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While talking to Princess Twilight Sparkle, a Royal Guard refers to Princess Celestia as 'Sunbutt'. He is quick to explain how he came to learn of the nickname, and suggests that Twilight should talk to Princess Luna.

So she does, whereupon she finds that Luna is all too happy to share a story with her...

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Loved every bit of it! :rainbowkiss:

Just found this around. Quite enjoyable. Good job!

"Well that was awkward," she grumbled. "I can only pray that she never finds out about the existence of 'Moonbutt'. That is one particular tale that Celestia would be all too eager to tell."


Artemis was always my favorite greek goddess,
I wonder what she would look like as a pony?

THIS WAS AWESOME!! I loved it! I like the sun zapping Tia the best! It was like this:

Just the rock bit. :ajbemused: :rainbowwild:


I had no idea Artemis was a goddess. The names of their parents are ones I read in another story (which I can't remember the name of).

To be honest, I think Artemis sounds better as a stallion's name. :twilightsmile:

:rainbowlaugh: so funny... and do moonbutt story!!! :pinkiehappy: :trollestia:

3448931 Based on the specific pairing of names and the making of Artemis the KING of Equestria, I'm willing to bet the author "borrowed" their names from Sailor Moon.

Anyway, hilarious story, and now Twilight can be "Starbutt"!

...and Cadance can be "Lovebutt"? :rainbowhuh:


I have no idea what Sailor Moon is. :derpytongue2:

3448999 That isn't even possible.

Well if you were to use a greek gods name there are many good ones to choose from.
I like Hyperion, the father of helios who was the god of the sun.


Then I shall change 'Artemis' to 'Hyperion'.

Thanks for the suggestion!

3448999 You must be completely unfamiliar with Japanese animation.

Thanks for being cool and not dismissing me with a,
"I'll name my characters whatever i want and if you don't like it then don't read the story!"
Type of comment.

MMMMMMMMM! I want some sunbutt..........Pfff hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha omg if I ever meet Celestia my first words will be Heya Sunbutt!

Please continue with the story of Moonbutt!

:ajsmug: sunbutt :rainbowlaugh: :moustache:


Whut. Seriously? By Celestia's crispy flank... It was literally everywhere in the early 90's. I mean... eaverwhere...

Maybe Cadence can be shinybutt? :trollestia:

3449543 Just because she has Shiny IN her butt... :trollestia:

I see what you did there :trollestia:

Oh jeez, do I really wanna know? :rainbowlaugh:
Alright, let's have a look-see.


Or, as in Diaries of a Madman, she can be Lovebutt.

It is not to be taken seriously.

:flutterrage: Comedy is always a serious business!

For real, though. Don't expect easier shots because you admit it wasn't your best.

3448988 Twily Sparklebutt. :facehoof:

SirFrogFinest of YouTube has nicknames for the princesses, and Sunbutt and Moonbutt are right up there, XD. He calls Cadence 'Lovebutt' and Twilight 'Studybutt'

I thought Celestia was going to drop it on her ass, but this works too.

But I must ask – nay, demand – that you keep what I'm about to tell you to yourself.

and everyone past the fourth wallPlease, continue.

Great story, but just a few errors.

1. Celestia and Luna have no parents that outrank them.

2. Celestia and Luna were born with their cutie marks.

Awesome story nevertheless!


How so? They aren't errors actually, but a writer's interpretation over the facts that have not been shown canonically.

3448988 I think it's more likely that Twilight would be Sparklebutt.

Hm, Moonbutt doesn't seem to roll off the tongue for me as nicely as Moonflank. I find that it's a better term since Luna's cutiemark nearly covers most of her flank. But that's just my opinion anyway, but Sunbutt is still the perfect nickname for Celestia's Royal Guard. And yes this was a entertaining oneshot.

It's silly to have a society based solely on glowing butt career tattoos, but I guess they aren't as perverted as humans. Well Derpy would be Bubblebutt, and that cutie mark shall forever be a mystery.

"I can only pray that she never finds out about the existence of 'Moonbutt'. That is one particular tale that Celestia would be all too eager to tell."

do it, do it now please?


What an amusing anecdote.

Nice job.

~Skeeter The Lurker

It's an interesting suggestion, actually. It wasn't the magic or the control, it was the relationship. Celestia got her cutie mark after the sun acknowledged her as a worthy playmate. :twilightoops:

Luna draped a wing across Celestia's back, pulling her closer so that the two were touching cheeks. "I believe in you, Tia," she said. "So the least you can do is believe in yourself."

Believe in the Luna that believes in you. th05.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/i/2011/314/5/f/my_little_pony__kamina_by_mikki_of_the_wind-d4fr1lk.jpg

Goddessdammit, Starbutt!

"Bubblebutt" sounds like a comment on the shape more than the symbols, doesn't it?


Moonplot has a nice... ring to it. :moustache:

Do a story on "Moonbutt"!:pinkiehappy:

3449549 I see what you did...also, :pinkiesick:

Eh... I hate to be 'that guy', but it just felt... off. I wasn't really feeling the sister dynamic btw. Luna and Celestia. I mean, there's nothing wrong with siblings who practically never fight, but at the same time... Felt weird reading it without there being any sibling rivalry or anything. No bickering, no fighting, it was just... Awkward for me to read. Twilight felt OOC as well, though mostly because she kept interrupting Princess Luna. Twilight is used to lectures, and books, and dry reading. She wouldn't be the type to interrupt a story so quickly asking why or how it's relevant to Sunbutt. It felt... forced. Like you thought we the audience would quickly tire of your story, and thus needed Twilight to do the interrupting for us.

Not saying this was a bad story, but for me, personally... It was only okay. :twilightblush:

I expected this to be a story centered around how huge and amazing Celestia's flank is lol.

Maybe it was the sun that gave her such an amazing flank through that beam and that was what her destiny was supposed to be after all, to have a huge flank. Lel.

Thank you for your time, guard, you may return to... whatever it was you were doing.

Some princess, she does not even take the time to learn the guard's name. "Return to your mopping, Insignificant Redshirt." (That is the guards name.)

"We were talking about Princess Celestia, but then he started referring to her as 'Sunbutt'.

The quotation mark at the end of "Sunbutt" should be on the outside of the period.

However the reason they gave you for using it is one I came up with to hide the truth.

You need a comma after "However."

That was a nice little one-shot. Nicely done.

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