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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.



This story is a sequel to Geoverse Part One: To Friend Is Human

After being shot and ending up in Equestria, Geo soon discovered that although having friends was great, falling in love with Twilight Sparkle was even better. However, fate conspired against him, and he ended up back in his own world. He thought that it was all a dream - until he received something in the mail which made him see otherwise.

With a renewed sense of determination, as well as the help of his best friend and a rather eccentric scientist, Geo begins planning his return to Equestria to be with the mare he loves again.


Part Two of the Geoverse.

Cover art by Skullman846.

Click Here to read Crimson Star's story, set after the events portayed in this one.

The character of Doctor Sorou is owned by my co-author, Crimson Star, and is used with permission.

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These ponies dont think very clearly, they have a TIME TRAVELING SPELL just go back in time and save Geo from dieing....
I know that cant happen cause that a fix-it-all-spell and those can never be used in stories that actually want to be interesting, but if this was real and they were acting like that I would have to slap them....a lot.


Also try and get a better picture. In applejackness, it dosen't look that good

Comment posted by Nanohuman deleted Mar 10th, 2018

1139135 Well did you consider that going back in time would just create a alternate timeline? A alternate future if you will, in one Twilight does not use it and but learns a spell to talk to the dead (aka the story). While in the other Twilight did go back in time, causing a split in the timelines making 2 different dimensions to be formed. This is basically a theory of how the universe would stop itself from having a paradox form, seeing as if Twilight went back in time and saved Geo, then the future Twilight would have no reason to go back in time, which would leave Geo still being dead. So to stop a paradox from forming the universe "splits" the timeline where one part of it goes down one path and the other goes down another. Hope you understand what I just said.


Come someone tell me how to reply and i understood what you both said basicly 2 realitys side by side doing different things but still messed with the otherand if he was in both at same time he would either be a mess or have 2 minds and he could possibly "jump" between them ;) i hope i got that right:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by Nanohuman deleted Mar 10th, 2018
Comment posted by Nanohuman deleted Mar 10th, 2018

1145518 Your argument is slightly flawed in that when the "future" Twilight went back in time she failed in actually changing anything, as the same event had happened to her. So no new timeline was created or altered because that was what had happened in the original timeline. But if Twilight went back in time here she would be creating a event that didn't happen the original timeline, so a new timeline would be created. Either that or the original timeline would be altered making the event that happen go in this order. 1.Geo dies. 2Twilight goes back to save him. 3. the timeline that the "future" Twilight came from would be altered to fit the events that occured. 4. Twilight would go back into the future and find that nopony but her remembers the original events and Geo would still be alive.
I kinda jumped around on the topics so it might be a little hard to understand :twilightsheepish: sorry.


1145518 thanks aand actually to create a paradox is to do something like kill you grandma so you dont exist since you dont exist you dont go back and kill your grandma so it will repeat itself till time stops you from doing it. It doesnt mean that you cant interact witth tour past self but if you do you need to do exactly what future/current you did

Comment posted by Nanohuman deleted Mar 10th, 2018
Comment posted by Nanohuman deleted Mar 10th, 2018


On Hiatus: "I can't update due to writer's block, family stuff, etc."
Incomplete: "I'm updating, but the story isn't over yet."

1158896 on hiatus means its not updating and incomplete means the story is not complete.
Though what i meant was, the pasts future is to be changed. So imagine the timeline as a string, the "string" is made of different colors and is thicker in some places than others. The "string" shows the timeline in the story, but then twilight goes back in time. So part of the "String" is identical as a part from earlier, the part when Geo dies, but is slightly changed, Twilight saves Geo, and then Twilight stays there and I guess shares Geo with the other Twilight... Man there really is no way to get around the other Twilight >_< no matter what you do, you end up with to many Twilight's... well at least if one of the Twilight's dies we have a spare. :rainbowlaugh:
You have proven your point on some points, but I believe that Twilight could have saved Geo with the spell. Remember this is MLP, things usually work out for the best, so its likely everything would have worked out for the better. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Nanohuman deleted Mar 10th, 2018


Putting a story on hiatus is just another way of saying you're taking a break from it. I put TLIH on hiatus because I had writer's block and couldn't decide what to do with it. But I've got some ideas now, so it's back to being Incomplete.

:twilightsheepish: :twilightsheepish: :twilightsheepish: :twilightsheepish: :twilightsheepish: :twilightsheepish:

finally i have been waiting for this you are a magnificent barstard geo i must say :derpytongue2:

Yes! No more Hiatus! *grabs bowl of popcorn* Now back to the story. :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Nanohuman deleted Mar 10th, 2018
Comment posted by Nanohuman deleted Mar 10th, 2018

Doctor Sorou is doing something with interdimensional travel isn't he?


