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My own idea of where the Green Smooze came from. The last leg of the Paradise Ponies' fight against the witches. And how the heck the Smooze became a 'friend' of Discord's. And WHY is the Smooze green?!

I know this'll never be what happened in canon if they ever bother to show where the G4 Smooze came from, so I just went with what I felt made a good story. So just enjoy it! Optional Canon. Wrote this in a day.

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Mod Smooze Lyrics written by request of Kendell2.

Cover art by BB-K.


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Nothing Can Stop, The Smooze!

You couldn't resist, could you?

Hydia was busy recording everything she knew about black magic into tomes along with countless cursed charms including a cursed book that would grant the user untold power plus liberating them of all the icky good things like morality and inhibitions. Hydia also said anyone who said they didn't remember what they did after using it was a liar.

The Inspiration Manifestation book?

But today would be the day Reeka finally made her mother Hydia proud.

Wait, is she the thin one or the fat one? *checks* Fat one.

"I'm gonna make the Smooze!"
"!...We don't have the ingredients left for that you fool, and Flutterponies right on top of us!"
"I've made a NEW Smooze!"
"Oh? And they're going to beg to have Classic Smooze back once they find out how wonderful it is? Do something useful!"
"It is useful!" The pudgy witch insisted to her mother. Reeka was standing over a cauldron she had barely used before. But being stuck inside Mount Gloom she had time for little else but actually read how the concoction worked. Hydia appreciated the irony that all it took was for one of her spawn to actually learn how to do use dark magic properly was the betrayal of one and the complete annihilation of their family!


"Just like Grandpa made the Blue Smooze, and you made the Purple Smooze!" Reeka said getting up, making extra sure to dust herself up to look as presentable as possible. "I give you, the Green Smooze!"

Wait, Blue Smooze, Purple Smooze? What?

Hydia wondered what she was talking about until her daughter opened her hand to reveal a round little blob of green slime.
"Reeka that's anti-gravity slime you nimrod!" Hydia kicked her.

Give it a minute.

"THAT! Has to be! The most worthless and pathetic incarnation of the Smooze in the history of our family! At least your great-great-auntie's Cube Smooze was bad for cleaning dungeons!"

Cube Smooze?

"I'M A WITCH STUPID! I don't love anything!"
"I mean you won't hate it!"
"That's better. But it's still as big a failure as you!"
"At least I didn't turn on you like Draggle!"
"Don't mention that name!"
"Yes, Hydia! But let me just show you what it can do!"
"...Fine! I could use a bad laugh! If nothing else it should buy me a few minutes to make a few more black magic artifacts!"

You know, having seen the Smooze special, I can appreciate this, it's nice, it shows that after all this Reeka is finally getting serious and Hydia is willing to let that thing try.

Holding a white flag, Reeka called out with a megaphone.
"Ponyland! Surrender! Or be destroy by the unstoppable invincible unbeatable Smooze!"
Queen Rose Dust lowered her eyelids as she fluttered above the mouth of Mount Gloom along with the rest of her swarm of Flutterponies. Was she REALLY threatening FLUTTERPONIES with the Smooze? In the long history of Hydia's family, no version of that nasty brew had ever been able to withstand the Utterflutter, it was as if being vulnerable to it was written into it's genes. "The threat of the Smooze is past witch. Surrender and you will be treated humanely."

This is actually funny. I can see Rose Dust's mind going "Really? Really?"

The green Smooze nodded at its creator and hopped out of her palm and began bouncing towards the gathered armies and heroes.

Out of her palm, guess Discord must have fed it a few more gems before bringing it to the Gala.

Ponies braced themselves for the coming flood of purple smile or the blue slime monster, or a tentacled pink slime, but...nothing? Finally Megan took out some binoculars and spotted the tiny Smooze and sharing it with her pony friends.

Pink tentacle Smooze? What? Explain Alex explain!

"A green slime monster?" Ribbon said taking a turn. "How generic."

It kinda is.

"Don't be too hard on her. She tried her worst," Draggle said.

You're too kind.

