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Alex Warlorn

Just your average Brony who happened upon an idea that might actually turn out to be clever enough for guys to love.


Set in My Little Pony G3 but G4 does play a major part of things.

All of Ponyville begins to suffer horrible horrible nightmares. Can one wish from Winkle Wish bring them the hope they need to end these nightmares? Can they save their home from Hatred itself?

This is not pat of the Pony POV Series fanon-verse.

Half written by me, half written by Kendell2 (since it's not part of the Pony POV Series he wanted to help).

MLP:FiM Copyright Hasbro

Art cover by Morningstar-1337 http://morningstar-1337.deviantart.com/art/AstralLight-Rainbow-Dash-G3-370069034

Fanfic reading! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IprsVSvq-w

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Comments ( 43 )

Well, I'd be lying if I said this didn't bring tears to my eyes when I read it. Thank you Mr. Warlorn.

That was just beautiful. A real gift to those of us that love all ponies. Thank you.


Welcome. I meant this story to be true to G3 style with the exception of the 'intrusive' elements that had invaded it.

4907056 I think you suceeded, it seemed very true to me. I also loved the parts with the g1 cameos and the Tales cameos. G1 holds a very special place in my heart, and its nice to see it awknowleged in a non judgmental way, and you even showed the good things about Tales, which no one in the brony community seems to do. I think that's what made this story great. It shows not only how the g3 ponies would react to the more rabid bronies reactions to them (which are rather cartoony and over the top in my opinion), but that all the generations do have more in common then bronies think.

(I really don't consider myself a brony, since I like all generations of pony. I was kinda both the right age and the right gender for the first series to captivate me)


I'm a guy. And I liked all of the versions after I bothered to watch them.

4907841 Awesome, I really didn't mean to imply anything. I ramble sometimes. I hope you weren't offended.


Naw. Just wish more would notice this story exists.

4907944 Oh I understand. I felt the same way through the first few chapters of my story. Didn't get much response, probably because it's a crossover with G1. Still, this is a great story.

Was this inspired by the contrast between the hatedom you've encountered toward G3 and the sweetness that was G3 itself?


Maybe. A good writer knows when not to say yes or no.


I've noticed that some writers strongly reject the goodness which is at the core of all the MLP series (even the second series) and think that they could "improve" the verse by making it amoral and nasty. You may think that I trend that way, but actually I don't -- I just apply Ponies Aren't Perfect (and the fact that they live in a world with some really nasty non-Pony threats) to result in enough bad luck, bad choices and simply thoughtless choices that the protagonists have to be strong to surmount such obstacles. They may not be perfectly wise or lucky or moral, but the important point is that they try to be good, and for the most part achieve some success at it. And my long-term trend is toward optimism -- the Ponies have become better than they were in their multi-millennial journey upward, they have bounced back from one disaster after another, and they are headed for the stars.

I have Luna say some of this more or less explicitly in Divine Jealousy and the Voice of Reason:

And yet Ponies rose again! That is the most marvelous thing about the species which I have chosen to become. Nothing defeats you for long, If even some of you survive, you will form families, clans, tribes, tribal nations ... you will be moved by the desire to do good to one another, rediscovering compassion, ethics and morality. Only a complete annihilation could stop you -- and as long as my Sister and I remember you, even that might not suffice, for we would do our best to recreate you on some new world. For one of the greatest victories of survival Ponykind has won, unawares, was in winning Our admiration and friendship.

The Sisters are the ultimate My Little Pony fans.

i looked at a g 3 episode, and it wasn't that bad so we shouldn't burn that universe.... but what about g 3.5.... can we at least toast it a bit....


Twinkle Wish Adventure. Where the ponies were allowed to have FLAWS (most notable Scootaloo was allowed to have a personality.)


Did you ever read and comment on that alternate universe Twilight Sparkle dreamed about?


What did you think of the story itself?

5234043 was that episode g3.5? the only experience i was treated to was a strange world where everyone were babies, no ones mouth moved, EVER, and sweetie belle had the look of the eye of mordor


That was Newborn cuties. Where I think the animation staff ran out of money.


