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I'm Celestia and Luna's personal bard. Nature is my God, Art is my Religion, Love is the Law.


The Farmer and the Magician. The Earth Pony and the Unicorn. The mystic and the pragmatist. Who would have though that among the Elements these two are the closest of all?
(Romantic Friendship)

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Comments ( 35 )

I really like the pace, it fits the scene and is so leisurely.

We'r starting off nice and easy.
It will be interesting to see this story develop further

Enjoyable so far. :twilightsmile:

Dash cheated!!!

I'm betting that Fluttershy is the author of that novel.

Rarity was already seated on the checker-pattered blanker Might wanna fix this one.

Fixed. Thanks for the review.

I hate him.... he don't deserve to see Applebloom, it might be good for her though or it may turn out bad... but if he is going to be living in Canterlot then she will only see him ever once in a blue moon. He will only be another stallion, just the same as the rest for how little she would see him.
He had no reason to leave... I hope Granny doesn't forgive him.
I'm with AJ on this... I have not seen my father in 11 years... but unlike her I think I'm fine with that. But her and my situations are far different.

Can't say I can totally understand since me and my dad get along just fine but honestly I agree with Alexander. So far he's only shown barely any interest in his famliy and he's sounds like a flaick.
If the moment of trouble rears its ugly head and he high tails it out of town then it takes ten years to finally miss his own flesh and blood to come back only not entirely interested in being a father again. Sound's like waisted of effort if you ask me.
At least Applebloom should get to meat him so That she can know that she has a father.He's just not a really good one.

The guy doesn't seem like he's worth them wasting their time on. Hmmm. If it was just AJ and Mac it wouldn't matter that he doesn't stick around, but abandoning Applebloom a second time proves he's a dumbass. Anyway, good update. Looking forward to more.


Just as she got caught up in The Decline and Fall of Unicornia, a book chronicling the last rulers of the ill-fated, pre-Equestrian Unicorn Empire which Princess Platinum had tried to rebuild in Equestria.

It looks like somethings missing here. What happened just as she got caught up? From the next part of the paragragh I think you were going to add something about the tea pot whistling or something, but nothing happened.

6210186 That's why I need an editor. Thanks for pointing that out.

I wasn't sure what to expect by the end of it. I thought AJ might just clock the manager. I guess they're lucky they have the best ice cream in town or the girls would have gone off on her by then, lol.

My question is why aren't they moving to get the manager fired for I if I remember, most establishments go like this, warning for even talking down to a customer, suspension and then being fired, with being fired can go directly if actively insulting customers, which retard can be counted. I assume there are hire ups since you said manager instead of owner.
Otherwise, keep up the good work. There aren't that many good Twijack stories and hope you keep it up.

6429457 Oops. I don't remember much from those ancient days when I worked retail.

Good chapter... Of course I don't like the manager though...

Hope read a new chapter soon!

Huh... Twilestia... Nowhere near my favorite ship, but I'll live with it for the sake of this story. I have read this much of it and liked it, I might as well continue with it.
Keep up the good work!

half expect twilight to say something about she has not really seen or heard form her parents since she because the princess student.....

That is such a Twily thing

Hmm.... that's kinda cool that Twily is a archmage

Awesome intro, nice work. :twilightsmile:

"Advertisements are considered contracts for purposes of Equestrian tort law."

Bwhuh? Tort law doesn't deal with contracts, contract law deals with contracts. Unless you meant to have Twilight say that advertisements are offers under Equestrian contract law, or that merchants are liable for false or misleading advertising under Equestrian tort law.

(Yes, yes, nitpicky response to an ancient chapter. Sue me :twilightsmile: )

Well she is the element of magic. If she don't know the practice she can probaly learn then master it fast

Well at least Applejack got to move on. Good job and keep up the good work.

7407401Twi meant that companies are liable for misleading advertisements. (That...that would be tort law, right?)

Not sure if I would forgive him if I was in her place.
After all that would mean he was gone for years on end if he left after Bloom was born. :twilightoops:

Holy... every time that waste of space opened his mouth he seemed to dig himself a bigger hole...
Here is what I think AJ response should have been:

D'aawww! :heart:
Loved the chapter, good work!

Nice chapter, good work. :twilightsmile:

This is a great chapter, I love it!
There is something about this one that makes me just love it, and I can't figure it why... Oh well

I'm in the same boat as you, but we shouldn't forget his point of view. His wife died giving birth to his third child, it would be easy to blame everything that happened on him being greedy with wanting a bigger family. I'd still kill him in his sleep though.

An imaginary moment:

Why did Rarity dump Apple Runner? Well, other than her ability to recognize his lack of character, there was the song he sang while standing below her bedroom window:

Well, I've been lookin' for the words but not a thing fits,
Got a problem an' my heart keeps sayin' fix it!
Jus' lookin' at that filly's makin' me ditz,
An' I'm shakin' like a dog shittin' peach pits!

Another one of those stories in which for some inexplicable reason, the Ponyville locals don't know they've got super-star VIPs living in their town.

As for naming conventions, the Japanese have the tradition of the couple having to decide which family they will marry into. The Northern European traditions were more about protection. Messing with the or assaulting the women of a clan was one of the most common ways to start a blood feud that could end with dozens if not hundreds of deaths. Equestrians don’t use clan names as part of their names, much to the confusion of a thousand fanfics.

"There wasn’t any reason for me to stay.”

Ha, ha.:rainbowlaugh: You mean to tell me that after your wife died which took a toll on not only you but your entire family, that there wasn't any reason to stay? About being a father to your motherless children?!:flutterrage: I don't care how messed up your head was during her death, leaving your family when they recently lost a important member is idiotic. If anything, that should have given you a better reason to stay. Your children deserved better. :fluttershyouch:

“I will visit her, Jackie.”

Stop. Calling. Her. Jackie. You left your daughter for ten years, and you think you still have the right to call her that? Your honestly just gonna make things worse.

I love how angry this character made readers. Thanks for reading. :heart:

A unique take on the Apple's family situation. I wonder where AJs trip to Manehattan fits in?

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