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I am a Scotsman who writes stories, not all of which are of the self-insert variety.



This story is a sequel to Geoverse Part Three: To Live Is Human

This story will soon be rewritten from the ground up.

John has been in Equestria for a long time now, and he has made many friends. But he sees himself wanting to be more than friends with one of them. The thing is, does she feel the same way?


Part Four of the Geoverse.

The story is told in first person from John's point of view.

I felt that the character deserved his own story. So, why not tell the story of how he finally gets his own special somepony? This thing is really just a surprise for the people who have read To X Is Human. The story does contain references to said trilogy, so if you haven't read it - you won't get any of them.

This story is a bit on the moody side. I actually rewrote the Epilogue three times because I wasn't happy with it. I'm still not, to be honest. But it'll do.

Rated Teen for swearing and mild sexual themes.

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*clap clap clap* A fine story good sir.:pinkiesad2: Have a mustache:moustache:

so much lol in this chapter
"the fuck did you just say?"
i nearly died from laughter after reading this :rainbowlaugh:

I would just like to say thank god finally an OC/AJ ship that isn't 2nd person AJ doesn't get enough OC love it's usually a "you"/AJ ship and I'm just not that into those

This is what I get for not checking your stories.

This was awesome to great extent. I liked that bit about Caramel.


Maybe if you were Watching me, you'd have known about this sooner. :twilightsmile:

As for Caramel, I've read a few fics where he and AJ were an item, so I felt that it was only right he'd be the one she'd rejected.

A good start. Ps. FIRST! (I think)

Woo hoo you rock:yay:

A judge trying to go head to head with Celestia? Really? Are you stupid?
Come on John, pull your head out of your arse!!

1525124 Well if you think about it, it's a retentively peaceful country, so it's probably not necessary.

However, after these events, I think there will be new laws introduced, and it is a certainty if the portal is
still open.

D'aaawwwwww :twilightsmile:


That's Google AdWords for you.

Justifiable Homicide pony's! Heard of it!? Obviously not! Eughhh.

Now who else agrees that judge deserves a large dick drawn on his forehead?
(All of my OC's raise their hooves up)
Anyone else?(waits for a reply, and also, no mention of a feels shotgun this time)

Tears of joy, and a meme. Thank you good sir, have a mustache. :moustache:

Speaking of Lucky424's comment, is arse how you saw ass in the UK? Not trying to be racist, if it sounds like I am.

here some advice for
John (and yes this is a direct quote from the movie)

2976983 No. It's a slang for ass. Actually, they use ass as an insult, like we (as Americans(don't know where you are)) use jerk. They also use it far more than we (as Americans) do. Does that answer your question?

My other 5 personalities also agree. Sooo... Who has the pen?

Indeed AJ has very nice flanks.:yay:

1525124 actually Geo attacked Derek while he was punching John so he technically killed him out of the blue as far as the law goes
but then again Fifthteen fucking years he's going to miss his childs foalhood

Good story, they all are. I'm just not sure about the "main bread winner comment". Twi is an educated mare with a full time job and connections to royalty. I dont think money is a problem.


Thanks for pointing that out — I'm planning on rewriting this story at some point, so mistakes like that will be fixed.

DEREK WAS 49?! What? O_o


Really? That old?

I just made up a random number for his year of birth. :rainbowlaugh:

5498978 Yeah :rainbowkiss: I always thought he was 20 or something XD

the farmer and the spy..........
He better not try to sap my sentry

Considering all that Derek has done when he has been in Equestria and since he is not a citizen, I'd say Geo not only defended himself but defended Equestria itself from a imminent threat. He should be attending an award ceremony not a murder trial. :eeyup:

I had a grand relization. If you got into trouble with the court, just hire Luna.

As an example this would probably be how it goes.

He is innocent. Deal with it.

Something like that.

Holy crap Derek was old. Shoulda bumped his birthday up about 25 years or so.

I agree with the fact that derek did not only committed with attempted murder I do also believe that derek landed a hit on geo before getting stabbed through the Damned chest

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