"Do we HAVE TO wipe it out?" Morning Glory asked her queen. "I mean, it's so small and helpless."
Honeysuckle rolled her eyes. "Morning Glory, not now please."

THis is kinda funny.

Queen Rosedust signed. "Make it quick and painless my Flutterponies. It's still large enough to infect some ponies. Switch to Utter Flutter!"

Well, she's not wasting time.

Megan thought about it. "WAIT! They KNOW you can wipe the Smooze! Why are they just sending out one that can't win?"
"A distraction?" Danny asked, suddenly on guard for much something worse.
"Maybe they WANT the Flutterponies to use Utter Flutter on it?" Molly asked suddenly scared.
"Maybe they're just buying time," Spike suggested.

Genre Savviness, nice.

The Green Smooze actually slithered out of the way the massive Utter Flutter, the Flutter Ponies weren't used to such a small target.

I see, the Green Smooze is an apprentice of Abridged Piccolo, for it has mastered the ancient and obscure art of DOOODGE!

Then...it leapt right onto the wizard Mothert's staff, EATING the jewel on the top. Sir Alonzo instantly cut the thing in two, which instantly pulled itself back together and took a bite out of the edge of his sword.

It's working.

All Hades broke loose a moment later. The Smooze bounced around, attacking every mage in turn, eating every spell jewel or crystal nearby, growing bigger as it went, sloshing about. Ponies and their friends scattered to avoid it, having dealt with the Smooze one too many time to stand around gawking.

Smart ponies. Also, one too many timeS.

The Smooze tried to eat the Moochick's staff, but he managed to distract it feeding it his pocket watch instead. The Moochick made to turn the green Smooze to a moss. The spell...simply went THROUGH it. &nbsp;

OK, what's with that thing at the end? It appears in Tree Hugger's story too. Also, guess even Moochick can't phase it.

The combined force of the Earth ponies, Crunch, the Crab Nasties, and Stone Backs, managed to corner it, desperate to do so while it was still small enough to corral.


The Flutterponies didn't need to be told, they hit the creature with Utter Flutter, dead center. The Green Smooze shuddered, and splattered under the power of Utter Flutter...then PULLED ITSELF BACK TOGETHER?

The Green Smooze is like Majin Buu, good luck beating it without obliterating every single piece of it.

Everyone stared in blind, silent shock, including Hydia...until laughter broke the silence.
"This Smooze is Utter Flutter Resistant!" Reeka laughed.

Reeka, you Magnificent Bitch I read your BOOK! (Hilarious thiing is, she'd take it as a compliment.)

"THAT'S CHEATING!" Lickety Split II shouted.

No, it's called being smart.

"OH! It got me!" Sundance said covered in green slime. "Wind Whistler! I've always been jealous of your friendship with Megan!"
"At least I know it is the Smooze speaking those hurtful words." The logical pony said calmly.

What are you, Spock?

"We're doomed." A slimily Shady said.

"I AM NOT getting stuck in some amateur-hour horseapples as being the tough pony beaten so the new guy can be shown how tough they are!" General Firefly snorted and cursed wildly trying to break free of the Green Smooze covering her wings.

Adaptational Badass is in full play and I love it!

"I wish! I wish! I wish!" Twilight shouted, trying to turn the Smooze before her into sparkles, or the ground underneath it, but instead her horn just bubbled.

It's Anti Magic, like Sombra's dark crystals, it's not gonna work.

"Yes dear, but I could have just teleported out of the way remember?" Button said none of the Smooze on her.

Yes, teleporting being a basic spell back then.

"Oh, right, sorry." Slugger apologized, covered in slime. &nbsp;"Uh, Aren't I supposed to be feel nasty now honey?"

Nope. And against with the &nbsp; what's with that?

Reeka snorted. Laughing. "You ponies! This Smooze doesn't block all that nasty goodness, that's HOW I made it immune to Utterflutter!"

Oh she's god, also, Utter Flutter. Two words.

Sundance blushed. "Oh. Sorry Wind Whistler."
"Apologize accepted."


