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Minty sees things
from her own point of view.
In everything old,
she brings out the new.
Her friends say her logic
is a bit upside down,
but she'll make you smile
when you're wearing a frown.
She has a mint green body
and pink-and-white locks.
She loves to collect things --
especially socks!
~ from Storybook Collection

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She does not compare to Minty.
And Minty and Pinkie Pie are the cuter couple!

I feel like reading that description/media-excerpt any more times will summon Minty and she will do weird sock things- to us.

Minty needs more love, like bruh

403869 With that profile pic, the way you wrote good, seemed terrifying.

Comment posted by Koipondponies deleted Dec 14th, 2015

403863 tempted to steal half of his socks so he'll only have mismatched ones ooooor just harass him with socks, everywhere he goes, everywhere he looks there'll be socks :trixieshiftleft:

I can't believe I know a guy who really doesn't like Minty! :fluttercry:

Otherwise known as best old generation pony

370983 Minty is best pony! She shall never be defeated!

A new cult? This should be entertaining. And, in the end, delicious.

We worship a new, minty mare, these days.

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