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Da Joestanator

I'm more of a video and comic maker, but on occasion I'll try my hands at Pony fanfics.


Homestar Runner meets My Little Pony · 7:21am Nov 6th, 2015

behold as me, my good friend DaWillstanator, HewyLewis, and ToucanDLM present our MASTERPIECE!!! :3

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Joe I heard about JD Frank, you doing alright?

Hey Joe, is Jasper looking for Employees?

Sorry Joe, your Humor is infectious. In a good way.

Anywho once again I am terribly sorry for the Misunderstanding, you want we should take this fiasco murder it and bury it in an unmarked grave at the outskirts of town? I got shovels and black robes we can wear.😁

Ask for a story? Oh nononono, Absolutely not. I was just throwing you a suggestion of a Crossover to help with your Statement above of being more a Power Ranger Fanfic writer and on Occasion Pony Fanfic writer, I wasn't asking for a Story at all.
Sorry for the Misunderstanding.

  • Viewing 75 - 79 of 79
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