"HOW?!" Megan shouted. "How'd you make the Smooze immune to Utter Flutter Reeka?"
"Like I'm gonna tell you!" Reeka snapped. "But good luck using any kind of magic ever with it on you!"

OK, I officially like this fic. I may not be a big fan of G1, but I'll admit it has it's moments, this is pretty clever.

Even Draggle couldn't stop herself from being impressed by her sister. "... Reeka did it, she's become the Witch of Witches, even Great Gran Granny Queen Lilith never managed to make the Smooze resist to the Flutterponies."

Yep. Credit where credit is due, if she had done that earlier, she would have become a far more dangerous threat.

"Reeka." The elder witch said, finally breaking out of her stupor.
"Yes Hydia?"
"You can call me mom."
Reeka was stunned silent for a moment. "Yes mom."
"I want you to know, dear, I no longer despise you."
"Wow, really?"
"Yeah, now I furiously envy you instead!"
Reeka sniffed. "Thanks, mom!"

This is actually very heartwarming, Reeka's finally getting the approval of her mother.

"GIVE UP! The Green Smooze is invincible!"

And it is awesome!

"Ahgg! Time to play!" Hydia shouted, and her ever loyal giant cyclops spider rose out of the mouth of Mount Gloom, and Hydria rode on top of the beast.


"NOTHING CAN STOP!... THE SMOOOOOZE!" Reeka did a little dance.

And ya jinxed it. Catchy song though.

Things were total chaos. Megan lost track of who was doing what, and coordination broke down among 'Prince Scorpan' and his men and their elfen allies. The Flutterponies had been given the job of putting down the Smooze if it was used, while the others dealing with what remained of the witches other forces. And Reeka's new Smooze didn't fit the normal behaviors of its predecessor. Moving with intent and direction rather than trying to steamroll everything in its path.

I noticed how you put quotation marks around Prince Scorpan, nice. Also, this Smooze is smart, to a degree anyway.

Even the ice magic of the penguins only stopped it once, before it shattered and was now immune to it. In fact it just ATE UP the shiny ice that had incased it and grew even larger.

It's like the Borg, no matter what you do, it's only going to stop it/them once before it adapts. Also, Encased.

"No," Megan said. "They want us to run. We run, they build up their defenses, rebuild their monster army, the scattered witches gather, and they can just inside Mountain Gloom for however long it takes them to start this war again. AND they'll have that Smooze with them."

Mount Gloom. And she's right.

"We need time to analyze this new form of Smooze, Megan. To continue blindly when our current tactics are ineffectual would be foolish." Wind Whistler said.

Agreed, Mr Spock.

General Firefly repeated the order. Prince 'Scorpan' did the same. Prince Philippe, Captain Crabnasty, and the other officers did so as well. Queen Rosedust sighed, feeling nothing but shame at her swarm not being able to fulfill the one duty she felt nature itself had given them.

Again those marks around Scorpan's name, related to Tirek's story no doubt. Also, it is Rose Dust or Rosedust?

"We won!" Reeka laughed. "Good work Smoozy!"
The green Smooze smiled at the praise and approval of its creator.


"You fool! Go after them! Don't give them a chance to breath!" Hydia snapped. "Besides, now they're on the run, this is the best part! This is for my father, you little brats!"

BreathE. Also, smart Hydia.

"Something bad is chasing you - have you heard the news?
Get inside, it's new and improved - nothing can stop this Smooze!" Hydia sang.

You know what, imma do it.

The Green Smooze was tireless. At the Moochick's suggestion, they began dumping jewels, enchanted objects, and other treasures in its path, which it stopped to devour. Button's own magic proved very useful in that regard, turning tiny pebbles and rocks into semi-precious stones. The Smooze stopping to eat every time.
"WHY ARE WE HELPING IT GET BIGGER AND STRONGER?!" Captain Crabnasty exclaimed.
"This isn't a battle we're going to win by overpowering it," said the Moochick. "I've seen every variety of Smooze ever created from Lilith's Smoss to Hydia's Purple Smooze, but none of their weaknesses are working on this one."
"On the bright side, we've lured them out of Mount Gloom," 4-Speed said, the big brother ponies carrying the lion share of those depowered by the Smooze sans Slugger who was covered in the weakening slime.

