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Hospitals can be dark places; full of bustling activity and apathy more than care and healing. At least, it feels that way to Granny Smith sometimes. No doctor in Equestria, even the kindest one, can fix what happened or fill the hole it left.

The dead, however, sometimes leave gifts behind.

EDIT: Featured 2/14/18!
EDIT: Now with a Chinese Translation!

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Comments ( 15 )

Sad but beautiful at the same time

This is very touching.

This is why I read love Fimfiction so much!
This is a beautiful story!

Ponies really should learn more medical spells.

Of course, now that Discord's around they could have him just snap his talons and... on second thought, I doubt they want their liver hanging from their snouts. Best try Zecora and potions.

Alas, this far back neither option was available.

Very touching. Very touching indeed. I read this on the way back home after school, and the kid seated next to me was probably questioning my tears.

Aw...Sad, but sweet. :3

So, Cheerilee was the recipient of Pear's eyes?

I'd like to say that it's really a sad but wonderful story. Pear butter is surely a really great mother.
Besides, I'd like to translate it into Chinese and post it onto Chinese MLP fan fiction website fimtale.com. I will declare that this is a translation work and you're the original writer. I will appreciate it if you could agree with that!

A touching tale. Thank you.

When you are finished, please send me a link so I can link to your translation in the story description!

Sure. Here's it!
Thanks again for giving the opportunity to my translation!

Nice little short story, very cute.

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