holy shit dude. I kid you not, I started shaking when I saw this update. Even more, you updated it on the EXACT day I finally convinced myself to read chapter 3, VERY shortly after I read it.

Freaky shit dude. Keep it up!

Oh, Equestria...
What's happened to you?

Not bad, I hope you update more often. I've been tracking this story for a while. :twilightsmile:

So she found... The CMC? Who they tried to cure...with the cure that what, blew open Lyra's stomach?
Ambiguousness is a b:yay:tch.
I love love love this fic.

veeeery good. It's very impressive how even though nothing happened this chapter I was more engrossed than any of the "adventure" fics I have open in many many tabs. I can't wait to see how Mac reacts to all those little adorable liabilities. He is, if anything, a practical stallion.

Also, can anyone remember the moon situation. It isn't in the sky now, but was the moon stuck always up or always down? I can't remember.

Finally this chapter has been a long time coming. This is without a doubt my favorite story of yours. I hope to see more and more importantly prompt updates .keep up the good work :twilightsmile:

Methinks this is good. I like it.
@Journcy They didn't use the pills on the CMC. 'Mac crushed their heads. And Spike's too.

So wait the white pills are the cure but they just kill them instead?

This story is somewhat confusing, and it's really creepy (don't read this at bedtime like I am right now xP), but it's so amazingly written that I find myself unable to stop reading. I can't wait for the next chapter. O3O

You are a monster and how dare you toy with my emotions like that by playing literary Russian roulette with those poor foals :raritydespair:
Seriously, this was the best chapter so far, well deserving of the 'final' title. I like how most of the (important) loose ends got tied up.

OMG, seriously??? That's the end of "Painkiller"? Will we never know what happens?
I'm confused as to why Cheerilee's so scattered there at the end. Did Twilight kill herself? Is Cheerilee going to die from the drug overdose? How could she possibly not notice that she'd mixed the pills or taken too many? I THINK I'M GOING TO EXPLODE!!!! :pinkiegasp:

This story is seriously very well written, and I cannot wait to read more. (There will be more, right?)

Maybe she accidentally took 3? But still, she did "feel something".

So too many of those kill you? Or she took the wrong ones? In which case, all of them might die. Except Twist.

Also, Twilight must have turned. That explains why she was left behind. I'm surprised Cheerilee didn't try to take the foals with her to follow Big Mac and the group. I'm VERY disappointed that we didn't get to find out what was in the Hospital... And I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

1886843>>1888248 Worry not. Though Painkiller will likely remain the longest, there are a total of six - count 'em, six! - individual stories planned. Possibly more if I keep getting ideas. You don't think I'd end the entire series on a note like this, do you?
...scratch that. I totally would.

1890348 lawl, of course you would. What kind of horror story would this be if there was a such thing as a happy ending? xP
But I am still majorly confused about what just happened. O__o

Despite the ambiguity of this story (I understand the need for it, not everything really needs to be said) I'm dreading the point when I become up-to-date. It's chilling, and horrifying, but well-written and difficult to pull away from. It seems there so much to say, but I'm unable to say it, so keep it up.

I'm pretty sure I know what just transpired. Twilight took the "cure" for some reason, maybe because she was bitten, maybe because of guilt, maybe something else. I'm pretty sure Cheerilee mixed up the two different types of pills completely, giving herself and the students the "cure", coz she'd handled the "cure" ones just as many times as the others, so they would be just as familiar.

That's what I got from it anyway. Great work, awesome chapter, can't wait for the next instalment!

Oh my GOD.

What's wrong with you, Nonagon?

I mean that in a good way, I think.

For some reason my schedule got really ahead of me, and I had to stop reading about mid-way through Painkiller to catch up on other things. This has been sitting at the bottom of my read later list forever, and I've only just been able to finish it. Glad I finally did.

It's good to hear that there will be more, because I just love the crushing bleakness of this world here. You've done such an effective job of making it so oppressive and cold, and I'd love to see what other characters are doing in the middle of this mess. Dare I even hope that things might actually get better? They probably won't, but still.

Hope to see something with the princesses too. It's pretty obviously implied what happened to them, but confirmation would be nice. Canterlot chapter maybe? Please?

Also, the creepiest part about the finale of Painkiller was the reveal that it wasn't a virus. These zombies work on the Romero rules, I see. It's not the bite that changes them, it's dying in the first place, and the bites are just another way for the things to kill you. Romero's series was always kinda weird about explaining that. Every movie gave a possible explanation for the zombies, but they were all contradictory and nothing was ever confirmed.

Will there be an explanation in this, by the way? I'm a little concerned about the idea that explaining it might detract from the horror, but on the other hand, that is the one burning question that I most want answered right now.

2914438 Part four, The Tower of Eternal Night, is on my to-do list for between DN:E seasons 2 and 3. I've also talked to a few people about changing the ending of Painkiller, but the overall reaction has been pretty positive, so I'm leaning towards keeping it as is.

There was no explanation for the zombies back when this was a one-shot; they were simply a means to an end. Since then, however, the world has expanded, though I still have no intention of spelling anything about. No hints about any reveals or lack thereof, though I will say this: these aren't exactly Romero zombies, either.


I know I'm hyped.

these aren't exactly Romero zombies, either.



Looking forward to the updates. You've said you don't want to spell anything out, and maybe I should be smart enough to figure this out on my own, but can we have any confirmation as to what the hell happened in Cheerilee's mind at the end of Painkiller?

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