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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety. Some of my stories are available as books; see my userpage for details.


When the Cutie Mark Crusaders go missing during a school camping trip, Miss Cheerilee enlists the help of Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Rarity to help find them. When the search turns up no trace of the three intrepid fillies, everyone begins to suspect the worst.

But their fate is unlike anything anybody could have expected...

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This was NOT how I expected it to turn out!!! Freakin HILARIOUS!

:pinkiegasp:wow man lolz didn't see that coming

Those three fillies are gonna get into some really deep trouble one of these days. But ya gotta admit they are just ada'wwwable with their shenanigans

(well, the hiding part at least...)

I did not see that coming. Bravo!

Question: How did they not suffocate?

Ah, poor, poor Cheerilee. That's one way to get your blood pressure up.

I wonder if they just waited to get to Ponyville before letting the girls out of the bags. :trollestia:

I'll read it later. For now, time to slay some dragons!

Great twist at the end! :rainbowlaugh: This is a really fun short to read.

Good concept, good execution, good pacing. None of the characters are over-the-top or out-of-character, and the dialogue is well-done.

Upped and favved! :pinkiehappy:


I said I'd read it later, and I have read it.. not later but now. :facehoof:

Good story, good dialogues but there is one thing: I think you could have 'expanded' (as in, included:pinkiecrazy:) the search for the CMC's by AJ, Rarity and Rainbob (funny and almost impossible typo, I have no idea how I did that :derpytongue2:).

Have a Schna.... Ah, you know what I'm going to say so... just.. Take this: :moustache:

OK, I didn't saw that coming. Have an upvote for well-written originality.

I was getting to the end of the chapter and thinking what the heck do they never find them this is a terrible story then ..... :rainbowlaugh: classic


And now that you've said that, someone is going to come along and dislike it. :rainbowlaugh:


Don't be, it's happened to me before. I got excited about a story reaching 100 likes and no dislikes, so I blogged about it.

Said story now has 3 dislikes. :twilightsmile:

2666837 Was it 'That Nagging Feeling'? Cause I just finished reading that. It seems all your stories are really popular.


It was, and they are. Granted I'm not the best author who ever lived, but I have my followers, and a lot of people who enjoy my work. That's all I really need.

I'd yell out nice and loud for the three in the bag to hear me: "Alright, students, everypony ready to wail on this pinata that looks suspiciously like my bag? Remember to use the thickest sticks you can find." :scootangel:

Author Interviewer

That punchline is so dumb, but I laughed so hard. XD I love this!


Thanks! I'm glad I could tickle your funny bone.

:rainbowlaugh:Didn't see that coming, good story!

Very cute, and funny too! I really liked the dialogue between the cmc’s too, and that ending had me laughing.:rainbowlaugh:

That ending is top notch. Dumb but top notch

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