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2162468 Please post that in the story's comments so I can reply to you there. With some luck we can lure more people to the discussion.

Here is the thing on rated pony's Truth story.

It is a badly told story. I do nto blame celestia for being evil. I blame the writer who makes her a blatant villain and makes a half assed attempt to make her not a villain.
His concept fails. Discord or the tree, or both, could have repaired the sun. PERIOD. There is no more converesation there. They had fifty fucking years to work out the solution. And it would at most take five years ot execute upon that solution, at most.

This is just a bad humans superior story with gold platting to make it look like something more complex in execution. They had PLENTY of time to do anything, even save equestria or evacuate everypony properly.
Its the same for all of his writing. He takes massive liberties and, more so, ignores contradictory factors to his tory, even ones that BREAK his story.

Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

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Thanks for favoring Twilight's World.

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