Firs tand omg broken down and sobbing on the first day... he wont last long

sweet a new chapter so soon:pinkiehappy: and what a great chapter it was:pinkiegasp:


Wait a second what are the chances he meets a scientist who can see into otther universes AND put the portal for him to fall into and be there and by chance see the flier (i think its spelled like that) and take the job? TELL ME oh and MOAR I DEMAND IT I FEED OFF OF THER EMOTIONS MOAR!!!!!!!!!!

Can I first? Ah, hell, I don't care, either way.

Thanks for letting me be a part of this. I hope my story is just as interesting and awesome as yours.

This is what I get for not checking my notifications for a while. I miss that you've put out a new story!

But... Yay!!! Liking the new series, and will read on with great interest!

To all those debating temporal-mechanics, I would like to remind that time-travel is still a theory at this moment. It is speculation in the minds of astrophysists. Until we get a functioning time-machine, we won't know for sure exactly how it works.

Nonetheless, it is an interesting debate!


1225846 its not entirely a theory there are ways to be in what we right not call the future in a couple of weeks... a train going near the speed of light we getting close to a black hole at the right trajectory and not fly into it and die wormholes same place different times... why yes i know how to go to the future but to go back in time you have to pass the speed of light which is impossible because of the natural brake



1226178 Both a Light-speed (LS) mode of transportation and entering close proximity to a black-hole, at this moment are impossible with our current level of technology. Thus proving either as legitimate is not possible (at this time). Also, the mechanics of LS travel are not known at this time since again, our fastest vehicles only approach a fraction of the speed required to come anywhere near LS.

Yes, some of what has been said does correlate with popularly accepted theory in the science community at this time. However, I would remind, that until the circumnavigation of the globe, it was the popular belief that the Earth was flat. It was also assumed that the sound barrier was a physical limit until 1940's (1947 specifically, when the Bell X-1 officially broke the speed of sound). So until we get our first warp-capable (or other FTL) ship, we'll be left guessing!

Oh, Science, how I hate thee! I lie, I love thee!!! :rainbowkiss:


1226811 correction the germans during world war 2 made a rocke tthat went faster then the sound barrier we lost tons of troops when they did because they listened for the whistle of an incoming rocket also im not entirely certain when they were made or when it happened (historys not my strong.point) and we have technology that sends certain nuetrons faster than light enabling them to live longer than their 10 second life span but we are to big to go faster because of to much drag also if we discovered gravity sooner we could probably of established a base on the moon... so what? Im a nerd i dontncare what you think and YAY ANOTHER SCIENCE LOVER hard to come across these days


1228936 what was also i wish i could post photos from my nook it would be a lot easier then the internet


The bit about the Xbox was Crimson Star's idea.


1231500 oh okay now there in my turf PS3 RULES!!!!!! you ever heard of a game called crysis? Or crysis2? They are AWSOMER THAN RD you wanna know why?


I've heard of them, but never played them. But please tell me why they're better than RD?


1231551 when they first put them on xbox and ps3 the servers CRASHED HARDER THAN RD they that epic


... or the company seriously screwed up and messed the f*** out of the code.


Oh, it is a good point, but someones gotta take the blame!


1232557 no it worked for pc but the server messed up because of everything in the game... huge maps, giant explosions, treasures, able to tear heavy machine guns from thier tripods, different types of aliens, the flood, the spore towers, the heavily armoured giant robots, laser rifles, swarmers, flying land masses, huge mother ships, nukes, desises that melt people... you get the idea but theres tons more like the cell group oh i cant wait for crysis 3!!!!

so it was a matter of the systems not having enough processing (graphical?) power?


Dammit! Didn't realize that this would post on the next chapter! Sorry!

Great update Geo!

Cider has to be a tad confusing for international audiences. I was talking to a Brit friend of mine and over there from what I understand, cider is alcoholic, whereas in the States it's the exact opposite and found in the juice section of most grocery stores unless it's hard cider. The show confuses the fact even more so, because the beverage is served in beer steins and the fact that no foals were seen in line with the exception of Applebloom who was there because she lives on the farm. :rainbowhuh:


John will soon realise that Equestrian cider is nothing like the stuff he's used to, don't you worry. :rainbowlaugh:

And yes, cider is alcoholic here in the UK. Magner's is my own particular favourite brand. :rainbowwild:

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