True, but making it stronger is a bad idea.

"Can't you make some kind of GOOD Smooze to fight your sister's?" Gusty asked Draggle.
"I could try, but the Smooze is our family's most complicated recipe," Draggle explained. "I might be good at light magic now, but even with the Moochick's help it'd take me weeks to figure it out and I don't think we've got that!"

Doubt it.

"And all this time." Shady said. "I thought the witches had finally run out of new dirty tricks to make sure we couldn't win. Their ghost queen. The blue Smooze. The tornados. &nbsp;Opening the portal to that monster's world. I wish we could just make the Smooze go away."

Again with the thing, take it out! Just hit control F and type the thing in when in edit mode, remove then, and voila!

"...SHADY YOU'RE A GENIUS!" Megan exclaimed.
"Magic Star! Wind Whistler! Twilight! Moochick! Galaxy! Glory! Mothert! Queen Rosedust! I have an idea!"

Oh dear.

The Green Smooze followed the retreating heroes like ants do a trail of sugar. Hydia and Reeka didn't care where they were running. Because that's all they were doing, running. They were just delaying the inevitable at this point. And they left a trail of slime in their wake.
The now giant mass of green witch's brew giggled and grunted in delight.
The seaponies manages to give the green Smooze a few minutes of trouble before it flooded their rivers that crossed its path and were forced to retreat.

They're stalling.

"This is the spot?" Magic Star asked.
"I'm sure of it." Galaxy said.
"I can assure you it is," Mothert nodded his bearded head. "I still have the bruises."
"Queen Rosedust! Now you flutterponies DO have something to delay for!" Megan said.
"We shall do our best!"

What are you planning?

"We shall honor your request Hydia!" Queen Rosedust said. "Flutterponies! Switch to Utter Flutter! And don't stop even if your wings fall off!"
Her loving and loyal children didn't hesitate to obey their queen. With grim determination, they faced against their natural enemy.

Oh boy.

"Okay...whatever happens, don't break the spell circle or...it'll get really messy really fast. Or that's what Hydia said." Draggle added, her inside knowledge of the attempt being invaluable.

I see.

Gusty using her magic to KEEP AWAY any wind that might disrupt their work, and Fizzy making a giant bubble for extra protection.
The ponies working as quick, AND CAREFULLY as they could.
"There are no second chances for this, and should something go wrong, we'll have been better off with the Smooze." Said the Moochick.

Most likely.

"When it comes to witches brews, Smooze is what we choose!
We won't stop - nothing else can top our unstoppable Smooze!
Smoze! Nothing can stop! The Smooze!"


Paradise read through the passage again. Something 'borrowed' from a witch's house. "Okay, I've got it translated, word for word."
"It has to be syllable for syllable dear!" The Moochick said, he and Draggle combining their light magic to keep protective wards up just in case something happened.
"That too!" Paradise insisted. "...If I go crazy from reading this...don't let me ruin any of my story books."


"Three to go." Hydia laughed. The green Smooze began to surround the mesa. The Smooze couldn't wait for the pain-bug-horses to all drop dead and he could get back to eating.

So they can hurt him, but not stop him.

"Megan. I have now double checked every line, angle, connection, rune, and degree of-!"
"Triple check it!" Magic Star said.
"We're out of time!" Molly said. "The Flutterponies aren't going to last that long!"
"If we mess up it would have been better if the witches won!" Magic Star said.

So we're told.

"I LOVE IT when you talk like that mom!" Reeka cackled as only a true witch can.
"Oh Reeka, you've even got the witch laugh down! You truly are a worthy witch!"

This is so sweet, yet twisted.

