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During class, Sunset Shimmer receives a strange note from Twilight Sparkle.

After she decodes the message, Sunset must decide how to proceed.

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That was so sweet :heart:

This is so cute and clever. I enjoyed it very much.

That lovly. I bet Pony Twilight is jealous.
:facehoof:: I am not jealous
Sure keep telling your self that

Nerd jokes abound....

Oh that was adorable!


I saw it coming a mile away from the first note. I 2.5 you is pretty obvious, as very few messages can be three words, starting with I and ending with you. But the way Sunset figured it out was downright genious. I wish I'd have made the connection that less than three is <3.

This was way too amazing.
Thanks for bringing me a wonderful day by writing this!

A cute little fluff story. I have one small thing to point out though.

Twilight Sparkle, the newest edition to Canterlot High,

addition, not edition. Twilight Sparkle (despite wanting it to be true) is not a book.

7075877 hah good catch, I appreciate it ^__^

7071459 7071624 7071649 7071724 7071804 7075591 7075776
yes, this happened and there was much nerdiness, thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it at least a little

7071674 Princess Twilight, jealous? it would be unfit for the Princess of Friendship to be jealous :twilightoops:

7072153 I can appreciate that, it wasn't meant to be a massive surprise or anything but I didn't want to tag it as Romance and ruin the fun immediately

7072026 wanna expand on that a little, buddy? maybe it could give me a direction to write something more suited to your tastes :yay:

Romance between Sci-Twi and Sunset... Kill it. Kill that idea with fire. Sunset's way too good for her.

7077121 But they're so cute together...

7077121 fair enough, that makes me feel slightly better about me, if slightly worse about Sci-Twi

7077754 Oh yes, the competent, heroic badass paired up with the wallflower doormat. I mean, Sci-Twi has never once tried sticking up for herself. And the reason I don't like that as compared to Sunset not sticking up for herself in Rainbow Rocks is because Sci-Twi doesn't deserve that kind of abuse, but she still lets it happen. I just don't like Sci-Twi, at all.

Sorry. I went on a rant for a bit there. That's just my opinion, and everyone is entitled to their own.

7078983 I've never watched the third movie so I have no idea.

7078983 I like rants ^__^ (I feel like I'm horning in on a conversation even though I brought everyone here)
I admittedly have to agree with you for the most part. Though, I don't dislike Sci-Twi because she's incapable of standing up for herself, and I kind of figured in the context of this story, Sunset would want to protect her from the random abuse. 'cause Sunset's just awesome and appreciates people without judging them against herself, because deciding she's better than someone else is what old-Sunset would've done and obviously no one is better than old-Sunset

7079644 Then why do you dislike her, if you may be so inclined to tell us?

And by the way, protecting someone doesn't automatically mean love. It just means that they just don't like the abuse that is going on.

7079669 :rainbowlaugh:
I don't dislike her, Sci-Twi is a fairly blank slate character to me. She's like the quintessential "nice" - unoffensive and therefore uninteresting.

7079688 I also don't like Princess Twilight either. But for a list of reasons too long put on here without crashing my computer.

7079688 And thus a character not worth writing or even giving any romance to unless it's Flash.

7079718 I don't think I dislike anyone/anypony, I just dwell on them until I relate or sympathize :pinkiecrazy:

7079759 Again, to each his own. You have your opinions, I have mine. We can both agree to that.

7079776 indeed! thanks for your time, it's been fun to get your perspective

7079782 You're welcome! Feel free to talk if you want.:twilightsmile:

That was a very clever puzzle

Why is there not a romance tag? Doesn't this story have some form of romance to it? :rainbowhuh:

Also, should I feel good about myself for figuring out those notes almost instantly, or bad because that almost certainly means I'm a total nerd? :rainbowwild:

Eh, actually, nothing to be ashamed of there. Nerd power and all that :twilightsmile:

Speaking of nerds, Twilight must have been terrified handing that note over to Sunset :twilightoops:

7084814 thank you! I worried it was actually intensely stupid and I'm the only one who would think it cute :unsuresweetie:

7106155 I didn't want to put a romance tag on give away the message immediately for those who didn't see it coming it's a process. Absolutely no shame in being a nerd, all the smartest and awesomest people I know are really big nerds.
as thanks for your comment, I offer you this:

Twilight Sparkle was shaking and sweating all day until it actually happened. Her too-short morning classes left her anxious, exhausted, and a touch queasy. As she walked through the halls to the next class, she thought of the pleated mess burning a hole in her pocket. A new wave of nausea almost overwhelmed her, but she was determined to see the mess she created through.

There she was: Sunset Shimmer, the object of her affection.
Not that Sunset's an object. Of course, she was nothing to objectify. Twilight nodded once curtly before stopping in abject horror. I mean 'no one'! She swallowed thickly. Oh shoot, I'm blowing it and I haven't even started.

The bell rang, startling her into action. She quickly moved to her seat, shaking her head clear of visions of Sunset reading her note and laughing in her face.

"Good of you to join us, Miss Sparkle, but I'm afraid that'll count as a tardy," Mr Doodle drawled and gestured to the blackboard, "unless you want to save face and start us off with the homework problems."

That was fine. School she could do. Schoolwork would occupy her for the next - she glanced at the clock - ... 52 minutes. Somehow she doubted that.

Heading toward the front of the classroom, Sunset's questioning gaze caught her eye. She smiled and brushed past as calmly as possible, willing the flush from her face.

She took a deep breath. 51 minutes.

sunsets note translates as what

7117720 "You make my heart race/your presence soothes me"
something like that, but smoother and less cheesy

In the authors note you should put "romance tag here" just to be a troll lol

7139449 hah! it's too late for this story but I'll definitely do that next time it comes up.

As soon as I read I 2.5 you I immediately knew it was a love note I just couldn't figure out how until Princess Twi pointed out it was less than 3 :twilightblush:

7552000 : I wasn't trying to hide that it is what it is (:rainbowderp: or maybe I was, I don't remember) but I wanted it to be the most :facehoof:-pun/reveal for at least one of the characters

It’s ten percent of twenty-five, five percent of fifty, and two-point-five percent of one hundred.

Thanks for the maths lesson! Now I just have to memorise that so I can remember it in class.

That’s the nerdiest shit I’ve ever read and I can’t wait to try it. You’re a very witty writer.

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