Like I said, I think the animators just ran out of money for the new born cutie shorts. Or flash animation was just too primitive at the time.

Yay, I like all the pony gens!^_^

I don't believe it, but you just changed my view on the entire franchise. I mean, I was never one to outright insult something just because I wasn't in to it, but I had always wrote G3 off as just the girly crap FIM had to distance its self from. But now, you made me realize that all the incarnation at their core share the same themes: love, friendship, and exceptince, and it's kind of hypocritical to blatantly insult another incarnation of the show, when doing so deifies the basic themes of the series.

I especially love, how you were able to not only flesh out characters stereotyped as being one denominational, but actually get me to sympathize with their plight. This actually made the story surprisingly suspenseful, and I actually wanted to cheer for a bunch of characters I previously thought of as just one note joke characters. All n all, not bad.:moustache:

Oh, and as a little side note: I would really like to see both rarities interact with each other. The RDs and Pinks I think would just be awkward, but I generally wish I could see those two together.


Thanks. That was very much the entire point of this. G3 will never have the production value or the quality of G4. Or the action of G1. But to be honest, I think it WORKS for what it was going for, and a lot of gems hidden among the material meant to sell toys to little girls. And thanks, I did want to give some personality to these characters! Thanks!

And I imagine G3 Rarity meeting RD and Rarity meeting G3 Rainbow Dash!


Yeah, that also could be an interesting meeting. Someone should right about that. By the way, do you think there will be any continuations of this story?


Darn. Well at least it was a good one shot. Tell me if you reconsider.


Exactly. It IS a good one shot. And I've learned that one shots that spawn sequels GET OUT OF CONTROL.


Fair point. Whelp, it's been nice talking to you, maybe I'll try some of your other works.

Oh, and as one last side note: I think I'm going to do the whole meeting each other idea. And thinks once again for a good story.


I'll LOVE reading it!

And it's ironic that Minty, the G3 pony with the deepest personality, was the one dropped in G4!!!

I really love this story. I am a fan of all generations, the first MLP cartoon I ever watched being Rescue at Midnight Castle in 1984. After I became a fan of FiM I watched some G3 and Tales before I even knew what a brony was. I was surprised to find that some bronies had an intense hatred for past gens. Fics like this one are sorely needed. Thank you.


G3, G2, and G1, ALL play BIG BIG roles in the Pony POV Series.


While G3 was the least mature version of the show, it did what it was designed to do. And World's Biggest Tea Party was loved by my littlest niece when I got her the DVD.

I've just recorded the audio for a reading of this, and I'm currently doing the editing as we speak!



I HAVE TO hear this when it's ready!


I'll be sure to send it to you!

Alex, why?! Why are there so few of you authors!? I need more multi-gen crossovers that work as well as this!


Because it's 'cooler' to say how 'lame' they are.

I'm laughinv. Nightmares manifest in physical form, get blown up by love and friendship :)

Happy ending for all those involved.

I know I'm kind of late to the party here, but thank you. Before I read this story two or three years back, I was embarrassed to admit the supposedly unwatchable Generation Three of My Little Pony came off as kind of charming to me. This is the story that made me realize it's ok to enjoy the past generation, even if they're not quiet up to the quality of G4 and outright hated by others in the fandom.


G3 knew what it was trying to be and was able to be exactly that. The continuity was rebooted three times. New Born Cuties looks like it was made just to round out the budget and did NOT make me want to buy the newborn cuties toyline. But the songs are memorable. The backgrounds are friggin' BEAUTIFUL! (more beautiful than anything G4 has produced I'm sadly forced to say.) It has MINTY! Tomboy Rarity. Fashionista Rainbow Dash. Who are actually enjoyable characters. And Twinkle Wish Adventure is again good for what it is, and the ending song is friggin' heartfelt! And I feel like if given time to grow, G3.5 might have become something, in particular the characters were allowed to have flaws!

I just grew tired of people calling it 'not real' compared to G4.

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