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In a world where Sunset Shimmer did not go through the mirror, she tries to become a better pony.

In a world where Sunset Shimmer tries to become a better pony, she helps Celestia's new student, Twilight Sparkle

In a world where Sunset Shimmer helps Twilight Sparkle, well... a lot of things change

(cover by NightFuryStriker)

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Awww, this is cute! I haven't seen this take on Sunset and Twilight before. Nice start!


Sunset was definitely older than Twilight by a significant amount, She went into the mirror at around the age Twilight was when Celestia first took Twilight up as her student. But She stayed in High School for, at most, about three and a half years before coming back out. Twilight however, aged at least ten years between becoming Celestia's apprentice and freeing Luna from Nightmare Moon. This implies that there is a difference in the passage of time between the EG universe and the MLP universe. So Sunset would definitely be older than Twilight if she never went through the mirror.

Twilight never met Sunset during her studies with Celestia in the canon, which means that unless Celestia was specifically keeping them from meeting (I find that unlikely), Sunset is quite a few years older than Twilight.

I would like to point out that Twilight's cutie mark is missing in the cover art.

6646863 Heh, That was an oversight on my part, I was looking for Filly Twilight pictures to use.


Pony ages are nebulous at the best of times, but I always saw Sunset Shimmer as being several years older than Twilight, even if she doesn't look it. The fact that Sunset Shimmer knows advanced magic like teleportation implies that she studied under Celestia for some time, and then there must have been a further period of time between Sunset leaving and Celestia choosing Twilight as her new student. Not to mention that Sunset's "disagreement" with Celestia is something you'd expect more from a teenager than a filly. I can't see Celestia just allowing a filly Sunset to run off to another world. :)

I like it so far hope to read more soon

I like it, keep up the good work


Tracking this for now simply because of how unique the idea is. You definitely need a prereader and an editor, though.

6646799 EG tie-in comic shows a Twilight who is MUCH younger than Sunset.

Yeah, Sunset's background from the first EQ movie was always a bit odd. A simple timeline would have Sunset as Celestia's student before Twilight ever showed up (the comic went with that too), but that would mean she'd be her senior by a decade or something. Yet Sunset looked the same age as Twilight in both worlds. Not to mention the mirror portal only opening every 30 moons. Time passing differently between worlds is probably the closest to a complete explanation for that.

Interesting take on Sunset and Twilight's friendship, don't see this version that often. Though it helps that Sunset seems to have been scared into behaving better thanks to a vision of her raging she-demon self. Well, being looked up to by a young filly would appeal to early Sunset's personality too. Hopefully both are a good influence on each other.

D'aww. More please!

This looks promising, let's see where it goes.

That is such a sweet story. I can't wait to read more.

6646799 In the comic, 'The Fall of Sunset Shimmer', you see Sunset (looking as she does now) in the park studying while filly Twilight is having a picnic with Cadence & Shining behind her.

Interesting start. This story has potential.:twilightsmile:

This is something I've been wanting to see for a looonngggg time. I'm so happy to see someone actually writing a fic like this. Bonus points for proper grammar and spelling too. I shall be eagerly awaiting updates :twilightsmile:
(P.S. There really needs to be a Sunset emoticon on here. I mean really, there's a freaking Photo Finish one :coolphoto: but not a Sunset. Inner fanboy is most displeased)

Ha. I actually thought it was more likely that they'd be right on target. Celestia's cake-radar would have been tipped off by the whale of a Boston creme pie, and the two teleporters would land on top of the cake right as she was about to dig in. Literally.

I like this idea and I'm not surprised more people haven't written it.

The only thing that irks me is Sunset saying 'squirt'. It fits for Rainbow Dash but I just can't wrap my head around Sunset saying it.

But that's a minor thing I'll deal with. I look forward to more. Especially if we get some backstory.

Okay. I wasn't sure what I'd be getting into with this story, but it's certainly cute and has quite a lot of potential. I'm going to follow it and look forward to more.