Magic Star considered, for the second time that minute to risk using the Alicorn Amulet, it would destroy the Smooze as a triviality...Maybe it would be simpler, be easier. Magic Star could certainly control herself that long right? Shady had gotten her out of it once before right? It certainly had to be safer and saner than this. Yes...the Amulet, just the Amulet . . .
"Magic Star! Your eyes! They are discolored!" Wind Whistler whisper.
Magic Star looked in a mirror provided, snapping back to her senses, seeing the red light within fade, and shuddered. 'I'll never be completely free of it. What did Megan call it? An addiction? I'm going to have to deal with this for the rest of my days.'

I feel like I'm missing some context.

"Discord Rocks! I smell like socks!" Paradise read, hopping on one hoof. On top of a jar filled with rainbow dye colored apple sauce (provided by AJ and Twinkle). Wearing rabbit wears. "Chaos rules. Order drools. I'm loyal to my three best friends first and last: My, Myself, And I. Laugh at others. Give to yourself. The truth is misleading. Kindness is a weakness. Never say yes to the world. The rules are made to be broken. Lulu has a very nice plot, but Sunny's is nicer. Across the void between states of existence, I speak what is not to be spoken. I open what should not be open. Our descendants will all be nudists. The Keyword is: Chaos Is Magic."

That's Discord alright.

The Rainbow of Light swirled around it like a tornado, the Moochick, Draggle, and several mages having to do their hardest to keep it JUST out of reach of the portal to prevent it from causing an explosion from opposites touching.

Makes sense, the Rainbow of Light is Harmony so if it touches the portal to Discord's realm...

Screams were heard. No pony saw what was on the other side of the portal. All they heard was random nonsense. And sweet whispers promising cotton candy and chocolate milk and no bed times.

Sounds like Discord's realm.

The tornado of the rainbow of light rose up as the green Smooze closed in, then sucked the green witch's brew down, down into the hole.
"DON'T GIVE UP Smooze!" Reeka shouted.
And it obeyed its beloved creator to the best of its ability. Against the second most powerful combined magic the ponies had ever seen...the green smooze resisted the black hole like force. It held onto the sides, and began to push itself back up out of the hole. It pulled every last drop of itself scattered over miles into one place to put all its might into resisting the pull.

Impressive resistance.

The Bushwhoolies did the unthinkable...they began to tickle the green Smooze.

You're kidding.

"SMOOZY!" Reeka cried out in despair. "YOU'LL PAY FOR THIS PONIES!!!!"

She's mad.

Ahgg fell protecting his mistress, toppled into the lava of Mount Gloom after losing a long struggle with Crunch, the ever devoted giant spider's loyalty and will to protect his mistress somehow managing to protect him from Crunch's petrifaction till the very end.


Hydia fell when the Moochick gained the upper hand, but Megan used the Locket containing the Rainbow of Light to deflect an instant death curse back at her in the Moochick's defense, evil magic so black that Hydia knew she was forfeiting her witch's longevity just using it (Megan was believed dead for several moments from merely being so close to it).

She used an Avada Kedavra? Yikes.

Reeka went down fighting against the strongest and fastest and powerful of the ponies and their allies, releasing spells of black magic she'd never been able to cast before, trying to avenge her creation. Mimic, Galaxy, and the Moochick, all being hard pressed even when it was now an entire army against one.
Reeka called on every bit of hate and rage her family carried, forming it together into big black center of dark magic that would give Queen Lilith pause. Asking no none for permission, and hesitating for only a moment, Princess Tiffany used herself as a distraction against the witch . . . in the next moment, the war was won.

So, Reeka is a Sith. Also, asking none for permission, or no one.

The pegasus princess was bed bound in a coma for days, but lived. She would turn ill on the anniversary of that battle for the rest of her days. She and her five sisters had much to do.

Considering she was most likely affected by dark magic, it's probably the magic giving her the middle finger as best it can.

The six Princess Ponies would spend the rest of their days laying the foundations of the Age of Wonders. Princess Sparkle, the only unicorn of the six, and the last of them, would die of old age just as it cracked its dawn.

Princess Sparkle. Hm...

The ponies had no way to open the portal and let Wishful out without letting, things the Moochick said must NEVER be let into the world. So instead they merely made a statue in his honor.

Better than nothing I guess.

