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S'up, folks! I do pony fic for fun, and I hope you enjoy it! Give me a shout on Twitter @DMDash71 if ya feel like it!


Sunset Shimmer has had a long day. Intending to relax and blow off some steam, she has an eventful encounter with a recent diary entry from somepony she didn't expect.

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Adorable. you have Aku's seal of approval.i.imgur.com/UtQiG8f.jpg

Very enjoyable short story. It's nice to get a closer look at Sunset Shimmer's thoughts.

Was expecting this to be about sunset shimmer encountering the gloamglozer, still happy with how it turned out. Well done quite the enjoyable little read.

very sweet. I honestly hope we do get to see Sunset reunite with Celestia in the show, they've built her into a wonderful character. Thanks for sharing! :-)

just what I was needing to lighten up my day.


Hearing that brightened up mine. I'm glad you liked it!

Bookmarked this while at work and managed to get a look at it before heading to bed. Totally not tearing up right now or anything. Nope.

Aww, who am I kidding? You have my tears, and my props. :pinkiehappy:

This was lovely, and I'm glad I got the chance to read it. :twilightsmile:


Thanks, yo. I'm glad it worked for you. And thanks for reading my stuff! :rainbowkiss:

OK. This was pretty awesome!

Short, and yet very effective. Nicely done.

This was great. I feel like I never read enough about these two.

Great short. You know my feelings on anything relating to Equestria Girls, but your deft touch with character shows through here and makes the medium irrelevant. As usual, a measured setup, but one that pays off with the sudden change in tempo at the end. Great finish, I love the open-endedness of it.

In short, another great story I really enjoyed. Thanks, dude!


Character is what matters, the setting is irrelevant.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I'm glad you liked it, man. :)

Absolutely lovely. You really nailed the emotional aspect here.


Thanks, dude. I'm glad you liked it! :rainbowkiss:


I'm glad you liked it, man


Thanks dude


But seriously, this was a good story. The beginning was wordy, and had me fearful that the end would seem rushed as a result, but it was well written and not overly drawn-out.
I was pleasantly surprised by the end, and even came close to tearing up. Sorry it took me so long to get to this, but I'll be adding this to my bookshelf and sharing, as well. Thanks for writing!


Agreed. There was a lot of dialogue at the beginning, but I was hoping it would matter eventually.

I'm glad it worked for you. :)

The feelz, man, the feelz.

It's got to be either in EqG3 or in an episode of the series - Sunset at least comes for a visit and runs into Celestia. This was a nice lead in to just such a moment.

Sunset, I have all the minutes you need, and more. I have just asked my sister to attend to the sunset here, as this one is more important to me. Please, talk to me.

I drew something for you inspired by this story!


Nice, sweet little story.

I really like how you worked the foreshadowing. Nothing too obvious, but enough that it sticks in your mind and hits you somewhere in the middle of the letter. Good job, man.


Thank you! I'll be honest...I didn't plan on foreshadowing, but if it happened and WORKED, I'm happy. I honestly just write stuff as it comes to me. If I try to be all clever and stuff, it feels contrived, so I don't try any more; I learned that at least.

Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! :rainbowkiss:


6021345 Huh. Well, in that case I'll say that writing by instinct has done well by you.

I still meant what I said. That is some high quality foreshadowing. It doesn't stick out enough to be noticed consciously but sticks well enough in your mind that you get that moment of epiphany where all the pieces fall into place and you go, "Aha! It's Celestia!"

The repeated reminders and dismissals of Celestia, the differences in speaking style, it just works well.

It's a very satisfying feeling when it doesn't feel like you were spoonfed the clues but the realization still comes easily and at the right moment.

I'll have you know I read this at work, and it was really, really hard to keep a poker face on! It's just an incredibly sweet and powerful story.

I really want to see this happen!

6083041 I'm really glad you liked it, dude. Thank you. :)

This is good, it's what I like. Sunset Shimmer stories about her NOT returning to Equestria, nor having the desire to do so. While I'm not too fond of her still having feelings for Celestia, if it's just them talking through the book, it's fine.

6130048 Thank you!

Honestly, I didn't/don't feel like she's ready to go back, or even wants to at this point. And her comments to Celestia aren't completely all huggy huggy, but she has displayed regrets, and at this point I don't think she'd turn down a chance to mend a burned bridge to some degree.

The book, I think, avoids the whole overdone "We meet again" scene. There's a separation there that neither of them can actually touch through...they can't hear each other, or see each other. And sometimes, you have to use clumsy, inadequate words to get the job done.

Glad it worked for you, and thanks for the comments!

This story has made me smile this morning.

6152256 Hearing that makes ME smile. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this. :)

Excellent story with a heartwarming ending well done.

I enjoyed the way you write Sunset's stream-of-consciousness in the early part of the chapter, such as her views on the strange society she has been thrust into, and how she cuts her line of thinking off every time she begins to think about something that reminds her of the Princess. All the same, I would expect her to be better at studying and understanding things since she already had a fillyhood of developing learning habits and was presumably made a young child upon coming into the EG world, so basically she would have been starting in a lower grade anyways with little to catch up on!

The ending seems a bit too easy in how it all smoothly wraps up with no real conflict besides Sunset's personal feelings given her behaviour before leaving and up to the Fall Formal, but still heartwarming.

6251055 I totally get where you're coming from. If this had been a more involved (multi-chapter) story, I would have taken a lot of this into account, but it was really meant to just be a small one-shot thing, something I thought of off the top of my head.

Thanks for the feedback! :)

megalomaniacal ideas: 'the day is named after ME'
hahaha 'I would feel bad about stealing cable if there was anything good on'
this was super cute! I like that it's a one-shot, it just keeps it open ended and stressfree. when I saw the princess' signature, I immediately reread the entry because while I had suspicions I still wanted to reread it... and it was glorious.

Genuinely teared up at the end there, fantastic work. I absolutely love short fics like this that take a little premise and execute it beautifully.

Also, I didn't know "gloaming" was a word until I read this.
And yes, this is Four from Twitter, in case you didn't know. :P

Edit: Apparently this was posted the day after my birthday but I didn't know it existed at the time. Interesting.

6338310 Thank you for taking the time to read it, and I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it!

That one small moment where we realize what we really feel.

I have just asked my sister to attend to the sunset here, as this one is more important to me.


Goddamn you! I'm in a train and I almost cried reading this!

Keep up the goddamn work, you goddamn good writer!

This was frankly beautiful. Excellent work. :twilightsmile:

Well that hit me right in the feels.
Thank you. <3

I have just asked my sister to attend to the sunset here, as this one is more important to me.

Oh geez

6613184 Ain't I a stinker? :)

6629202 I have a weak heart, I think it just stopped----------------------M--M--M--M-- Ah there it goes again!

Beautiful piece of work. You managed to get quite a bit said in a relatively short amount of work, and you got the emotion of finally speaking with her former mentor down perfectly-something I've seen clumsily done in other fics.

All in all, great job.

And my axe!

this was an amazing story well done

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