I have to agree that "squirt" sounds rather out-of-character for Sunset to use – too Rainbow Dash; "kid" or some other diminutive seems more her style.

100th like. Good job with this story.

6646799 Remember...

She was fully grown when she entered the mirror.

Twilight was a filly when she hatched Spike.

Therefore, Sunset is older than Twilight.

BY a lot.


6647709 Won't be able to chat with you in fimfiction chat anymore. i was banned apparently.

Your argument holds merit, except for one tiny detail. In the movie, Celestia states that Sunset started her studies with her shortly before Twilight did. 'Though, since this thing is tagged AU, any argument against what the author has already established in the story is erelevent.

Shortly for a presumably immortal being is still a long time. To us, an elephant is huge. To a sperm whale an elephant, however, is tiny. Same thing is happening here - short might as well mean 10 years for her.

:twilightoops: I always forget the 'relative perspective' factor.:twilightblush:

I'll just follow this for now. The concept is intriguing enough to get me back for a few chapters at least. The writing's not bad though you repeated yourself a few times. Sunset not being able to hate Twilight being the most obvious example.

Can't wait to see Sunset completely humiliate Trixie.
It's going to be glorious.:trixieshiftright:

Please continue, you caught my interest. :heart:

Excuse me, but this story created a rather large interest in my room.

I'm going to have to inspect this and future disturbances while collecting the necessary data. Please provide more to continue my research.

Ok, how was that?


This was fun. Can't wait for the rest.

Nice chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next.


And maaybe Aliconr Shimmer?

Blow up the moon? Hmmm yeah I can how that would be a reasonable solution.

Yep, you can see Sunset's influence on Twilight: Blow up the moon...:pinkiecrazy:

Nice chapter and a pleasant time skip. I'm glad I faved this story.:yay:

Aww, a little disappointed that we won't be seeing tiny twilight anymore. But I guess you've got a storyline planned, or at least a focus for this story that requires mostly the show's timeline? That would be as interesting as what I originally thought this was gonna be (pre-show shenanigans).

That came sooner than I expected. I figured that something like this would be the last chapter, where the story was about Sunset and Twilight through the filly years and such. Still, I'm curious to see where it may go from here.

how far ahead are you gonna skip?

6658682 this is the Only Major Time Skip I have planned so far.

Always nice to head into the mind of sunset, especially when theirs a cute filly twilight waiting to defend you.:twilightsmile:

But. But. What happened to the writing style from last chapter? Last chapter flowed so much better and had much fewer errors. Did this chapter not get edited any? Don't get me wrong, I still love the story itself and the premise it uses, but I feel like part of the story was lost in the grammar errors. Um. Maybe you could go back through it and touch it up a bit? If you don't mind that is. :fluttershysad:

That was pretty cool seeing Sunset take on Nightmare Moon. I can't wait to see more interaction between Twilight and Sunset.

So another Sunset Shimmer life "Fixfic" that.....leaves her worse off than she is in canon.
I'm kinda disappointed, it started out promising but the time skip burns that promise by getting on the canon rails.

And if you say the story is about Twilight, well, Twilight literally hasn't been affected by the core change so it /can't/ be about Twilight.


Sort of disappointing...there was alot of meat left on the bone for details and for sunset to really show herself.

So, I'm enjoying the story, but you could really use a proofreader. There are plenty of errors here.

Wow this is really cute and sweet. I already like this. :pinkiehappy:

That was a quick jump, from filly Twilight to basically the start of the series. Heh, blow up the moon, maybe Sunset's not the best influence on Twilight's thinking. :twilightsheepish: Not that Twilight was ever all that sane herself ("I'll make a friendship problem!"). With Twilight having moved to Ponyville, wonder if Sunset will become more unstable. She seems a bit distant from Celestia here, or at least definitely still has issues about where she, Twilight and Cadence rank in relation to Celestia. Now there's Luna too to take into account. And wonder what Sunset's reaction will be when she sees Twilight's Element, considering its been in her nightmares for years.

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