The Realm of Chaos...was not meant for mortal beings...only the very brave and the determined (like mail ponies) had any chance of getting in and out with their sanity and forms intact...
And as it was ...the random magics of the realm of Discord, or rather, the very presence of Discord itself, did not obey such trivial rules like 1+1=2...The portal had been meant to carry one, their spirits twisted and fused...and what came out...was a small green blob, innocent and oblivious to its strange surroundings, not once desiring to cover them in muck for the sake of it, feeling confused.

I see, that explains it.

"MY MY MY WHAT WE HAVE HERE?" Discord's face appeared on every surface around the green blob that looked at Discord without fear, simply innocent curiosity like that of a newborn. This surprised the then youthful Concept of Chaos itself. "Hmmm...you're interesting...sometoy was knocking on my door and gave the club password...was it you? ...Care to stay here and have some fun?"
The Smooze thought that sounded interesting, and nodded.

And that's how Equestria was made.

Hydia: "Rotten ponies! I'll see you in Hel --" BOOM!
And the first thing she sees is Mortis. Who probably carts her off to Judicium and whoever else among the Alicorns sits in judgement on the dead. (Or more likely, waits to see if they'll hang themselves or not.)
Judicium: "Now to see just what sort of a life you lead here. Ah the account of your bad deeds..." *Scroll drops down off the desk before Judicium, hits the floor, unrolls out the door, and probably ends up in some other alicorn's personal realm.* "... This may take a while."

While funny at first, this is Fridge Horror when you realize that Judicium is used to dealing with this stuff and even for him, her list of crimes is massive.

(Well this was a fun play by play to do, anyway, getting back into the spirit of things, can't wait for the next chapter of Season 8. In the meantime, this is ShadowLDrago, signing off.)


Read Mixing of Trixie if you want answers for the parts you feel are missing.


... I see, I think.


Of course. I must admit, this was a pretty clever way of creating the Green Smooze. Wonder how Hydia and Reeka would do against the current Mane 6 and if the original Purple Smooze would be vulnerable to the EOH? It'd be interesting if it could defeat it, or survive it and they had to combine the Rainbow Power with an alternate version of the EOH and the Rainbow of Light from EQG, a triple Rainbow to the face. That alone would have been epic. Not likely to happen any time soon, but still. I'm curious, would Tirek have been able to eat the Smooze's magic or the witches' magic?


I still the cooler things think a ting-yang bomb between the rainbow of lights and darkness (since Starlight Glimmer shows there can be such a thing as too much harmony.)


That'd be epic. Didn't it happen in the Light World in Grogar getting hit by the elements of Harmony and the Elements of Chaos in a side fic by Aradashir or something?


That was by Kendell2, and yes.

6008842 "THAT! Has to be! The most worthless and pathetic incarnation of the Smooze in the history of our family! At least your great-great-auntie's Cube Smooze was bad for cleaning dungeons!"

Cube Smooze?

I believe this is a reference to the infamous Gelatinous Cube from AD&D, basically a man-eating blob monster that's 10' x 10' x 10' in the form of -- what else -- a perfect cube.

EDIT: Whoops, scooped by Alex Warlorn.


Perfect for cleaning dungeons.

6011452 Did a great job of mopping up on after unwanted guests, too.

You are welcome. That episode was fascinating to watch and alt backgrounds you've provided are a nice touch. Wasn't expecting the Smooze at all in the show. I should have. Was wondering why he was green.

How disappointing and shitty.


I'm sorry you were not entertained. This was intended as a side story to the pony pov series.

Well it needs a bit of work, but I liked the explanation a lot.

Huh. I kinda liked this smooze.

Thank you dude! Hope you enjoyed the tale!


Draggie betrays Hydia
Witch Queen Lilith
Witches having monster army
General Firefly
A ghost queen
Opening a portal to some monster's world
Six Princess Ponies
Magic Star having the Alicorn Amulet
Witches trying to summon a spirit of destruction with a rune
Moochick being Draggle's master

When did these happen? I want to watch these scenes!

So it didn't happen in the actual show? Bummer

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