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I'm here to edit stories and seduce ladies... and I'm all out of stories to edit.

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6463071 I regret nothing. What?

“My dear Fluttershy!” Discord exclaims. “Am I to understand you have something of a - dare I say it? - crush on our friend Applejack?”

Maybe you should clarify that this happened earlier than the story.

Wait!!!! Does it mean that Dash and Mac are dating already???

6465927 Actually, it happens at the same time as the very beginning of the story. I was using Discord's last line to tie back to what Rainbow heard in her nightmare.
No, Dash and Mac aren't dating yet, but have expressed an interest in each other.

6466222 That makes sense, thanks!!


6467198 no no, thank you. while I'm planning to leave this story as is as a place marker your thoughts help me see things outside of my silly brain and consider the actual things I actually wrote :rainbowderp:

6467959 It's there going to be more????

6471118 no, this was just a one-shot plot bunny that wouldn't leave me alone, but I appreciate the interest ^__^

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