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I'm here to edit stories and seduce ladies... and I'm all out of stories to edit.


I'm willing to do some basic proofreading just about whenever. I mostly catch things like homophones (using the incorrect to/too/two, vial/vile, etc), continuity, fundamental grammar - pretty casual. I can also spell-check.
I can nitpick connotations and synonyms 'til sunrise, but I don't have to.

Not so good with specific regional dialects, sometimes sayings/expressions or slang catch me off-guard.

I'll try my best with anything, but don't be upset if I can't sort through a monumental mess.
Sex is good fine, I'll even throw in my two-cents on anatomy if applicable. Same for gore.
I know less than minimal amounts about children or infants though, so lying to me is acceptable.

Yeah, so message me or something.

Since I don't have many stories, for your convenience


THAT ONE PONY at the end of Canterlot Boutique · 2:28am Sep 15th, 2015

We know who I'm talking about.

I've decided she's Diamond Tiara's mother. Because she is her cutie mark, and DT learned self-centered behavior somewhere right?

Until I'm proven wrong, this is a hilarious idea for me.

EDIT: what were the odds of that? already debunked ^__^"
it's okay though, now she's DT's obnoxious aunt

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